Forgoten Social Values

Nothing is wrong with women being empowered to take up a bigger place in the society. In fact we advocate for equality in every aspect and when we see women being subjected to a second class or only coming at a second place after the man, we ask question as to why there is still such kind of gender setting in this time and era.

But as we appreciate the society and transformations it has undergone to bring out the power of women, we have to admit that somewhere along the line… we messed up!

Money defining a man,

‘I can’t stay with a jobless man. Real men just don’t wait for their wives to provide for them.. they should do something to make their own money. My money is mine alone, but his should cater for his family. I just can’t allow him to feed on my sweat.” A female caller said these on the national radio.

Well, she was not alone. Other women who contributed to that morning radio show had similar views. And some calling to say they never ever entertain a jobless man. And someone even put it is straight that is her husband loses his job, she will move on with her life and forget about him. These clearly show that money defines a man.

Powerful woman who despises the society,

Well, as she was being empowered we forgot to mention the need to uphold her values in the society.

‘What are you doing with that dog, anyway?’ A message from a certain Nollywood movie when a woman told her best friends that her husband is a jealous type who do not like seeing her talking to strangers.

According to these women, a woman should be free to do whatever she wants and whenever she desires. Here is the advice they gave her,

“Ditch the dog and enjoy life girl… life is so short to be stressed up by a man.”

So strange, huh!

Well, to these women, marriage is a gage that should be avoided in all means. Being free defines what they need in life. According to them, marriage is for losers who have no time with themselves.

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