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Teacher – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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The Opposition Fail To Provide a Solution to Striking Teachers

It has been five weeks and counting since the teachers in public schools went on strike and efforts to settle the pay dispute has bore no fruits.

When the strike was still fresh, the government played tough and maintained that it had no cash to pay the teachers even after the supreme ruled in favor of the teachers, directing that the pay increment be effected.

So the opposition came in accusing the president of dishonoring the court’s ruling and even threatened to push for president impeachment. Then the opposition held a rally to throw their weight behind the teachers and even opened an account with the name ‘solidarity’ in an effort to support the striking teachers. They asked Kenyans to assist in funding the said account. Oops! The CORD coalition has already said the money collected will not be used to pay teachers. A fishy game or what?

Even if the opposition claimed that there were no political motives behind this, it was obvious that they had got an opportunity to flare up pressure on the government thus showing how incapable it was. Failure by the government to pay the teachers was a minus to the manifesto that the ruling coalition had presented in a bid to get elected to the office.

But then it’s the role of the opposition to ensure that the government delivers to all citizens accordingly and without violating anybody’s rights.

What after the rally that the opposition held to show solidarity with the striking teachers yet they have not yet been paid? May be it was genuine gesture but no solution was forthcoming even if they claimed to push for immediate action for the sake of teachers by camping outside the President’s office till the teachers are paid.

I think that the strike only made the opposition resurface their political heat and so politicking does not help in any way. For the good of our children who are now at home and not in school, then I think politics should be kept aside and a room for mediation between the government and the teachers adopted.

Students Are Misbehaving But Who is To Blame?

The boarding school at sunset. Several dormito...

The boarding school at sunset. Several dormitories, a kitchen, and dining room are visible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children are always under the responsibilities of their parents when they are at home but once at school they are left under the watchful eyes of the teachers. But then it is the duty of both teachers and the parents to ensure that the children are up to what is expected of them.

Something somewhere is wrong and especially after a certain student gave a testimony of what she had experienced while at school. At the end of every term, a bash is always organized at the school with beer and drugs being readily available at this time. Being a mixed boarding school, the students are left to do as they wish and will even engage in sexual activities.

It is so sad that students are left unattended by their teachers who are expected to take control of everything. I think we should not sit down and say that the current generation cannot heed to any advice yet we have turned a blind eye to everything our children do.

At this point, I think both the parents and the teachers including the society are to blame squarely for the continued loose morals of the children. The blame is so because the majority of people turn a blind eye to mistakes being done openly by the children and only questions those children who are theirs. The question is why we let go the concern of not allowing other children to be on the wrong. It is true that some few years back any child on the wrong could stand to be corrected by any adult but this has since changed.

Though I think things change, we ought to be strict when it comes to the children way of behaving. They should be aware of what is expected of them and this way we are sure to be in control.

In Pursuit For Justice For Sexually Abused Children

When a child is a victim of defilement at school, who should be held responsible? The recent ruling by the High Court in Nairobi, Kenya against the  Teachers Service Commission was shocking and this has raised a debate on whether the whole commission should be held responsible for security of the kids, in and out of school or the parents. The Ksh2 million fine controversial ruling came after the teacher was found guilty of sexual abuse charges and was sentenced to a term in jail.

Rampant cases of defilement have been reported all over the country where teachers were mostly mentioned as the aggressors. In one report, a 12-year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy somewhere in Bungoma county and the father to the newborn was a teacher. In other regions, the same incidents have been repeated and this is as a result of the society being so lenient to the abusers. So to curb this continuing trend of child abuse, the court’s ruling was a clear indication that the commission should discipline its employees to avoid more heavy penalties in future.

Children suffer so much while in the hands  of the trusted individuals. It seems like the society is slowly turning against the leaders of tomorrow and killing them at the bug. As it is said, ‘when you hurt a girl child, you are actually destroying the two society.” Even though we have other cases where small boys are involved, female gender is the most affected in sexual abuse cases.

As we understand, this is just fraction of all terrible things happening in light of the society. We do have church leaders who instead of leading a life of holiness, they only hide in the name of God as a shield for such crimes. Some children ends up being victims of rapists in terms of ‘performing special prayers.’ The victims usually never report such crimes because their naivety can’t give them a hint that someone took advantage of their innocence.

I hate evil!

Something Should Be Done to The Education System

English: A Student of the University of Britis...

 A Student studying for final exams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There have been increased cases of cheating in the national exams because the candidates are willing to do anything to pass and qualify to join the public universities.

So there has been the issue of even reading hard just for the sake of passing exams but not studying to understand and grasp the full meaning of being in a learning institution. The outcome will only mean if you dare ask a candidate anything that they have been studying at school even after about two months after sitting for the final exams, you can be sure that the student cannot remember anything. The reason being the candidates cram their studies for them to pass exams not that they totally understand what they are studying.

So I think the issue of having long-awaited final exams of the form fours should be scrapped but instead have students be tested as they join the universities. This means any student will be given an opportunity to get tested for a given course.

For example students willing to take the degree in medicine course will be given a relevant exam which if one passes; this becomes the determinant that one is qualified to go ahead with the said course. In this case many have decided to go online and study, if you think this is the best way to complete your education check this link https://www.vocationaltraininghq.com/how-to-become/electrician/

This also means that a student will get to take what he/she is best at since there is the opportunity of choosing the course that one feels is best at. But when one sits for the final exam, your final grade is what determines what course one is fit to tale at the university. If you want to go to a the University we will like to advise there is more info here about scholarship programs

Such an initiative will mean that candidates will get what they have always wanted to do with a lot of passion. I think this will also go a long way in making sure that students study hard to understand and not look for short cuts.

Cheating in National Examinations Is a Blow To Many Students

The other day when the Education Cabinet Secretary was releasing the results of the last year’s form four candidates, it was sad to note that cheating was still prevalent to some candidates. Some five national schools had their results cancelled and now the question in everyone’s lips is what next for the candidates affected—who may be a few 100s.The CS was quick to point out that it’s obvious for national schools to perform exemplary but they still engage in cheating. The identity of these schools was not revealed but I think this only stops negative victimization otherwise it’s such a nightmare to the students, parents and the teachers.

Four years of hard work just goes down in drain but I think that this should be a lesson for other candidates. Some forms of cheating may involve teachers who get a leakage of the questions that have been set and then make their students do a revision and cramming the answers. Other forms impersonating candidates or the use of mobile phones in the exam room.

The CS also noted that cases of exam cheating had reduced when compared with the previous year exams but he deeply appreciated two counties that had not been involved in any cheating for the two consecutive years.

But I think schools should fight to be academic giants in a genuine way through hard work but not by cheating. The leading school for the last few years should be an example to the other schools. I at one time heard this school’s principal saying how he and his teachers have been helping the students to study thus making them successful.

He said that for all the forms 1-4, he makes sure that they have completed their syllabus earlier. This leaves them with ample time for revision and the teachers are even able to revisit the challenging topics again. And true to his words, the school has been the number one for quite some time now.