Please, Switch Off Your Phone.Thank you!

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand hel...

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand held mobile phone violating New York State law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even as mobile phones have come to make our communication very easy, we have really allowed them to transform us. One thing is for sure that most people sleep with their phones under their pillows. You will even hear people saying that they cannot imagine a life without a phone.

In our day to day activities, we have come across warning messages especially in churches as a reminder of keeping our mobile phones off as respect for being in a sacred place. But most people tend to maybe ignore this or not taking it with the seriousness it deserves.

So you will find a high pitched ringing of a phone in the middle of a sermon and you can be sure what kind of a disruption follows. But this person is to blame for having the phone on in church. I remember an instance when a woman who had her mobile phone ring in church actually received the call and told the caller to wait for her call after the prayers are over.

But the there are instances when it appears that having a mobile phone may after all not be very necessary  or is a waste of time. Take for the case of a lady who is in a salon for the monthly treatment of her hair. In such situations, you will find that she takes regular breaks to respond maybe to the house help back at home and so something that could have taken a few minutes may in the end take hours.

Its true mobile phones may be very important to anyone maybe businesswise but it’s always good to do what you feel is right. This means you can put the phone aside may be even when in a meeting since it is not always about your phone but other things also matter. Remember your friend can invite you for dinner to have a good to have a good time together but your too much concentration on the phone can ruin everything.

How I Entertained a Smartphone Thief

The Nokia N8 Phone

The Nokia N8 Phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a broad smile on his face, I never thought that he was a fake second hand goods dealer. As it known among business people in Kenya, ‘having receipts for an item does not necessarily mean you actually own it.’ This is how it went down…

It was a busy day, full of happiness because my business was doing very well at that particular time. I had so many clients and it happened that he was amongst those who wanted to do quick business with me.

He took his time and analyzed his deal in away that I was really convinced that it was a genuine deal. According to him, he wanted to sell me his smart Nokia phone because of a problem with his house rent. He told me that his landlord was in his throat over unpaid rent and that he was only selling his favorite and only phone because of that problem.

Yep! I fell for his lies and accepted buying the phone with a motive of reselling it to anyone in need of a good phone.

But to be on a safer side, I give him a half of the amount of money that he wanted. He handed me the phone plus all the particulars, confirming the transfer of ownership. He insisted that come the following day, he would come for the remainder.

Of course, I agreed and went ahead testing the phone just to know if the deal was real of a fake one. The phone did not disappoint me at all. It was good, only a few months old and perfect for easy money.

Three months later, the guy came for his money. And guess who was with him! A police officer who had arrested him for being in possession of stolen goods— obviously, I was in trouble with the law for handling a stolen phone.

Oops! I denied having any connection with the suspected thief and never even mentioned that I was in debt with the liar.

From that day, I swore never to buy second hand items from my customers.

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