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2015 KCPE Results Released Today

Today being a Wednesday, the Cabinet Secretary of Education, Fred Matiangi is expected to release the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) results for the 2015 candidates later in the day.

Even as the Government and teachers are confident that education is a right to the children of this country, there are obviously questions surrounding this year’s K.C.P.E results. Remember this is a very important examination to both parents and the children since it marks the end of primary school education and welcomes the entry into the secondary school education.

When we talk of children rights to education, the question here is if the government has been really up to its task of ensuring all children go to school given that we are still in the era of free primary school education. Then should we expect a better performance than the 2014 results? What will be the difference between the 2014 and 2015 results? Will the grades have moved up or down as we compare the two years? These are still some of the questions that are definitely in the majority of Kenyans.

Then we also remember Garissa County that has been a hot bed of terror with Al-shaabab conduction series of attacks that left a number of teachers from this county dead. So there was a standoff from the remaining teachers who vowed not to report back to work and teach in this county raising security reasons.

It was there in the news that most schools in this county remained closed and for others the students became teachers of their own. So the question here is under which category will this county be put under bearing in mind other counties had peaceful learning?

What of public schools who were not in learning for close to two months when the teachers were on strike yet their private counterparts were in smooth learning all through?

So it’s the hope of everyone that even as the results are released later today. Let’s see fairness in all this. Remember this is a determinant of the life of tomorrow for these children.

What teenagers think of being in love?

For any parent to raise up a child up to his or her teen age is such an accomplishment which at the same time come with new challenges. This is the age which you will all agree with me that for parents who are not careful, you are sure to experience constant conflicts with your son or daughter.

But then depending on the exposure that the teenagers of today are getting from the society, they are really into expressing love for one another. Do they know what it is to be in love or is it infatuation? Or better still some will start engaging in sex while still in high school and its obvious to hear them talking of being old enough to share the forbidden fruit.

Then in schools, it’s obvious for the school to set aside a session for guidance and counseling. So what do the teachers tell them as far as love is concerned? I remember a teenager in high school who said that their counseling teacher once told them that it’s very hard for anyone to marry his first love and went ahead telling them if they ever date and eventually marry their first love then he would give a present to anyone who was that lucky. So the teenager thus concluded that the evidence was all there that life dictates love like a game meaning you can date several girls before getting the one who really wins your heart.

Then another teenager said that their counseling teacher once told them that it was hard to tell them to abstain due to the prevailing circumstances that they knew only too well. For this reason, he urged them to consider using protection and this teenager thus said he now knew with protection everything is very okay.

Teenagers need to be equipped with the right information to avoid situations where they go wrong just because they are not aware.

What Uhuru Kenyatta Is Capable Of

When you listen to his speech you may think he is man just landed from mars or from other planets surrounding earth. Who is this man? The Kenyan president, and the commander in chief of the armed forces, Uhuru Kenyatta is a person who has the most sweetest tongue that could leave you with nothing to say but to nod in approval for every word spoken. That is how he won against his rivals during the presidential debates and later won the elections.

In his short time in office, he used his first three months in power to make majority of African leaders dance to his tune. The ICC issue was the hot topic in Africa and this helped him win bid against his accusers, including the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.

His influence has so far  been rewarded as the man who can unite Africa. Uhuru won an award for being the best president in Africa, an award that left the opposition laughing but there was nothing they could do about.

Being the travelling president, he has made headline across the globe as the president who would do anything possible for his country. He has made many allies all over the world. Something that has earned Kenya many investors and this has created many employment opportunities in the country.

Uhuru Kenyatta may be an ambitious man, but guessing based on his will and talks to the public, something is not right with his choice he has ever made as the president.

Well, from security point of view he was weak at the beginning but he rectified something and now Kenyans feel more safer than before.

Another thing that he has been battling with for ages is corruption, or the beast within the government. Yes! He has talked about this from his first speech as the president of Kenya till today, that Kenya is 52 years old. He has blamed so many people for this vice but still he has a long way to go.

Okay, I think he is afraid that if he fights corruption with power vested in him by the constitution of the republic of Kenya, he will lose many political allies and a lose in the coming general elections. But given another term in office, he will talk tough and do stuff.

Warrior Parents Given Till January 2016 To Apologize to Aggrieved Teachers

English: Photography of a teacher writing on b...

 teacher writing on blackboard at school  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The issue of parents attacking teachers at school is getting out of hand in one Nairobi suburb. In this year alone, seven incidents happened in one school. And a nasty one that left the teacher with the worst experience in life after the parent verbally abused her in presence of children. This resulted into a resignation as the victim could not stand to face children anymore.

During the recent parent and teachers meeting, the head teacher was categorical that she will not tolerate such incidents anymore in her school. She gave a warning to angry parents that next time, the law will take its course and added that those who had already committed this offence should come forward and apologize to any aggrieved teacher. In fact, they were given until January 2016 to make peace with teachers before thing turns nasty.

Speaking during the event, one parent reminded people of the recent face off between the government and teachers. The teachers’ strike ended with the striking civil servants walking empty-handed, the government thought it won the battle but later during the recent examination period, the country experienced rampant exam leakages all over the country. According to those who know better, this was as a result of an angry teacher.

An example was also given to teach parents of the need to respect teachers. In her story, the narrator, also a teacher from a nearby school said that one time they had such an incident. The head teacher in her school sent the pupil home to bring her parent along on her next schooling day. But the warrior mother went to school with war written all over her face. She did what he had to do. Said what she had in her mind and walked away without even knowing why she was called for.

Three months later, her 13-year-old daughter became pregnant. The mother went to school to ask how this was possible. Sad that she was reminded of the day she caused drama at school. It was the sad ending but she learned the hard way.

Teachers also blame the law enforcement agencies for being so lenient of parents who like causing unnecessary drama at school. They said that such reports are never taken serious by the authority. People ought to understand that teachers are humans too.

Compromised Pay Rise

How did the teachers’ strike came to an abrupt end? I guess the deal to end the teachers’ strike was reached after someone was promised a hefty pay by people who believe in shortcuts as the way of handling serious matters. This left teachers demanding for answers from union officials but all the efforts were hashed down by the beneficiaries after the long month teachers’ strike.

It is so sad to announce a countrywide strike then call it off prematurely without a second thought. Angry teachers have vowed never to fall into such a trap again. Others said that it is better to unsubscribe from teachers’ union because these bodies are misleading them.

How the strike did come to an abrupt end

After the government, through President Uhuru Kenyatta, said the country’s wage bill is too huge for further salary increments, teachers Union officials had nothing else to do other than to bend the rules of engagement. This earned them the quick and easy way to handle the matter, and also to calm the high tide of teachers’ strike.

They lead a mighty crowd! Yes but this crowd can be manipulated easily by the hand of a third-party negotiator. This guy runs the society we live in and the mighty beast knows how to end stalemates in the country.

When the dog barks, sometimes you do not have to give it a space— in fact offer it friendship—just through in a bone and everything will be fine. This is exactly what happened behind the scenes.

The third-party negotiator, in other words corruption, has played a vast role in ending standoff between the government and civil servant over pay disputes. Actually, whatever the government promises is just like a tide in a huge ocean. In many times those promises are just ways of postponing responsibilities to subsequent governments and life goes on. The biggest losers are those civil servants who engage in strikes so that their bosses can get something big outer it. Better be realistic Kenyans!