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Youth Love Problems and Relationships

Youths love relationships

Youths love relationships

Most high school and post-school students have problems related to love and relationships. Most teenagers fall in love at an early age and will tend to disassociate themselves from other social interactions due to being in a relationship.

Problems experienced by the youth in the course of their relationship:

-Immaturity-Teenagers are not mature enough to know the consequences of their course of actions. This can in fact mean that they are not in love but in the real sense,it’s just an :infatuation. This can lead to low self esteem,devastation and even depression if the relationship ends.

-One is forced to go places or even do things in order to prove that you really love your partner.

-Such relationships can leads to havoc especially to a teen’s grade due to spending a lot of time with the partner and neglecting school work.

-Some teens enter into a relationship before even loving themselves. This is a problem because if you don’t appreciate yourself, things might not be good for you with someone else. It is good to know your personality,value yourself and have a positive attitude towards yourself.

-Social status in school- Some teens will hate themselves for no good reason and this will have negative effects.

What parents mean to teenagers:

-As a parent,take time to talk to your children on issues relating to emotional and bodily changes. They need love and support at this stage.

-Build positive family relationships.

-Talk to your children on how to go about things.

Tips to parents that might help you and your family:

-Try setting time for fun like family outings especially in town. This will create time that you are together as a family and can have a chance to share out issues with the children.

-Sharing a meal together as a family may be like having dinner together.

-One on one talking with your children and this will help in sharing thoughts and feelings. In this you should know that kids are different and it easier to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child. You can also be able to identify a child who is may be hot tempered. `

-Celebrate your child’s achievements and also share the child’s problems.

-Good to have traditions or family values or routines and these will guide your child accordingly.

-Agree on household responsibility. This involves ensuring that kids of all ages give a hand on responsibilities.

-Limits of consequences in case of mistakes done.

Life long love right!



Mashujaa Day- A Day To Remember Our Heroes

Today October 20th, 2014 a day to remember our national heroes –Mashujaa Day. As we celebrate those great people who did something great for this nation, what message do you have for them as a encouragement for others like I who haven’t been there yet?

As I remember the heroes of our country, my mind is clear about something, they stood firm for Kenya irrespective of their background, language, skin or any difference that could have been a barrier for their deeds. They chose the nation over what they were, they fought a good fight to change the system, they put their lives at stake to make sure Kenyans have a say about something and finally yet importantly, they have shown us the way forward for our nations.

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I remember the late Pro. Wangari Maathai; she stood firm towards what she believed in. She wanted green Kenya and that was her drive. She fought the government of the minority who wanted to take anything they wanted. She planted a tree whenever she felt mad about something and late she became Kenya’s first Nobel Peace prizewinner for her effort to make Kenya a nation of bright environs.

A green country symbolizes peace, right? What is someone comes and tries to make is dirty as his home? Oh, it is so simple! You stand against the aggressor and his attempts to bring the country down. This special appreciation goes to our security personnel and civilians who have in one way of another, stood unshaken to defend Kenya form both internal and external terrorism attacks. We are one, and we have a will for our general good. Kenya is bigger than any individual out there, firm we stand divided we fall.

As we celebrate Mashujaa Day as a public holiday, what comes in your mind as a Kenyan or a resident of this East African state? Mine is Peace and nothing more. With this, I believe I am safe from any every form of aggression and I feel protected beyond what a bodyguard could do.

What Say you!

Why Poachers Have No Place In Our Society.

elephant-274003_1280If we go quiet on this matter, one day you will wake to see this head line, ‘THE ONLY LIVING ELEPHANT HAS BEEN KILLED’

The the story will be like,

The Kenya Wild Life Service (KWS) director has confirmed that the only living elephant has been killed and it tusks stolen in an unclear circumstances. The animal which was under heavy security was found dead this morning and the investigations are underway to unravel the mystery behind its killing…..

It will be the saddest day in Kenya and all over the world, but the damage will leave a dent in our world — elephants no more (extinct).

We are fine with getting raw deal with people who we expect to guard our endangered species. Elephants and Rhinos are  being poached in our game reserves and national parks.

In fact we are doing nothing to curb this vice and contain it forever. As we understand, some good ideas to go about it has always landed in wrong hands— members of the national assembly being against the move.

The pilot stage of Drone technology, which was launched by KWS, did not go well with some MPs saying that it will cost taxpayers a lot of money to run the ‘First Ranger’. I wonder what should be our first priority! Should it be the cost of running security measures for our endangered animals or let poachers enjoy harvesting where they did not sow?

As most of us know, poaching is a sophisticated business with roots deep into controllers of our national economy. We have big people in government or business persons who funds poaching operations, transportation of illegal animals trophies and selling game products. But who are they?

It is like a web of secrets, which includes…

Poachers on ground -people who risk anything for animals trophies.

Middle men poachers– these are people who pay for poaching operations organizing the gang and making sure that the catch is safely into their hands

Smugglers– This  group knows how to move valuable goods to the right market. They use every means possible for the tusks to reach the market.

Beneficiaries– greedy lot who have a say in everything but in real sense they keep a low profile on their dirty work.

The public should come out clear on this issue. If it means naming and shaming the perpetrators in this business.






The Church and Politics

Church and politics

Church and politics

The church has always had a role to play in politics. The church is involved in guiding the followers on how to vote their leaders wisely and maintain peace. It’s obvious to find churches organizing seminars to enlightening the faithful on issues concerning voting.

But there is some arising trend whereby you will find some religious leaders vying for some political posts. I guess the religious leaders are supposed to enrich the faithful spiritually but when they opt to join the political class,one wonders if they can serve two masters.

I have seen some religious leaders trying the political hand and then just fail miserably.  But religious leaders being in the political race has not always been taken well by the voters who feel that such leaders are being led by their greed.

Politics come with a lot of things whereby you will find such leaders forcing their followers to register in polling centers where they are vying in order to win.

When anyone is an aspiring candidate for any political post,campaigning is the key tool to being successful and the religious leaders are not an exemption to this.

This of course requires a lot of money and what happens the faithful are expected to contribute some cash towards that. This action raises a lot of questions because  even if politics is part of our life,it’s not one of our role as the church followers to have all our energies geared towards our church leaders greed for power.

But there is a different scenario where some religious leaders will discourage their followers being actively involved in politics. Such leaders will even tell their faithful that if you have any of your family members vying for any political post,then pray that they don’t succeed. They go ahead by likening politics with a dirty game and so nothing good comes out of politics.

I think politics has the players who should indeed be left to play the game alone. So the religious should keep off politics and keep on with the spiritual matters.

Financially Down But With Determination To Survive

economic backlash

economic backlash

I always say that life is ‘unfair.’ Economic swing and joblessness is driving people to do some stuff that we only hear or read on the web. So sad that this person was serious about selling his Kidney for Ksh5000 (less than $60) for easy cash! Here is the story,

He is a young man with a young family to look after and so he decided to leave upcountry to look for greener pastures in town.

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His main area of earning some cash was in the building industry where he started working as a casual laborer. This meant that he was not lucky in getting a job always and so it turned that there were those days that he had to put up with an empty pocket.

The sad part of it that he sometimes had to trek for about 60 kilometers in search of job and end up not even getting one.

Walking became part of his life due to the little cash that he was getting. Nevertheless, thanks to his two friends who understood his financial woos and were always there to help him out. They would sometimes give him some cash to use as bus fare.

Things took a wrong twist when he received a call that his eight-month old baby and his mother were both sick.

First, he did not know his starting point for he had no money or even a job from which he would help his family. He pondered a bit and then saw it fit to sell his kidney in order to start a barbershop business.

Since he was listening to his favorite morning radio show, he decided to call one of the presenters whom he thought would assist him to sell his kidney.

He was given an opportunity to explain why he had opted to sell his kidney. This was on national radio and so many people were listening and two good Samaritans were moved by his story and so offered to assist him.

The good news is that he will be trained on hair cutting in order to get the technical experience. Then he will also be trained on how to retain his customers once in the barber business. They will also purchase the kits required for hair cutting and also cater for his one month rent on the premises that he will operate the business from. The end!

This is just one person out of many who are in need of help. It is so sad that as the country moving from law edge to industrial nation, the situation is forcing some people to do whatever they can for a living.

Have your say!