Criticism Should Be Your Ladders To Success

NASA Success

NASA Success (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The secret to personal success is by believing in yourself more than what you would entertain what other people say about you.

In life that we live, people will always look for ways to undermine your capabilities. They would say and do things to make you give up in pursuing your dreams. However, it all depends on your reaction to these cheap talks. If you react negatively, you would emerge the winner but if you go by their say then the world will be there to laugh at your failure.

Criticism only means you are on the right track towards success. The fact that no one is helping as you struggle in and out to make it right, they should not even have a say in your lifestyle and things you are doing to make your dreams come true.

If someone is keenly watching your every move, then it shows his interest in your business only confirms that you are almost there.

Criticism might also give you ideas on how to maneuver through a situation that seems dead end. If you learn to adapt, you will use these criticism for as ladders towards success. Just never, back down because someone said you could not do it.

Failure is something that comes in when one stops dreaming and rests in hopes. As a fighter, a dreamer, you need to adjust your life towards things that are constructive in life. Avoid negativities that only work to bring you down.

Success is a goal that gets further as you keep pushing, it only accepts defeat when it knows it has no more step to hide from you…  Yep! It does not just happen like luck!

Reality of someone’s imagination or dreams comes into reality if he or she has no time for criticism. Listen to them, and use them for your own benefit.

Play, Proud Father Go Speechless At His Son’s Success..

Ducks amongst other poultry

Ducks Ducks amongst other poultry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just yesterday, I was listening to a play featuring a father and his son discussing the son’s progress while he was away.

The father had just arrived for his yearly leave which comes at the beginning of every year….. since it comes once in a year. So he started by asking his son how far he had gone into taking care of the few poultry that he had left behind under his care.

The son started by telling his father to accompany him so that he could show him the new developments that he had come up with in his absence. But his father told him that it was still okay if he updated him verbally but the son insisted that there were more surprises in store for him to see. So the father had no otherwise but to oblige with what his son was telling him.

On reaching the site, the father couldn’t believe what he was seeing; his son had already put up modern structures that could handle hundreds of poultry. His son went on and explained that he was getting close to two hundred eggs a day and had plans to have a bigger number in a matter of a few days to come.

The father was thrilled with the son how he was able to make such positive moves who in turn told him that he had a blessed him with a project that he vowed to do his best. The father was astonished with the works of his son and congratulated him for having followed his footsteps. The son then told him that he had him as his role model and so he was determined to be a successful poultry farmer.

This play represents our present life and how any parent feels to be associated with the success of his or her child.


When a child is learning to walk, the first step is determination. This is simple; ‘if someone else can do it then I can do it too or much better.’ That is the way to go if you want to accomplish something in life. With determination, nothing can stand before as a hurdle and succeed. You have courage to face the worst for the sake of that much awaited target. You have an inner drive that tells you to work even harder and you have nothing in mind that deters you from hitting the objective.

With determined mind, your body and soul is ready to go an extra mile for the sake of achieving your goal. That is the perfect moment to limit inhibitors that might drive you back to the beginning. All you need is to layout an initiative and work for it until you realize some progress.

From there, encourage others to help you where they can. Invite people having the same idea to work with you. A simple exchange of thought might be the hint to the break through that you have always wanted. Just remember to keep your dreams within reach.

Sometimes, the people you trust would want you to let it go. They could discourage you because of reasons they may have, however, if your mind is set then you are good to go alone until you hit the target.

What if it is not working out, you have tried everything but still nothing positive has come by? Should you call it quits?

First you are determined to succeed, that is already a plus in your position. Then seek for ways to convince someone interested in buying into your idea. In other words, look for a financial structure that you know will work. And go for it with all means necessary. Remember, when a child is determined to take the first step, he or she might lean on something or on someone. From there the world open its ways and before you know it, success has been achieved through resilience and determination.

Defining Success In Life

Why does the wheel of success take a SELFISH course? They say, whenever there is a will, there is definitely a pass way through. That is something one has to consider when trying to outlive a situation and go beyond the menacing ‘inability’.

But why ‘Selfish’ as the key to the targeted goal? Let’s start with letter ‘S’


The world we live in set in a way that those who have a certain capability will always shine even when the light at the end of the tunnel get weak and dimly. The reason for having education in different fields enables one to be self-reliant and in one way, as means of reaching for your target. Any chance that might come up on your way means drawing you closer to that attainable goal… Yep! We have those people who lack formal education but they eventually emerge victorious in life because they never give up trying to use whatever little they have for better tomorrow.


Well, having all qualities of success does not mean you will just pop up on top and be what you want to be. The first step is always to have a will then attempt to do something as pertained by your ability. As they say, ‘success does not just come on a silver platter; one has to sweat for it.’

Liberated thoughts

The desire to stay in happiness comes through positive mind. The more you think of great future, the higher the chances of reaching there.

This can also be the inner drive that enables your mind to be focused on that an immovable target— success

Friendly within

Well, no regrets when you hit the dead-end— that is self friendly or inner peace. A good number of people who struggle without giving up ends up with fulfilled desires. Regrets breeds impatience which is actually the bitter fruit to success.

Increase your Targets

When you are using a fishing rod, the only chance is one fish at a time… but if you cast a wider net, you expect to get different types, sizes of sea animals. You only have to choose which to take home and what to return into the sea. That should be your way of handling your streams of success. In other words, do be satisfied with one target.

Secure your limits

With everything done according to your plans, secure your way up make and sure nothing comes in to disrupt your fruits of labor.


Letter ‘H’ is the final letter to the word ‘Selfish’, but also the starting letter to the word ‘Hope.’ This keeps our brains on the positive track especially when things get tough. In fact, being hopeful for better days to come is what summarizes all into success.

Don’t Allow Challenges In Life Weigh You Down, Other People May Be Experiencing The Worst

There was once a young man who was educated up to college level but was unlucky to secure any employment. Everyday he would move to a certain location in town popularly known as a jobless corner since it was a place that was frequented by the educated but unemployed. With time this young man earned himself a new set of friends and so he got a daily accompany in that place.

But they all had experiences to share concerning why one was jobless. Some felt that their next of kin had failed them by promising them jobs that never came to materialize while others lost their jobs due to unavoidable circumstances.

So they all had something to share with each other concerning their jobless experiences. Then one day this man went to his usual place only to find that his friends had not yet arrived but instead found two men chatting joyously and even wore shades on their eyes.

From their conversation, this young man grasped that their joy was due to their previous day happenings. The two talked how they were driven to their favorite places though he could not know by whom.

First he was unhappy that his friends were not around and then the fact that these two men had opted to occupy the jobless corner and yet from their talk and laughter, they both had jobs. So he approached them questioning them why they had come to this place yet it was not meant for them since they had jobs. They ignored him and continued laughing and would even hit each others hands with excitement. This made him even angrier and he even sat between them but this did not stop their excitement as he continued with his lamentations.

Then they kept quiet and then they both removed the shades from their eyes and the young man was surprised that they were both blind. They both told him that he was lucky to have his sight though unemployed since he can still go about searching for a job but for their case, they had to depend on well wishers for help.

One man said that he was born blind while the other one fell sick when he was about 5 years and lost his eye sight and he was truly sorry for them. He then learnt later that his friends had secured jobs in a new upcoming company.

This story teaches us that though one is faced by hardships and challenges; other people may be experiencing worse challenges than you.

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