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sexual abuse – Waflay Post
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ICC Ruling Leaves 2007 PEV Victims Hopeless

Just a few days ago, the rule 68 was earmarked as a landmark ruling at which we waited to hear what it would be like. Post Election Violence (PEV) is the very reason why we have pending cases in The Hague. Maybe some people had no idea what this law was all about and looking at what was brewing in the social media, tribal-political heat carried the day. Okay the ruling was done supposedly favoring the accused but what of the victims; what were they left to lean on?

I think as a country the majority of Kenyans are insensitive of the plight of the victims who suffered under the hands of the heinous attackers with nobody to fight for them not even our leaders. Imagine those who were raped, those whose homes were reduced to ashes or those who had their loved ones murdered or burnt alive in the church massacre  just to mention a few, the word ‘election’ surely sends a chilling breeze down their veins.

Even after the ruling was done, the prosecutor frankly said that her case against the accused was weak and so this leaves us with almost right guesses that these cases may eventually be terminated just like that. And if this happens, then one wonders what other justice we are looking forward to prevail for the sake of the victims. For the loss of property, this can be remedied by compensation in monetary terms but of rape and loss of lives of loved ones, there is no way to make anyone to feel better bearing in mind the mental stress that comes with such deadly scenarios.

But even after we follow the upcoming events as far as the cases in The Hague are concerned, the fact is there are many Kenyans out there who perpetrated those dreadful acts only that it’s hard to know them. The victims may continue to suffer mentally but you who took part and hurt anybody, just be sure that payback time will still up catch with you and you will not like it. You can be the hypocrite who is shouting that the two accused should be behind bars but God is watching and knows what you did during PEV.

Young Girls Falling Into Traps Unknowingly

This young teenage girl had the opportunity to pour her heart out to her ex-boyfriend who she claimed accused her wrongly for something she had not done.

According to this girl they had just been lovers for a month and during this period, she conceived. He at first accepted responsibility but when her parents threatened legal action against him for having intimate relationship with a minor, he denied everything and even went underground into hiding.

But when the pregnancy was three months, the young girl suffered a miscarriage. Then her ex-boyfriend resurfaced and accused her of procuring an abortion. Efforts to have him belief that she underwent miscarriage have been futile because he thinks that she went about looking for a way to get rid of the pregnancy.

She said that she was not willing to get back to him but she wanted him to hear her out her true self concerning the baby that she lost.

But the case of this young girl represents many others out there and the dilemma that they are faced with in matters of love. The truth is one month is a very short time for anyone to fully feel that you can confide to another to the extent of getting intimate. What’s more she is an underage t get married lave alone having the feeling of what love is all about.

Let young girls know that it pays nothing to anyone who waits up to that optimum age when one is old enough to know what love really is. Let them also know that there is time for everything and so anyone in school should take learning seriously for it’s the foundations of one’s future in the after days.

This young girl represents many others out there who are trapped into love deals gone sour yet this is not the time to allow men to play with their emotions.

Did The Society Praise The Rapist Instead Of Seeking Justice For The Victim?

Are you among the people who celebrate when she cries? It was heart breaking to see majority of people making fun of an audio clip that went viral in a case where a girl was heard pleading for the man (Mollis) to stop assaulting her–sexually–because she was tired. But nope! Not only Morris (Mollis) (in the audio clip) who did not listen to her cries, but also the public assaulted her even more by making the oppressor the hero and as someone who should be emulated in the society.

When she says ‘NO’, is the society ready to listen?  The audio clip confirmed that the society is not a nice place for women’s tears, and that not only one gender is that deaf. Even the affected gender, women, have no remorse when they hear that one of their own is in trouble. In fact, it seems like they would rather back up evil than to stand for their own.

Okay, I noticed that only a few individuals read between the lines and deciphered the message. It was rape! The girl in the audio clip said it loudly for those with good ears to hear, but because we tend to ignore everything from ‘weaker sex’ gender, most of us did not hear it and instead concentrated on the content. The animal mercilessly molesting its prey! Oops! Even when she surrendered that it was enough.

The ordeal the girl underwent should not happen to any person out there. That was just an audio clip, and we don’t know what really happened before that recording. And why an audio clip when technology provides allows people to record a real video. What was he (Mollis) hiding from the reality? And how many people were involved?

Actually, most of us fell for the bait and saw the hero in a rapist, just like he wanted. But the reality remains, the girl was suffering and she needed someone to listen to her. Sad that the society is not the right place women’s tears….

In Pursuit For Justice For Sexually Abused Children

When a child is a victim of defilement at school, who should be held responsible? The recent ruling by the High Court in Nairobi, Kenya against the  Teachers Service Commission was shocking and this has raised a debate on whether the whole commission should be held responsible for security of the kids, in and out of school or the parents. The Ksh2 million fine controversial ruling came after the teacher was found guilty of sexual abuse charges and was sentenced to a term in jail.

Rampant cases of defilement have been reported all over the country where teachers were mostly mentioned as the aggressors. In one report, a 12-year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy somewhere in Bungoma county and the father to the newborn was a teacher. In other regions, the same incidents have been repeated and this is as a result of the society being so lenient to the abusers. So to curb this continuing trend of child abuse, the court’s ruling was a clear indication that the commission should discipline its employees to avoid more heavy penalties in future.

Children suffer so much while in the hands  of the trusted individuals. It seems like the society is slowly turning against the leaders of tomorrow and killing them at the bug. As it is said, ‘when you hurt a girl child, you are actually destroying the two society.” Even though we have other cases where small boys are involved, female gender is the most affected in sexual abuse cases.

As we understand, this is just fraction of all terrible things happening in light of the society. We do have church leaders who instead of leading a life of holiness, they only hide in the name of God as a shield for such crimes. Some children ends up being victims of rapists in terms of ‘performing special prayers.’ The victims usually never report such crimes because their naivety can’t give them a hint that someone took advantage of their innocence.

I hate evil!

Local Pastor To Face Defilement Charges

religion and personal ways of life

special prayers related to sexual harassment

A wiseman said, “Their tongues can’t lie, we only need to give them an ear for their problems.”  The person being referred to in that statement is a small child.

We understand that children are always innocent in what they do and are ready they share their views and woes with anyone, including enemies. Unfortunately, most people do not listen to their children because they think these little fellows do not have anything to say in front of adults. This is where many people, including some parents are wrong!

In one local church, the man purported to be the man of God has been taking advantage of small children who do small duties in his church.

According to the 12 year old girl, the beastly man told her to stay for a while when other children are gone because he wanted to have a special prayers for her. An innocent naïve girl ended up being raped by her pastor in those circumstances.

The same thing happened to several others kids, both boys and girls, who thought ‘sexual defilement’ was a special prayer.

The man who has now gone missing is being sought by the police officers after complains from parents whose children were sexually harassed.

The police spokes person said that one of his victims, the 14 year old girl, is now seven months pregnant and that she has dropped out for school when she was supposed to sit for her primary education certificate exams this year.

The police cautioned members of the public to be vigilant in dealing with rogue pastors who are out to destroy the society in the name of God. He promised that nothing will be left unturned until the pastor is arrested to face sexual violence and defilement charges.

Nowadays not every person that comes in the name of God is holy. We have had several cases when a pastor turns into the wolf to feed on his flock. People should be careful!