A lot should be Done Not Just Giving Threats

There has been a stand off between the teachers on one side and their employer and the Government on the other side.These are teachers who have been working in the Northern part of Kenya where there were massive cases of killings carried out by the notorious Al-shabab targeting the non-Muslims.


The teachers have stayed put vowing not to return to their work stations with them being supported by their union boss who have since been asked to report to the police for inciting them.Even the education officials in the region have demanded that the teachers should be sacked and their posts given to others who are ready to work.They have been given a maximum of seven days to report back to work or risk losing their jobs.


I think that the Government should try and employ other measures other than threatening the teachers since they still have fear for their lives.This means that you can force them to go back working but they just become less productive given the threats that they feel that they are exposed to.This will make the situation more terrible since the teachers will not be able to teach as they only want to do what is expected though unwilling.


Children in those regions are missing a lot but this is an issue that should be looked into carefully.I think the teachers need some briefing by the Government on what it ought to do for the sake of their security.The teachers need reassurance but not threats for them to be able to work peacefully.


If the casual workers in the quarry were arrested for continuing to work after they were asked to leave the area, then I think the Government should address the plight of the teachers and act responsibly.Nobody knows how long this will continue but it the Government’s full task to look for a viable solution.


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