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Sexually transmitted disease – Waflay Post
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Her Advice: Give a Man Freedom to Marry The Second Wife…

It was in a radio show when this woman called and said that when she found out about her husband’s infidelity, she talked to him and asked him to bring the other lady that he was seeing.

It was then that she told him that he was free into marrying a second wife so long as he could take care of her and the children in all that they needed. She further added that she was ready to share her man with another woman rather than having to worry about the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that he might bring home from unknown places.

She also said that for her case she was married in a church wedding and there is no way she would think of going back to her parents for something that she can easily put up with by looking for a solution within.. She further said a cheating man will always remain a cheat and nothing can change that.

But then this other woman posed this question; why do you think our grandfathers had more than one wife? She quickly pointed that the answer was right there and that’s why there are rising cases of infidelity in monogamous families.

This other lady said staying with a cheating man is a crazy thing for anyone to do and quickly pointed out that she would leave her man due to his infidelity.

She continued to say that her husband vowed to be on her side always and not the other woman and so she wouldn’t excuse her husband for such a behavior and approve to use the decoration from their wedding , including the chair covers for wedding, centerpieces and more.

May be the solution to infidelity is going for more than one wife but then it still depends on the individual. I think it is good for any man to put family values at heart since what matters is a healthy family setting.

Kenyan MP Wants To Solicit Money From Sex Workers

The recent decision by a member of the national assembly to table a Act that could have seen prostitution legalized in Kenya was just a tip of the iceburg into the world of immorality. The male member of the parliament put up a high spirited fight to have his Prostitution Act sail through but it landed in the hands of female parliamentarians who made it clear that male chauvinists’ have no right over sex trade in Kenya like others can as the ladyboy escorts in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to the member, he said that he has assisted many girls who run the sex industry and that by legalizing this business, the government will benefit a lot from taxes and that women and men in this business will have well established facilities to run their business.

One female Member of Parliament said that the decision by her colleague to present such Act is questionable because it means something to him more than to the whole country. She said that if prostitution is legalized in Kenya, many male rapists will go unpunished since that is might be the loophole in the future.

Another female member backed up this and added that many female prostitutes have died while working in this so called business, and that if Kenya goes ahead and legalize it then we should expect more and more deaths as a result of sexually transmitted diseases, murder, and from other causes.

It was then that the speaker of the house threw it away saying that the Act has good ground as to why prostitution should be made legal business in Kenya to hire the finest escorts like the ones you will find if you click here now.

Off the record, prostitution is rampant is Kenyan major towns and the government has no control of this illegal business. According to this finding, there are about 133,675 prostitutes in Kenya with Nairobi leading, followed by other towns across the country. The Nairobi CBD is always a beehive of activities in night hours.

She Chopped off His Vitals, Termed It As ‘Natural Contraceptive’

Violence against men is not something read or heard very often but when it does pop out into media it carries news headlines like any other breaking news. Of late, we have been hearing such reports that men are becoming endangered species after the rise of the breed of women who likes seeing men’s tears.

At first the majority of men thought that starting an organization to cater for the bartered men was a wrong idea but nowadays, the organization has gained popularity since the reports about men being assaulted by their dear wives, girlfriend and even their own sisters has been on the rise.

Recently, a woman was arrested for allegedly chopping off her husband’s ‘vitals’ in what neighbors said was an unlikely incident since they have never seen the two quarreling. The incident that happened somewhere in Mt. Kenya region has hit airwaves in Kenya but as usual, Nyeri women are known for such dangerous assaults against men.

During her court case hearing in a Nairobi, she pleaded guilty of that offense but she added that it was necessary natural contraceptive and a way of avoiding children born out of wedlock.

According to the accused, her husband is someone who can’t keep his ‘vitals’ intact for one person only. In her statement, she said that she warned him several times against his behaviors but he could not change. So she was forced to take that action to prevent future sexually transmitted diseases into her house.

When she was asked to explain why she did not just leave her cheating husband, she said that he was her first lover and that she could not think of letting him go for her love starts and stops with him. And that she has tried all ways possible to change him but it seems adultery to him is in-born and a trait he can not do away with.

Obviously, upon recovery the man will leave her to face his damned sexual future. The presiding officer was left with no option but to sentence for one year in prison.

The chairman of the organization that rescues abused men said that men suffer in silence because the society expects them to, but if they choose to speak up the world will change for sure.


Mothers’ Fear, Teenage Pregnancy and Contraceptives

City mothers are awesome! You do not have to ask me how I knew this but as long as you listen to pop up news and stories you won’t miss a tiny piece of what goes in on ground.

Like in what I have just ready in online news channels, these mothers are actually doing unthinkable to their daughters to make sure their little minds do not wonder off into young mothers before time. To them, they worry a lot about going into grand-motherhood than HIV which should be the biggest threat than teenage pregnancy.

To this mum, she claims that she started injecting her twelve year old daughter with contraceptive-drugs to minimize the chances of teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school. According to the victim, she never understood why her mother was injecting her in every three months time until she came to learn about in later on her own.

These mothers normally learn from each other in women’s groups. As it is now, it seems the biggest worry to them is not about sexually transmitted diseases but the fear of ‘next’ in their generation keeps them busy thinking and implementing measures sure to wrap up the unknown.

Maybe the generation dictates what should be done because teenage pregnancy is on the rise especially in urban areas, but is there something else that should be done other than the use of contraceptives? My guess is there are choices that have to be made when the child is still so young to avoid such desperate measures in future.

The fear of teenage pregnancy is real but how you handle it determines how a parent you are. It starts with your responsibilities as a parent when the girl is still so young. Train her to be a girl you are proud of and take care of her the way a parents should. At her choosy age, she will remember everything you taught her and the fear of ‘next-gen’ will not haunt you.

New HIV Infections, Teachers Worst Hit

A recent survey by Aids Control Council (ACC) has revealed that there were 13000 new HIV and  AIDS infections among teachers during last year alone a trend that is worrying. At the same time Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) revealed there were about 3000 deaths in the last one year.

The following are the alleged reasons why AIDS has become the death trap for the affected teachers:

  1. Wife inheritance-This is a practice that has been prevalent in some communities whereby if a man dies, his brother has the privilege of taking the widow as a wife of his own. So in such a scenario, the inheritor does not take into consideration the threat that may arise if it was a death due to hiv and AIDS infection. So possibilities of spreading the virus are very positive in such cases.
  2. Stigmatization and discrimination in the work place-This makes teachers who are already infected with the virus to avoid approaching any support group for any assistance. This is due to the fact that their fellow workmates treat them with a lot of suspicions and so those infected opt to keep silent when it comes to their status.
  3. Sex immorality-This is a factor that has seen teachers be the worst hit by the spread of the virus thus more deaths due to indulging in sexual activity. I remember sometimes back, teachers had gone for an annual workshop, a training session for those in senior positions in the education sector. What happened was when they had their free time, most of them were seen in entertainment joints and with women companions something that landed in the national media.
  4. Poverty-Most of the teachers are underpaid something that would push them to sexual activities so that they get something more in terms of monetary terms.

This is so challenging but the best that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), being the teachers employing body is address the matter by encouraging such teachers to join support groups since this will make them to accept their status and thus move on positively.