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Teacher – Waflay Post
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Failed Parenting: Mom Accompany Son To Cause Havoc At School

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are living in a sorry parenting state! First, we train our kids to disrespect everyone in the society and then we love accompanying our notorious kids to the scene of their crime to add an insult to an open wound.

In a certain primary school in the beautiful country Kenya, the standard five (5) boy was asked by the teacher why he failed to do his homework. The teacher punished him for that and was forced to do the work before break time.

Unlike usual school stuff, the boy sneaked out of school and came back later accompanied by his two friends.

The teacher realized too late that he was the target. He tried to avoid the trio but it was too late. They boys ascended to him with stones. The teacher was left in agony as the boys were subdued by other pupils.

The mastermind of the crime was later given suspension and went home.

The following morning, the mother to the boy went to that school and caused chaos to the school administration. She accused the teachers for mistreating her son. She claimed that her son has been complaining on daily basis how the teachers victimize him.

The mother even said that his son did whatever he had to do to tell the whole village how he was tired with that school. She later said that she was going to sue the teachers who have had a rough time with her son.

The disrespectful mother insults touched on everyone in that school. She left afterwards.

It was such a sad incident that left the whole village wondering where they went wrong. The parent in question happens to be an important person in the community…. the untouchable person who has deep channels in the community administration.

The boy has already been transferred to another school. Meaning that the assault he carried out against his class teacher has been long forgotten.

Well, that is how we roll nowadays hu!

‘Smile Very Often,’ Teacher Told..

When they approached him, they thought that he was carrying illegal contents in his bag. They even demanded that they search into that backpack to confirm that he was not lying. But why? Does it mean that anyone carrying a bag is hiding something from the authority?

Nope! Police officers were only interested in his behaviours before they alerted him for inspection. The scared look in his face was what sold him out to the law enforcement agents.

In the country where it is hard to trust anyone, even the genuine law abiding citizen have dirt in how they walk around while doing there stuff.

Like this known teacher in the community, he had nothing to hide but maybe the officers suspected that he was carrying some controlled substances, leading to that kind of attention.

Oops! Before they went away, they gave him an advice: “Sorry sir, we were only hoping to get something from you bag. Go and do your duty to the community… teach our children well. And try to smile very often.”

They left him somehow confused as to why they said so. However, in years that I have known him, he is a ‘no-nonsense’ kind of a person who prefers minding his own business. His smile is far fetched and he rarely has time to show some happiness.

What I want say is that, there are some professions that requires someone whose smile and laughter are not like a bank loan— paying bitterly—- but comes natural like a waterfall in rainy season. A teacher for instance should be a caring person who understands little minds that are out to get education in a friendly environment.

Now, the choice of any profession means you need to change how to behave, and if it means pretending in order to meet the requirements then do it and emerge the winner.

Time That The Youths Turn to Farming

This farming group in Kilimambogo, Kenya farms...

This farming group in Kilimambogo, Kenya farms a small plot of kale (pictured here) as well as maize and other vegetables. They work hard to increase their meager incomes, but both the farm and their homes are on squatted government land, meaning they could have to move and abandon their farm with little notice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some time now there has been an influx of people moving from the rural areas to urban areas as they scramble for the few white collar jobs that are available. But then there has been complains of the current 8-4-4 system of learning that is not the original one that was introduced in 1985.It has not been easy as employers claim that fresh graduates do not really have the hands on experience that is required for them to be absorbed in the job market.

I think it’s the high time that youths cease being selective on the type of a job that they do. I remember when I was in primary and high school; we had the opportunity of doing some digging in the evenings. By then there was this mentality that being educated means being a nurse or a teacher just to mention a few and what other skills that were taught, no teacher ever told that whether they will ever be applicable in our after education life. But for those who couldn’t make it to proceed to secondary school, they have been able to apply the technical knowledge that they gained in school in subjects like Art and Craft that encompassed woodwork.

In Kenya, looking at the job market it’s not enough to absorb everyone hence the high rate of unemployment given that more and more young people are graduating day in day out. But there is a new venture in town which involves undertaking farming and there has seen a number of success stories of young people who are doing just fine in the farms.

So it doesn’t matter what your qualifications are in the academic field since white collar jobs are hard to come by, its only good to try your luck on anything including farming.


Let the Children Learn to Behave Responsibly

Even as we parents say that the children of today are difficult to deal with, we need to be cautious with our style of parenting. I have known this family for quite some time now since the daughter and my son are classmates. So on a certain day, the head teacher was moving around the school compound and on reaching my son’s class, the children were in chaos running all over. So the head teacher jokingly pinched all the children in the class but this particular girl told her father that she had been sad the entire day for being beaten by the teacher.

So the following day, her father accompanied her to school to question the teacher as to why she had beaten up his daughter. The head teacher calmly explained everything to the parent and it turned up that the girl had just overreacted since they were not really painfully pinched but it was only to scare them into being silent.

But one thing is for sure that parents should let children know that any wrong done has to always attract some consequences. Let the children know that there are school rules that no one has the mandate to break not even their parents. The question here is how will any parent their child to be respectful if they are not a good example at all?

Parents are their children’s first teacher and so most of the times; they will do what they have seen their guardians do. Let children be children as they are in the stage of growth and development because today they may seem innocent but nobody knows about tomorrow as they may grow to even question you as the parent. So if you show your child that their way is always the right things to do then you have to blame yourself if they ever disobey you in any way.

Public Schools Performing Poorly Because…

As the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education was released early yesterday, it was evident that children from the public schools had performed poorer that their private school counterparts. According to the Education Cabinet Secretary (C.S), Professor Fred Matiangi, teachers were to largely blame for the decline in mean grade since they had abandoned the children as far as their learning needs are concerned. The C.S also said that it was sad that some counties registered 70% absenteeism and so this could only reflect what students in such schools were losing in terms of learning.

But then there were other reports that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) being the teacher’s employer was also to blame for the bad results reflected in public schools. The reason given here was that the TSC had demotivated the teachers for failing to grant pay increase bearing in mind that their current salary is not enough.

In other reports another speaker, an official in the Ministry of Education said that head teachers were also to blame since they are responsible for quality assurance and so it was clear that they were not doing their work. She went ahead and said the head teachers should not be popular with the teachers under them anymore but should rather look for performance from the teaching staff.

But then it’s the hope of every parent that the government will embark on a serious mission to establish why public schools are lagging behind in the national examinations. The poor performance is something of concern since it becomes the best option for those who cannot be able to access quality education in private schools. Let’s see more in terms of resources distribution because empty talk will not bring real improvement not unless something is done to rectify the current situation. Once corrective measures are put in place, and then we can expect to get better results in future.