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Secondary school – Waflay Post
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Children Reporting In high Schools

Early last week the class eight students started reporting to schools that they had been offered admission especially those going to national schools. But there are reports that about 150,000 children did not secure a place in the secondary schools. So the question is now what next for these children yet they are leftovers of this 8-4-4 system? This system of learning has made our minds to create a pass and a fail.

This system of learning has somehow been unfair to those children who do not get the pass mark required and we cannot run away from the fact that the society tends to view them as failures. What’s more there are some children who fail may be because they panicked for some reasons like due to mourning the lose of one of their own or because they were not feeling well. So to some extent these children may have been performing well previously but due to the prevailing circumstances they end up not performing well.

But the government should come in and fill the vacuum left between those furthering their education and those who are not lucky to proceed to secondary schools and are left to join the village polytechnics. Let these polytechnics be well equipped with the necessary equipment and with the trainers to make these children succeed in their level of studying.

So what I mean, the society should not condemn children not going to Form one but instead, they should be shown that they have a bright future ahead. It’s the high time that the society stops creating a difference between those going to secondary school and those joining polytechnics because after all they are all furthering education. They are all our children and they need our support if they are to make it in life and so we ought to stand with them.

Time That The Youths Turn to Farming

This farming group in Kilimambogo, Kenya farms...

This farming group in Kilimambogo, Kenya farms a small plot of kale (pictured here) as well as maize and other vegetables. They work hard to increase their meager incomes, but both the farm and their homes are on squatted government land, meaning they could have to move and abandon their farm with little notice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some time now there has been an influx of people moving from the rural areas to urban areas as they scramble for the few white collar jobs that are available. But then there has been complains of the current 8-4-4 system of learning that is not the original one that was introduced in 1985.It has not been easy as employers claim that fresh graduates do not really have the hands on experience that is required for them to be absorbed in the job market.

I think it’s the high time that youths cease being selective on the type of a job that they do. I remember when I was in primary and high school; we had the opportunity of doing some digging in the evenings. By then there was this mentality that being educated means being a nurse or a teacher just to mention a few and what other skills that were taught, no teacher ever told that whether they will ever be applicable in our after education life. But for those who couldn’t make it to proceed to secondary school, they have been able to apply the technical knowledge that they gained in school in subjects like Art and Craft that encompassed woodwork.

In Kenya, looking at the job market it’s not enough to absorb everyone hence the high rate of unemployment given that more and more young people are graduating day in day out. But there is a new venture in town which involves undertaking farming and there has seen a number of success stories of young people who are doing just fine in the farms.

So it doesn’t matter what your qualifications are in the academic field since white collar jobs are hard to come by, its only good to try your luck on anything including farming.


Teachers getting a new pay deal

KENYA… The stalemate of teachers not getting their proposed pay hike dates back to 1997 when they took part in a nationwide strike that saw them paralyze learning in all public schools and even interrupted secondary schools mock examinations. That was during President Moi’s regime and still teachers went back to class without exactly getting what they had hoped for. So the truth of the matter is no preceding regimes have been serious in honoring the wishes of our respected teachers.

But just a few days ago, I heard in the news a politician allied to the opposition promising to pay the teachers their pay ninety days after the coalition comes into power. He went ahead that the teachers should vote in the opposition during the next general election come 2017. We all know that when the deal is too good, think twice but I think at times our yearning for greener pastures makes us to have reservations for some good deals at hand. Imagining teachers have been getting a raw deal for such a long time and all of a sudden there are some hopes at the end of the tunnel so may be someone will after all put this into consideration.

I have heard a number of people claiming that teachers form a core in the education sector since everyone including the president has passed through a teacher to be where they are. So we all know teachers are entitled to better pay for a job well done.

I remember during the last year’s teachers strike, the opposition declared to continue showing solidarity for the teachers. So after the politician’s sentiments, the opposition better be serious about the teachers pay and let’s hope they are not only eyeing a win in the 2017 elections. But whatever the case, no one wants to see a recycle of very sweet deals for only being elected to the high office.

Plans to change the 8-4-4 learning system

As the Education Cabinet Secretary was releasing this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) he mentioned that there were plans in place whereby the President is expected to launch the curriculum reform process early next year. People have been complaining for quite some time that the current 8-4-4 system is not helping the children at all.

This system was introduced in the year 1985 by the former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. Before then only about 25-30% of students made it to secondary school and that’ why this system was introduced to cater for the 75% of the students who could not make it to join secondary schools. But then this system’s vision that was there initially got lost somewhere along the way and so what we have is not the original 8-4-4 system that was introduced by the former president.

What led to the failure is the lack of funding to foresee the smooth learning of the subjects involved like provision of workshops for may be wood work and metal work.

Then there was freezing of employing of teachers to teach the various technical subjects and no more teachers were being trained to tackle these subjects and started learning how to use a scrap metal pick up tool .

So we need a curriculum that includes all children by allowing them to express their talents. This means students will be admitted to schools depending on the talents that they may have been recognized to have. For example if you are good in sports then its only okay going to a school that favors you.

Now in the current curriculum have only five subjects and no practical at all. The Home science subject that equipped students with the sewing and cooking skills has long since been scrapped from the syllabus. At the same time, the present system favors very few students since it gives no room for creativity.

Let’s hope that the government keeps the ball rolling and give our children the system of learning that they deserve for them to have a better future, some will be even able to start their own business with the welding training.

The pain of losing attachment with ones child

This woman was out to pour the bitterness of her heart something that has been a pain for the last nine years. According to her, she was taking care of her first-born daughter as it is the norm and pride of every mother. She took her through primary school education and proceeded taking her to a secondary school.

But after the completion of the second term in secondary school things took a new turn after the daughter’s aunt (the sister to her husband) came into the picture. This is due to the fact that the aunt without asking the parents took custody of the child and started taking care of the child’s needs even paying for her school fees.

Things went on well for the family even though their daughter moved on to live with her aunt. She then completed her secondary school education and proceeded on to the college level. Then after completion of the college, she got herself an attachment for the sake of the on job experience. All this while her daughter was okay with the arrangement and her family didn’t take notice any problem for the long that she was residing with the aunt.

Then her daughter approached her parents and told them that she was in the dating zone and as it was a healthy relationship, she was thinking of taking it to the next level and get married to her lover. But as it is the culture as per the community that the family belonged to ,her husband had to pay dowry to their daughter’s mother before they can allow the daughter to proceed on with the plans .This was not taken well by the girl’s aunt and an elder uncle who said that even though they are the girl’s parents, they have no business in her life since they have not been involved in her educating. Now what seemed to be a goodwill gesture on the side if the aunt now turned to be something with other motives.

Now this woman said that they are already pushing on with the wedding scheduled to take place on this coming Saturday yet she feels that she has been sidelined as the biological mother. What’s more hurting her husband’s family has been making comments that her daughter has other parents no wonder she was not invited for dowry negotiations and so she does not know anything about the family where her daughter is getting married.

So she said that she has no problem with the wedding pushing through but hoped that things ought to be done with some light on the issue. What’s more nobody ever approached them as her rightful parents and so they have been treated of people with no say for being poor. Let her husband’s family own up their mistake, and make sure that there are consultations because she is supposed to be happy for her daughter but not sad.