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State House (Kenya) – Waflay Post
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Uhuru Tells Raila To Back Off From ICC Ruling

The political climate is heating up in Kenya with two of the most favorite leaders exchange bitter words due to recent ruling that saw the remaining suspects of  crimes against humanity in the ICC walk away with no case to answer.

Raila Odinga of the CORD coalition and the leader of opposition took it hard with the ICC saying that the acclaimed court did a shoddy job that led to the termination of Kenyans suspected to have facilitated the killings in 2007/2008 post-election violence.

Raila was speaking on France 24 Tv. when he made these remarks that angered the leaders who are currently running the government of Kenya.

Raila Odinga said that Uhuru and Ruto used Africa Union (AU) to blackmail the International Criminal Court. He said that the ICC was forced to use less effective evidence because African countries were threatening to pull out for the Rome statute that gave rise to ICC.

The leader of opposition also touched on prayer meetings, saying that instead of the president and his deputy using those meetings to preach unity, they are only more interested in getting sympathy from the masses.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy took this as an insult to an open would. In Nyandarua rally, the two accused the leader of opposition for being so reluctant to let go. The angry leaders said that people have to learn to live with the outcomes of an event. The president told Raila Odinga to move on from ICC issue because it is no longer a factor affecting Kenyans.

Ruto added that Raila was expecting ICC to jail the two leaders for him to rise into power.

Well, this did not end in that rally. Kenyans on social media have put more weight on this issue, with some supporting the president and some going against duo.

Some reminded the president that he made almost similar remarks when he visited Israel, barely a month ago. The president said that Kenyans are more attracted to things that are not there’s, and that this is the main reason why the war on corruption is not being taken seriously.


ICC Verdict, Ruto and Sang To Know Their Fate Soon

English: International Criminal Court (ICC) logo

English: International Criminal Court (ICC) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kenya—- The two remaining suspects in ICC’s trial for crimes against humanity will know their fate today. The ICC is slated to deliver the verdict today if DP William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang have a case to answer or they are free to go just like the four who were acquitted before.

Kenyans are waiting patiently for the ruling even when they already know what the final verdict could be.

In recent trial proceedings, the ICC prosecutor said that her case against the two is so weak and that it lacks almost all important factors that could have strengthen it to another level.

The two are suspects in Kiambaa (Eldoret) massacre that happened in 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya. This is the spot where people— majority of them women and children—were burnt alive while taking a refuge in the church.

Kenyans who were seeking for truth and those who lost their lives during the darkest moment in the country will never know who the masterminds of violence were.

Already, leaders who are affiliated to Jubillee alliance are calling for nullification or the case, saying that they have already moved on.

On ground, some elders also shared the same sentiments that they sat down with their rival communities and sorted out the matter. And that proceeding with the case against the two accused individuals will only generate tension in the country and that this might unravel the enmity that was there before.

According to some people who are still living in the areas worst affected by post-election violence in 2007/2008, people are not that close. Majority of them have not moved on from that harrowing experience and wants justice done.

If Ruto and Sang are acquitted, then Kenyans will live to remember over 1000 people who died in the peak of PEV and the ICC witnesses that followed there after. However, if the two will be found with a case to answer, then the enmity on ground will eventually erupt and possible division between Ruto and president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Land Grabbers Benefiting A Lot From Jubilee Administration

English: A lone giraffe in Nairobi National Park.

A lone giraffe in Nairobi National Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nairobi Kenya– Need to own land in lucrative business areas has driven people to grab whatever they could in daring raid. Nairobi being the business hub of Kenya has been severely affected with known leaders making headlines for every wrong reason.

Going back to last year, the demo to reclaimed grabbed land from a primary school made headlines world-wide as the police tear gassed demonstrating children over the grabbed play ground.  The land was successively given back to the affected primary school and the government launched an ending investigation in the matter. Yes! A few individuals were named in that saga but the big known fish was never mentioned.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and Southern By-pass also pose a great risk to the land and animals in Nairobi National Park and this will adversely affect nature in Nairobi. This is the biggest risk to human inhabitants of the city that the government of Kenya is gambling with.

For now, Nairobi is survivable because of fresh air from the park in the city and other greener areas around the city. Without these, humans will be at great risk because air pollution is rampant in Kenya’s capital.

But now that the government is adamant with its plans, rumors has it that the untouchables have already encroached for portions of land in the park and that in future the park will turn into the zoos as the remaining land is taken over by skyscrapers.

I wonder why humans just can’t learn to respect nature. How can you destroy something you very well know you depend on it for survival? This is exactly what is happening in Nairobi.

In other area, Karura forest in Nairobi suburbs is also under siege.  And the way developers are working day and night to erect buildings in public lands leaves one wondering how they acquired the title deeds and why the government is just watching.

For voters, Jubilee government under President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, are a let down. However, things are so bright for opportunistic few who have nothing to lose… all they want is money and security from the willing government.