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Somalia – Waflay Post
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Release The Report To The Public, KDF Told

How many Kenyan soldiers lost their lives in the line of duty during terror attack at al-Adde in Somalia?

The most amazing thing about Kenya is how they treat the word ‘secret’. In Kenyan setting, the public should not be informed about issues that are so sensitive.

It is just beyond reason why the government should keep most things in hush-hush kind of environment.

The only information about those who died in that deadly terror attack is from the foreign agencies and from bloggers.

Recently, the Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, said that the number of soldiers who lost their lives may be about 180 or more. This report has already been tarnished as unreal by the Kenyan military spokes person. However, he could not take his time to give the exact number instead.

It has not yet been confirmed about the whereabouts of the missing Kenyan service men. Only speculations that they are being held as prisoners of war in the al-shabaab camps in Somalia

Now, majority of Kenyans are going for 180 fallen heroes because they do not have any other information about it all.

Big secrets have made it impossible for information to flow from channels of communication to reach those who might be interested.

The only information the KDF is ready to relay to the public is when they have carried out attacks against terrorists in the war ravaged country on the horn of Africa.

Recently, the leader opposition said that the government should give a final report about the fallen soldiers and that the families affected compensated.

The president has been so quiet about this report and never have he hinted of releasing it to the public.

Kenya that ranked sixth (6th) in military firepower in Africa has dropped to position eighth (8th) after al-Adde attack.

KDF are serving under AU’s African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with an aim of ending terror menace on the horn of Africa.

Any Life is Important, Be It Of a Young Person or An Old Person

I was going through viewing conversations in twitter and the news of massacre of our KDF soldiers was still fresh in our minds. I came across a section of Kenyans complaining that yet another time the country has lost very young men in this mission of flushing out Alshabab from the region. They even went ahead and dared the president to take lead and have his son recruited in the force.

But then it was now clear that there are those Kenyans who felt that age should really matter when it comes to recruiting our men and women into the force and what’s more where vulnerable missions are concerned. On a clear note anybody’s life is important irrespective of age because if it’s under our control, we would definitely already have death chased from our midst. The soldiers in Somalia are in service for the sake of the entire country’s security.

May be those expressing what they think is best are out of the hot soup. So imagine a situation where your son calls and breaks the news of being posted in Somalia. Would you tell him to reject the offer on grounds that it was possible he will die young for being part of a sure death mission? It is true lives may have been lost in the hands of these militants but this should not be a discouragement to the fighting soldiers. But let’s look at it this way, so many people(the young and the old) lose their lives day in day out may it be accidents, sickness just to mention a few.

But then life is a sensitive issue to really come up with what may be better to happen to whom. Then something else, as human beings we tend to question things happening in our midst maybe due to fear or a feeling that it was not yet time.

Locals Seems To Love War: KDF Mission In Somalia Not Needed…

Let us learn something from Operation Linda Nchi -Kenya Defense Forces Mission in Somalia. This military operation was initially meant to destabilize terrorists’ operation command centers in Somalia and to secure the borders on the republic of Kenya.

According to then president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki military incursion in Somalia was necessary due to rampant kidnappings of foreign tourists by the suspected al-shabaab  Islamists along the border of Kenya and Somalia.

We now have to say that this operation was successful because the Islamic militants were forced to relocate to other pasts of the country after KDF soldiers landed in Kismayu, then operation command center for al-shabaab militants.

After that, Kenya has been working closely with the Somalia government and the peacekeeping mission has bore fruits since reports from within the war-ravaged country says that people are enjoying peace and business boom in town centers, including Mogadishu which was most hit town in Somalia.

Then, Kenya’s stay in the horn of Africa has been met with criticism from Somalia government saying that Kenyan Defense Forces are engaging in illegal activities in the country. First they accused the government of Kenya for meddling into the country politics and the formation of Jubaland  State Of Somalia an autonomous region in the southern part of the country under president Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe.

The UN then accused Kenya of collaborating with an enemy in smuggling of contraband goods through the Port of Kismayu to the military camps then sold locally in Kenya. Charcoal sales in Somalia was also mentioned, something that the military denied and launched self-investigation into those claims.

The more the stay in Somalia, the bigger the damage to KDF’s conduct and the worse it becomes of the result. This was recently experienced at el-adde when the al-shabaab terrorists overrun the Kenyan military camp that resulted into deaths of unknown number if KDF’s personnel.

The survivors said that the area residents were seen congratulating the terrorist and that before the rundown, residents seemed to have vanished from that area.

This account tells us that the Somalis inside Somalia do not want foreign military forces, and that they would rather live in agony with their own than to live in peace with a foreigner. In other words, peace is a narrative that has no meaning to these people. They have been in a state of war for over two decades and to them, peace is a confusing term that has no beneficial meaning to the locals.

War On Terror, Is KDF Fighting Wrong War?

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great ...

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great White to participate in the opening ceremony for exercise Natural Fire 2006 conducted at Nginyang Village, Kenya, Aug. 7, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nic Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About two years ago, the Somalia parliament voted unanimously against Kenya Defense Forces in their country. They argued that KDF personnel are no longer needed in the country because the Somalia Army is strong enough to deal with Islamists causing havoc in the horn of Africa.

This prompted the world to come together and urged Kenya not to withdraw its forces in the country. They said that fragile peace and economic stability in Somalia is being experienced because the Kenyan Army is still active under the AU peacekeepers umbrella. And that terrorist, al-shabaab—affiliated with al-Qaeda, are on the run because of Kenya’s presence in Somalia.

Kenya was adamant that it would stay in Somalia until terrorism is no longer a threat in east Africa, and up to now, this stand has not been shaken by terrorism in the country.

The attacks targeting both civilians and security personnel have been the trend in Kenya in recent years, with most recent one being the attack on Kenyan military camp in Somalia where unknown number of KDF personnel lost there lives.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in his vocation in Mombasa, coastal region of Kenya, said that Kenya would not withdraw KDF from the horn of Africa until African Mission in Somalia is over. He later said that Kenyan security forces would make sure that those people behind the heinous crimes against Kenyans pay for every Kenyan bloodshed. In addition, that they will be hunted in all terrains, regions in day and night until the threat is eliminated.

But now Kenyans have began questioning why Kenya Defense Forces are still in Somalia, about two years since that fall of Kismayu from al-shabaab control! Reports from Somalia says that, a day before the Kenyan military camp was attacked, civilians living near that camp vanished. This means that people in Somalia are either assisting terrorists or they knew something before it happened.

For once, Kenyan intelligence system was got off-guard; the short question is, why? This story is just another story within a story. Damn!

Kenya, Refugees Menace And Terrorism

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia...

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia in Dadaab, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nairobi— One thing is clear that Kenya wants her neighbors to enjoy peace and economic stability like she does. For many years, Kenya has been a stable economy in east Africa and this has enabled growth and development in this region.

While other east African states were fighting to control the regions marred by violence, Kenya was the only safe place where the refugees could run to and feel peace for the first time. With hospitality among the people of Kenya, no one questioned how the refugees could behave and the control measures put in place to deal with evil men and women coming into the country. At the end, it was just us Kenyans against people who are either good or those with bad intentions for humanity.

Being a country where humanity came first, it is not that difficult to locate some integrated refugees mingling freely with the general Kenyan population. This is good because some refugees have created employment to locals and others are working closely with the government of Kenya for better good of national building.

However in every river, you do not expect to see fish, but snakes also do survive in water. The result of this saying is that, Kenya has been experiencing violent crimes since Kenya’s incursion in Somalia started, about five years ago.

Some refugees are trigger-happy criminals who do not value lives of other people. I several occasions, Kenya has suffered both major and minor terror attacks for people suspected to be Somalia Islamic militants. In this case, these people crossing into Kenya from the horn of Africa are both genuine refugees and those who have evil agenda— ticking time bomb against peaceful Kenya.

The crackdown on illegal refugees in Nairobi and its environs was meant to drive away terrorists who were enjoying the stay in the country as they plan for next attacks. Even though the government’s, move drew criticism from all channels of humanity, but it came as a success since bombings in Nairobi ended.

In conclusion, Kenya welcomed people without screening them in and out to know what they were up to. However, after learning from past mistakes, she made up her mind to clean up the mess.