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Sexual assault – Waflay Post
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Do they even care?

Drunk Father

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. So on this day, this woman pored paraffin on her sleeping husband, set him ablaze and then left after locking the bedroom door. Neighbors who heard children screaming for help that their father was burning managed to gain entry into the house. The couple’s two children were in the sitting room unharmed but their father was already dead. This woman died two days in hospital with reports that she had taken a lethal poison. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

It is such an emotional torture to these kids who watched their father die and even more that they no longer have parents. Looking at this incident, one wonders what this woman thought to achieve by killing her husband and then taking her own life. I looked at the girl who is nine years of age with all the innocence may be even too young to comprehend anything.

Even if the woman is dead, I know most people who heard of this incident really branded her as the most evil woman with a very stony heart. May be her relationship with her husband was headed for the worst and she felt that saving the situation was impossible and she could not stomach failure was written all over for the two of them as a couple. Her actions are summarized of not even being a caring mother to her two children because did she even stop to think of them.

But then how many families does this sort of incident represent? There are others out there who do crazy things that make one wonder whether they really care about the welfare of the families. Let couples sort their differences in a sane manner

Men Arrested For Defiling Minors

English: Marchers with Slutwalk Knoxville disp...

No means no,” and “My corset is not consent.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sometimes think that a rapist and a terrorist are one and the same thing because they do not value the life of their victim.

In our present society, you will all agree with me that we are moving from the secure father figure that a girl had been enjoying in particularly in the presence of her father. So rotten has the society become that we have been having situations that a father is raping his own blood daughter, something which is not acceptable at all.

Just today, it was the there in the news of a teacher who had reportedly raped a form two orphaned student. He had since been arrested and a case file opened so as the necessary action to be taken against the culprit.

The police who was handling the case said it was their duty to protect the vulnerable children of the society so as to ensure that they are not harmed by the wicked, and in particularly noted that the girl in question had no parents.

What’s more a teacher is supposed to be morally responsible to his student but not being in a position to sexually exploit his student.

This comes after a separate incident where a man was charged with attempted rape of a schoolgirl claiming that he had a religious revelation that he was his future wife.

So looking at these two incidents, rapists’ wicked mind is too narrow to even realize that they are destroying the lives of minors. But then such a barbaric action makes one wonder whether they even take time to examine their conscious self.

So rapist with their heinous acts ought to get what they deserve in accordance with the law for interfering with the life of an innocent minor. A rape means not only brings physical damage but also mental torture of the child.

Crime: Father Murders His Children in Domestic Misunderstandings

These were sad news about a father murdering his two daughters. There were reports that the man had quarreled with his wife for unknown reasons about 2 weeks ago and this made her to leave the matrimonial home and went back to the parents home.

The wife took with her the couple’s three children, two girls aged 8 and 9 and a boy. But then it was alleged that the man went and took his two daughters from their mother, raped and then killed them.

This is such a beastly act to do such innocent lives yet they may not even have understood why their parents are fighting. It’s sad that instead of a father being the security that the children ought to have, he had just turned to be their threat.

A lot may have transpired but if this man had the guts to go for his children with real evil intentions, what would it have cost him to try and talk out their marital problems with his wife? There are many questions arising from this scenario and its true there are lots of men there with loose morals.

One wonders what was in his mind, children have their life totally different with them as a couple. May be he thought this beastly act was a way of getting back to his wife, but living with it, their soul would forever been baying for his blood.

But raping and taking the lives of daughters, surely did he ever love them in any way because I think with love for them, this alone have guided a loving father to be there for them and not harm them in any way.

But then let families solve their marital problems in a sane manner. Let families adopt a healthy way of doing things.

Did The Society Praise The Rapist Instead Of Seeking Justice For The Victim?

Are you among the people who celebrate when she cries? It was heart breaking to see majority of people making fun of an audio clip that went viral in a case where a girl was heard pleading for the man (Mollis) to stop assaulting her–sexually–because she was tired. But nope! Not only Morris (Mollis) (in the audio clip) who did not listen to her cries, but also the public assaulted her even more by making the oppressor the hero and as someone who should be emulated in the society.

When she says ‘NO’, is the society ready to listen?  The audio clip confirmed that the society is not a nice place for women’s tears, and that not only one gender is that deaf. Even the affected gender, women, have no remorse when they hear that one of their own is in trouble. In fact, it seems like they would rather back up evil than to stand for their own.

Okay, I noticed that only a few individuals read between the lines and deciphered the message. It was rape! The girl in the audio clip said it loudly for those with good ears to hear, but because we tend to ignore everything from ‘weaker sex’ gender, most of us did not hear it and instead concentrated on the content. The animal mercilessly molesting its prey! Oops! Even when she surrendered that it was enough.

The ordeal the girl underwent should not happen to any person out there. That was just an audio clip, and we don’t know what really happened before that recording. And why an audio clip when technology provides allows people to record a real video. What was he (Mollis) hiding from the reality? And how many people were involved?

Actually, most of us fell for the bait and saw the hero in a rapist, just like he wanted. But the reality remains, the girl was suffering and she needed someone to listen to her. Sad that the society is not the right place women’s tears….

Did Her Dressing Contribute To Boys’ Failure in National Examinations?

Student teacher in China teaching children Eng...

Student teacher in China teaching children English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I first saw a Face book post which had a teacher with a tight up skirt writing on the blackboard in front of the students. Then it was accompanied by some writings which read that it was the reason why our adolescent boys are failing the examinations and still insist on repeating in the same schools.

This post attracted comments with some supporting what it depicted and others criticizing such students. Some felt that failure is in the mind and not in the skirt and so the teacher’s way of dressing should not be dragged why any given student failed.

But in an early morning radio show, the same issue came up after a last year’s form four candidate called and said that he failed his English paper since he could not concentrate in class.

The reason he gave was that his English teacher being a woman always in a tight up skirt and this alone distracted him in class. He further said that his father could not understand how he passed in all the other papers but failed in English. He blamed his failure on his teacher though he could not tell his father that she was the reason why he failed the paper.

It was obvious that the majority of the students felt that the teacher’s dressing influenced their studies in one way or the other. One caller stressed that the teacher had a right to be smart and so it was up to the students to concentrate for their own good.

But I think the most important thing is for students to be positive in everything. As a student it’s only good that you don’t allow anything to distract you because failure to concentrate in class even for a single minute means loosing something big in terms of studies.