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Story – Waflay Post
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Good Gesture to Others Do Pay Someday

Eve with Four Children or The First Family

Eve with Four Children or The First Family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a certain town, there lived a man and his wife and they were both working in the career fields of their choice. Then time came for them to start their family way and they were thus blessed with a child. So they decided to look for a house help who would look after the baby when the maternity leave expires.

The house-help became well acquainted in the family and she was now part of the family looking after the baby very well. It was not long before the family had a second born baby and she still continued looking after both children. The children loved the house-help very much since they were used to being with her and thus viewed her like their own mother.

Then one day, the wife lost her job in the wave of the retrenchment exercise.But since she was given her employment benefits, she started to start a business of selling second-hand clothes. But since she was new to the occupation, she was brokered by cunning traders and so she closed down business due to the loss that she incurred. But her husband assured that should not be worried about anything since he was still working and would thus be in a position to support the family. So she kept a low profile with hopes of getting something else to do that would spice up the family’s finances.

Then after sometime, their house-help decide it was time to move on with her life and as a devout Christian, there were plans for a wedding with her suitor. But it was hard for her to imagine leaving this family since she considered it as her own. But this family helped her in the wedding preparations and their two children were part of the maids.

So she went off to live who was her husband who worked in the bank as a data-entry clerk. But then he was transferred to another town and then promoted to a senior post. But for this other family, the husband lost his job and soon the benefits that he had been given got finished. He was unable to take his children to school who were now in high school and quite a lot of money was needed to take them through education.

Then their former house-help came visiting them and found them in deep financial woes and she first paid the school fees for the children. Then she helped the wife in starting a kiosk. She then went ahead and talked to her husband who helped the man of the house in securing a loan from the bank by being his guarantor. He was thus able to start a business and the family became on its feet again.

This story teaches us that whatever good deeds that you do unto others, may be a reason why they will also help you out. It shows anyone would be in a position help and respect earns you something in return.


Housing A Homeless Man Turns Into a Bad Idea To The Host

English: A homeless man in New York with the A...

 A homeless man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The guy was like ‘how dare he!’ He was repeating this in an interval less than a minute. I knew there was a story behind it and I tried to dig shallowly to know the context of it all. Of course, whenever there is a cloud of smoke, fire is always within the mix.

The man was in his mid thirties, an age where love is a common mistake that befell the innocent negative hearts. And a repeated blame on ‘him’ meant something closely related to the lost love. I was almost guessing right!

It was then that he said a rather odd statement, “I housed the homeless, only to realize that all he wanted was to take my wife along into his miseries …” then he concluded this with a regretful ending, “I wish I knew…”

Well, I was left wordless. I my life I have never felt that touched by someone’s trouble in life. I wished his trouble was something else but not related to love. In fact an issue of a homeless friend eloping with his wife was something I did not expect to hear.

The guy was devastated! He seemed to have lost the jewel or something irreplaceable in his life. The tears of love had only one message, “Go babe, if that is what I deserve.”

Yes! I learned something new, something that existed in those days but the current generation has ignored like forever. True love still exists and those people who find it would do anything to live happily ever after with the love of their life. I could not understand a homeless man running away with jobless wife because of love. But if it really happened, then I guess we still have some hope about true love.

I recent years, I have been hearing a lot about broken relationships because of money and riches being the center stage in everything. They made me believe that nowadays, love is just a misused word to mean stable relationship. The stability part might be associated closely with the return in investment but the feelings within could be lacking. All in all, people have survived for many years in such relationships.

Be Contented With What You Have

Being a season for festivities, what about story time!

In the ancient world,the hare and the squirrel were great friends.By then even animals were not left out in a healthy relationship living.Then it so happened that they lived on different sides of a high mountain and their homes were separated by a huge roaring river.But this did not affect their friendship and one way or the other they were able to communicate as a friend.

They enjoyed each other company and could spend a lo of time talking about different issues affecting their life and that of their surrounding.Remember it was such a long time when animals were able to talk to one another like the human beings.This would seem interesting if animals would also talk to one another at a time like this.

Then one day,as the two animals were talking as usual the hare told the squirrel that on the opposite side he could see very big and ripe fruits which looked too sweet to eat.So the hare told the squirrel that he ought to go and see what he really meant by those attractive fruits since he could not see them.

But what the squirrel didn’t grasp was the fact that those fruits that the hare was referring to were on the same side where he lived.But since the hare was insisting that he go see the beauty of the fruits with his own eyes,he agreed.He used the only one boat that was available to cross the river and there would be no more way of turning back.

So with the convincing voice of the hare,he finally crossed the river.But on reaching on the other side of the hare’s home,he was shown the seemingly sweet fruits.But he felt tricked because the fruits were not far from where he lived and even faulted the hare by asking him why he had really made him cross the river.This is because the hare should have told him that by walking just for a short distance,he would be able to see the fruits.

Though he felt bad there was no way that he would be able to go back to his initial home.This story teaches us think before you act and don’t be hasty in doing things.


Feeling Secure In Father’s Hand

father's baby

safe in his arms

This a story about a small little girl and her father who had gone for a walk as a way of passing time.They had walked for about half an hour when they reached a river that they were supposed to cross and it was the only route that they were supposed to use.This is because there was no other way that they could use instead.

But what’s more to cross the river,it was only through a trunk of tree that was put across.So the father asked the little girl to hold his hand so that they could cross safely together.The girl refused and told him that she couldn’t do that.The father insisted that it was the only way to be safe but the little girl was adamant that there was no way that she gonna do that.Her father stood there wondering why the little girl could not heed to his calls.

Then he sought to know the reason why the little girl was deviant about holding his hand but she told him that in this way she was not safe because anything can disrupt her and make her loose grip of his hand and fall into the river.She then told him that he is the one who is supposed to hold her hand because she knows that there is no way that he can loosen his grip no matter what.The girl felt that there was a difference between holding her father’s hand and having her father hold her hand.

This was a sigh of relief to the girl’s father who was running out of options to convince his daughter any further.So she felt more secure with her father’s firm grip and so as he held her hand they both safely crossed the river.

This story teaches us the security that is always associated with the father figure around just like the same way the  little girl trusted her father to secure her safety as they crossed the river.


From childhood to adulthood

This is a rite of passage that is very important as it helps with the transition from a child to an adult.It is an aspect of personal development.

During the olden days,young girls were supposed to spend time with their grandmothers while for the young boys with the grandfathers.In both cases,that is where they got  their advice from concerning what is expected of them as they grow older and older.It was a culture that went on well and was of help.

But for today things have really changed children do not even go to their grandmothers to catch bed time stories.

But for these last few weeks,I’ve heard of something that different NGOs have come up with that is to helping the childhood to adulthood transition.

Such institutions are doing this for a fee whereby it starts with a seminar for both the parents and their children that is both boys and girls.What I like about this is that such institutions are enshrined under the church and so spiritual enrichment  This is a session that enlightens the children about what is expected of them as they move to the adulthood and for parents to know on how to go about being there for their children.

The parents then leave and the boys are taken for their circumcision,are given time to heal before they can embark on their program.The girls at this time are enlightened on how to be responsible adults and what is expected of them.

For the boys it’s the high time that they learn how to become responsible men of tomorrow and this is the time to start acting responsibly.They need to know about the dangers of abusing alcohol and use of drugs which have adverse effects on their lives.

Just to mention a view there is wide varieties of topics that are covered and this will in fact help these young girls and boys.This is because it’s obvious that parents usually avoid talking to their children about important issues affecting them.