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Family Issues left at the Mercy of Social Media

Dead Beat, a Facebook group that was acting more of a ‘shaming page’ for ran-away  fathers and even those in the corridors of power were not spared. It was branded ‘Dead-Beat Kenya‘.

The Objective of The Group

The administrator of this page had the aim of providing a forum where the women victims could let the cat out of the bag concerning such fathers.It was an open group and anybody was free to join and being on social there was a lot of excitement that came with being a member with that group.

So what the women out there did was to put a photo of the ‘supposed father’ of their child/children and a little description concerning them.Some talked of men abandoning them and not even bothering to assist them in bringing up the children.For those who were unlucky to find their details on the group,it was such a mess especially if one had moved on and even in the family life.

This group touched peoples of all walks of lives including even those in the political class. Most women were in the support of this group saying that it was payback time. I could see some men trying to come out in the open and defend themselves that some stories were false since they had been supporting his children.

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Touching The Untouchable…

Women continued posting their experiences but then  one  politician felt that once his name appeared in the group,this had maliciously damaged his personality.So what he did,he sued the administrator of the group and the lady who made the post for defamation.So they were summoned to appear before the court to defend themselves.And in the meantime the court also refrained the group from placing any more posts.

I think coming up with such a group according to my view was not one of the viable options.This is because there are legal means through which such family issues can be sorted out.

Let’s leave social media to what it’s best at, and that is sharing our simple day to day lives.

Now Dead Beat Kenya is dead..




Crazy Politics In Kenya – Dirty Shoes For The President as Raila Caned

In Kenya, online media has been frenzy about political turns and crazy happenings -cane beating’ in coastal Kenya and ‘shoes reception’ for the president in South Nyanza.

These are two scenes that happened on top ranking political elites in Kenya. Does this mean something to you?

How History Seemed To Repeat Itself

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Let’s go back in history, just a little bit!

In 1969, then president Jomo Kenyatta was on a visit to South Nyanza when the crowd went rowdy and hand missiles rocked the function. It did not go well with the commander in Chief who then left the bloodshed as a lesson ‘Never Mess With Someone Who Is Above The Law.’ Kenya being so secretive on its internal affairs issues covered up this story on leakages were told to the public..Hush!

So when the son of Jomo was unwelcome in the same region, the wise fools thought that history will repeat itself. Instead, the wise man in Kenya’s top most seat told the youths to grow up and never allow themselves to be misled by politicians.

Oh yes! An area MP and his lot traveled all the way to Nairobi to apologize on behalf of the people. You know what! Four (4) million taxpayers money went underground because of this ‘apology trip’… Mmm! Kenya must be very rich.

That aside,

That Change We Wanted

As the world is growing into something awesome, so are the people including people who are more people that others. What I meant here is, the political class in Kenya seems to be a class higher than everyone else. The massacre that happened in 1969 could have repeated itself if we had a blood thirsty inconsiderate person in State House. We should be thankful for having the brightest mind on that seat.

A Silent Message

Let’s move on to Kwale’s old dude with Bakora (walking stick)

This guy must be the bravest man in that regions. Imagine caning the former Prime Minister during dancing time…! He is a true hero who does not mind the class, how elite the person is or what status the person holds in Kenya. To him, Raila Odinga deserved a beating and that is what he did.

Hold on! What message was he trying to convey to the public?

a) Insecurity issues in the country -no one is safe from either beating or terror attack.

b) Politics should have its time… national building is the most important issue the country is facing. Oh yes! Anyone who goes contrary to this should be corrected by a cane.

c) Not everyone can be happy with your ideas. If the voiceless have no say, then they will use other means to say it loud.

d) Kenya is a free nation where citizens are supposed to have freedom of expression… Mmm! Others do it better by using their walking sticks.

Oops! The guy is innocently asking for forgiveness…

Anyway, this is Kenya and we expect even more crazy things to happen. Keep watching this blog…



Anger, Fighting Solves Nothing…

It has happened to me, to my good friend over there and to my little boy who is closely following my story as I write it down. The reality of life is so tricky that at one point, it forces someone over the thin line between ignore and move on or fight. What would  you  do if you find yourself in such a situation? This brings us today’s story.

At one time in my little space called life, I had a friend who happened to be a friend to my enemies. I only care about us and forgot about anyone else. We were happy with our closeness that the other party felt ignored by their friend (also a pal of my time) and outsmarted by my charm that made us inseparable.

One day, they forged a plan that worked like magic! First, they took him to an overnight party where they had lots of fun.  I knew him as a party-kind of a person, but I being a reserved type, I somehow forced him to adapt my way of life.

Then they gave him liqueur to make him talk his mind out… Guess what! He told them almost everything about us .To cut the story short; he washed our dirty linen for those who had ears to hear. Thirdly, they recorded that voice narration and posted it on social media. You can imagine the damage it caused to my family, and me but what was I to do? The clip was already viral and most of the villagers had seen it.

That was the time I felt an intense anger burning in my mind. I wanted to get the guy – I once called ‘friend’- and tear him into pieces. Fortunately, he never showed up or tried to contact me to give his side of the story. It was good that it all ended up… friendship terminated and everyone went his own ways.

Now, the question that kept popping in my mind was, why did I trust him with my secrets? The only answer I got was that he was a nice person until the day he got drunk. Really? I guessed so..

My point!

Life is full of challenges, but our mind was designed in such a way that it can detect both anger and forgiveness.  George J. Nathan once said, ‘No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched.’ So it is up to us to look for the positive side of someone. It is hard to do so… it needs determination but it can be done!  Fighting solves nothing!