County Governors Need to Deliver, Not Fight The People

When the Governors were campaigning for them to be given an opportunity to represent the people in the national government, they had promise that the voters couldn’t resist giving them a go ahead vote to lead them. So after the Governors were sworn in office, it was time for them to give back what they promised. They were the first lot to have a taste of what devolution meant and this is bringing revenue closer to the people.

Some Governors were up for the task and what they did was to liaise with investors to come and invest in their counties while others looked up to the national government for financing. Those who were able to attract investors in their counties became an example that devolution can really work in this country.

But for this year alone I’ve noted that there has been unrest in most counties some involving the county assembly MCAs and the Governor or at times even with the constituents. You may find that the MCAS are accusing the Governor of misappropriating funds and instead of even considering dialogue to get a solution they think fighting is the only option. But as leaders that we elected, I think they should lead by example since we need them to deliver to us positively.

The other thing, some counties have not spares the farmers and even traders by introducing levies to them without even giving prior notice. I remember where a certain Governor had some fees introduced to a market but the business people were against this. So what was done, the traders awoke only to find the market surrounded by the police and nobody could gain entry. This happened after the traders demanded to have dialogue with the Governor who was ready to use force to drive his point home. But such leaders ought to know they were elected with a reason to be a good leader to the people but not to be a burden to the people.


Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success

The other day, I was listening to a lady in her late 70s giving an account of how she has been able to climb a ladder and thus being successful.

It’s obvious for people to think that being educated is the key to a successful future but from this lady’s bright future, you will tend to think otherwise. In her case, she didn’t get an opportunity to go through any formal education but this did not deter her from following her passion of being a leader and her strong inner drive of desiring to lead others to success.

She had been a political leader for quite sometime now and has worked hand in hand with all the former presidents of Kenya including the current one. She said all the presidents have had a positive impact on any group which she was a leader. But she was quick to point out that the 3rd president of Kenya was somehow not too concerned with the welfare of the citizens at the grass root level. She felt any national leader should be closer the people who elected him so that it is possible to give back to the society as a whole.

She was able to organize and lead various women groups and she can stand back and point out benefits that her members had gained from such groups. Among them was a popular group of women dancers who would always be in the entertainment arena during any presidential functions. She said that the key to success in the field of politics is by empowering women.

Asked how she was able to lead bearing in mind that she was a wife and a mother too. She said that she had a plan of a day’s activities and this would assist in making time for all her responsibilities. But she is a lady who is admirable and humorous enough to say she can only lie to her own records concerning money, but the reality cannot lie on physical money.

Start Somewhere in Order To Make it!

The mountain can be high enough but it can’t touch the sky! The airplane can fly high and speedy but it can’t reach the end of the world, why? :/

Sometimes we face different problems that may seem so intense for us to break free and celebrate success. We might feel down and out or beyond help—life ticking to the end, but still there is hope! Hope that someday we shall emerge from our problems and shine like the brightest star at night. Just don’t give up!

Sky has never been the limit for human struggle. It can not even measure how hard our struggle should be. One thing for sure: it does not exist and has never been there.

As living beings, we have to keep trying, doing everything possible to keep ourselves aloft over anything that might terrorize our existence. Remember, we choose our destiny and nothing should come in our midst to disrupt our course.

It is all bout ‘one more step.’ Every progress made should account for something in our life. That positive mind, that focus for an endless target and that desire for prosperity should always be our center of all activities while we are still alive. As we make progress, keep in mind where we have been and make a good foundation that will later keep us stable in future.

The future is always bright for those who seek for it tirelessly”–by unknown. The world is full of testimonies of people who started from a humble background and emerged on top of the world. However, all life experiences and prosperity carries a formula that we should adhere to if we want to succeed. And that is determination plus the desire to win which brings about change of attitude towards everything that comes in our way there. It is only through persistence that something good is born and that is what success is all about.


Patience and Determination Leads to Success

The leopard sat safely up the tree, looking so sleepy to the passers-by. The only things that were disturbing him were small insects that seemed so interested in his keen eyes.

The beast only cared about the Thompson gazelles that were crazing in the nearby thick, grassy field. However, they were far from his reach.

The leopard sat there waiting as if not aware of the preys in the field. Occasionally, yawning in indication of hunger that was churning his stomach. But he stayed there waiting for the best opportunity to make a lethal move.

As the sun stood at the backs of the grazing herbivorous preys, they chose to have a rest at a nearby tree. The tree that happened to be the same one the leopard was resting onto. Too late, one of them was captured and dragged onto the tree. The rest dashed off in dismay and guilty that they were not careful enough. All in all, the leopard was lucky to have meals for that without struggling too much for some.

Now what do we learn form this reality story?

We have a choice on whether to struggle too much in order to see a door of success or to position ourselves as we wait for a window of chance to open up. Remember, we do have time for that if our plan is at the right place at the right moment. Like the leopard, we have to guess right and prepare our minds for a bigger and better goal. We have understood the consequences of taking the risk and an ability to execute the plan if an opportunity arises. To be on the safer side, having a plan B is vital to everything that we undertake if we truly want to realize positive outcome.

Okay, with all preparation done and the time clock goes on ticking, patience is paramount to everything. No matter what happens afterwards, put your target in your mind and do not let anything deviate your attention to an unworthy cause.

Finally, as the window of opportunity opens, do not rush for the target unless you are sure of hitting the indented target. Oops! It feels so bad to miss a chance when you have worked so hard for it. Happiness is when you have the real outcome safely within your reach.

Celebrate your catch and plan for a day to come— just never duel at the present forever.

Imaginations Can Lead to Achievements

There is a five year old boy who lived with his parents as the only child.Then one day during the weekend,the family opted to go for a family outing and have a meal in a certain hotel in town.Once  inside the hotel,the waiter approached the family in order to get the details of the meal that they would like to be served with.

The parents of the little boy placed their order of their favorite dish but the boy’s favorite was not available in the hotel.So the boy was asked to pick an alternative but was so adamant and could hear nothing about taking other available meals.This was because the boy felt that this was his golden opportunity to follow the desires of his heart and so he couldn’t allow anyone to mess with it.

The little boy wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and even went ahead to tell his parents that they had promised to buy him anything that he wished to have thus wondering why the objections.When his parents stressed to have him pick other options,he told them to remain silent as he talked to the waiter alone.

The parents had no option but to oblige,then the boy went ahead and asked the waiter if there was a grill,a cheese and a loaf of bread.And since all the named things were there,the boy asked the waiter to go and prepare it for him.The waiter had no option but to go to the kitchen and give instructions to the cook on duty to satisfy the little boy’s demands.His parents were shocked by their child’s actions but he told them that one reason why failure occurs is because we ignore the imaginations which is the road to successful achievements.

The boy had this to summarize it all,’We imagine something, we get it’. This shows that imaginations should be an opening to a wider scope to our day-to-day life.

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