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Work hard to be successful

In this  life, you need to  be actively involved in the betterment of yourself in terms of where you live or as far as you are concerned,you are contented to be where you are and with what you have.Success does not just come to anyone,but to those who are determined to reach better places.

But then before anything else,you need to ask yourself what you need to have to really feel that you are successful.Then you need to know your starting point in line with the goals that you have set aside for yourself and at the same time alternatives should be stand-by in case of any deviations from the initial plan.Then if you are set to start your hard work towards success,then this means you already know what to do in order to get there.

You are looking out for success but what is your mission and vision ?For example if you may be hoping to have invested in the real estate in like after a period of five years,then you ought to plan well in order to accomplish this over the said period. Just start somewhere and proceed from there. Waiting for chances to avail themselves is not the better way of going about your plans. Instead, create the much-needed chances that will make you have a starting point, and a better way to make it happen.

Successful people do today what others are doing tomorrow.This means that such people are unique such that once an opportunity presents itself,they are able to grasp it by doing the necessary  verification and if things go well, they invest some resources just to see how they turn out to be after sometime. This means, these people are not afraid of losses. They only have the necessary resources for what they want to become by tomorrow.

It is not good to wait for luck. In fact luck should only come when you do not need it. Great minds takes business at the best of its time.

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What Defines Success In Life?

What defines a great day? For some, the beauty of a day is measured by how successful the day has been. This is usually in terms of gains and other things that might be termed as ‘positive’ in life. And some would say, as long as someone is alive and fine then it automatically translate to a great day.

But if you wanna know how a day or life has been, just have a peek at the quite by anonymous below,

It’s better to look back on life and say, “I can’t believe I did that.” than to look back and say: “I wish I did that.”

Some people who have no focus in life think that by having a good time, mainly drinking and merry-making, defines a successful day. Like yesterday, I met with someone— a youthful  guy— who was somewhat drunk but knew exactly what was happening around him. I asked him how the day has been. Oops! He said that he will live to remember the day because it was his first time ‘Kupewa.’ This literally translates to being entertained with alcoholic drinks by the best friend.

Okay, fine! To him, being given beer and such stuff made him think that he was having a great time— a successful day. Really? What about other stuffs that needed his sober mind to be taken care of?

In the story of my life,

I was in waiting for someone and the venue of our meeting was in a restaurant in Nairobi CBD. Being late morning hours, I asked for a beer to calm my mind before the meeting. The man I was waiting for arrived some minutes later and asked for a Fanta soda, soft drink.

Once we were seated, the man asked me what I had accomplished that morning to make a beer worth for my time. He later said that, for him he could only afford a soda because his success by then was only valued to that soft drink.

Then he said that whatever you do in terms of money and riches, make sure you have accomplished something worth it.

Lesson in life,

Don’t be afraid to look back. See how you have been doing, and be amazed at your own hard work and effort. But if your history is full of regrets, then you have to do something in your life.

Success or Failure Touches Some of Your Friends

There is a saying that goes “A friend in need is a friend in deed”. We may this is a written proverb but to some extent, it really means something to us in real life.

But if several people are asked randomly who a friend is to them, they will definitely have different answers. Some will say a friend is that whom they occasionally talk with even if they are getting nothing from them.

Others will say a friend is that who is there for them in times of problems by assisting them financially or even materially. Anyway this all depends on how an individual thinks of who a friend is to him or her.

But the truth is your success or failures determine who remains to be your friend or who crosses to other side to being your enemy.

In your success you will have many friends but the majority are just pretenders. These pretenders will always make sure to being around you to enjoy your company faking happiness for you but when things take a wrong twist and you become broke, they are the first lot to gossip about you.

This is the time that you realize who your true friends are and whether they were there genuinely or only for convenience.

Some friends contribute to our downfall in one way or the other like borrowing from you and blatantly refuse to pay back. They already know how to make you weak and will behind your back start mocking you and even laughing at you for failures that they are part of. Having such people around you can be the worst nightmare that you can have to deal with.

But then whether in successes or in failures, we need friends to be there for us in our good and bad times. If you chose to be happy with me as I count my successful blessings, then I expect you to be there with me when am suffering in sorrows.

Hear Nothing and Do Nothing

We all know that God created us in His own image but I don’t think this ever crosses to anyone’s mind as we go about our day’s activities. According to the Biblical teachings, you ought to be your neighbor’s keeper but this may generally mean being there to anyone who needs your help. But as nature has it, very few bother to have to deal with anyone’s well being.

Then something else, for most of the people who fly with success, quite a number of them are likely to face problems from their close relatives or even friends. It is happening that some people who come to the iceberg of being successful are being branded devil worshippers yet there is no credible evidence but just rumors. I remember an incident of retired civil servant whose property was destroyed on suspicion of belonging to a cult. Even as the matter was followed by the relevant authorities, it was established that these suspicions were baseless and there was no one who came out to say that they really know anything. But as a mere coincidence, the former tenant was wealthy but with her property destroyed she was left with nothing.

You can always expect people to say anything to bring you down but no reason to listen to them because you know what your mission is and how to get it. I remember the story of a man, his son and a donkey; they listened to different suggestion from the crowd and eventually had to bear the brunt of being at a loss. They were called fools, lazy and were even told to be ashamed of their actions yet they were not disciplined enough to stick to what they knew was right.

So in this life people will always have something to say about or will even go ahead and make some suggestions whose results may not be forthcoming and so instead of being regretful, then hear nothing and do nothing.

An Absentee Father Who Eventually Wanted Recognition In The Success of His Children

It is the hope of every mother for her child or children to have a father for her children. Not just someone who fathered the child and went missing, but someone who would be there for them and always putting his family first before anything else. But in this story, there happened to be an unlucky mother who raised her two sons alone until maturity.

According to her, father of her children left when her first son was six years and the second born was only three. Now, after years of struggle and agony in raising two boys, the man who got lost in the world of forgetfulness just happened to pop up and demanding for his share in the success of her two boys.

In the recent event that was organized by her first-born son, the man who claims to be their father wanted recognition in the opening speech and he wanted his name mentioned in the importance of the event. What amazed people even more was the fact that he pushed for this and eventually, the son who did not have any other option mentioned his absentee father just to make things a little less abnormal.

The fact that he was not there for them when they did need him a lot does not matter to him. Now that his first-born son’s name is trending worldwide, he wants to come in and be part of the success story.

Why abandon your own children and come back later and pretend that nothing happened while you were away? Only a greedy person would push for recognition when he knows he has no rights to. Such people are remorseless and would do anything to be where they do not belong.

A family is not just a name. What matters more in such a relationship is being responsible for those who are under you. Those people you care about for and the desire to make their lives much better. However, if someone is not a family man or woman, then he or she should not even think about coming home at the time they are not needed.