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They Steal When So Young, Corrupt When Old…

Illustration for Cheating Français : Illustrat...

Illustration for Cheating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know why Kenya is so corrupt, coming only after the two other notorious countries in the world? It is because we teach our people to steal when so young.

Imagine a child studying so hard to pass an examination in the primary level of Kenyan education. Then somewhere else, one child is only learning how to do exams, using all means to handle the questions and if he or she cannot tackle them successfully, the Mwakenya thing comes in very handy.

The first child who studied so well, will pass yes! But those who pass with flying colors are the cheaters.

The two are admitted in the same high school. Those who use their heads to study for exams start works closely with those who believe in cheating to win. Eventually, those stay for long hour with books will quit trying so hard, but instead, tryout cheating.

As years pass by, the practice of cheating is perfected and this makes it almost impossible for those concerned to notice. By the time the final exams comes to the table, students are ready to employ the same tactics. Those who win come out happy as those who are got then it is just bad luck.

Oh yes! They are campus material….

Now, here is the place where freedom of choice really matters for those who wants to excel. The bad eggs would collude with bad fowls that will eventually hutch a dirty fellow who is ready to do anything possible for money.

Years down the line, the cheater is employed in a government office where money is not a problem but how to use it needs a tricky approach. So easy! The person will apply his or her perfected means of having something through shortcut. Remember, this person has been stealing the whole way to his current position, what else do you expect him or her to change?

To tame corruption in Kenya, children should be taught on how to get something through hard work. And parents who encourage their children to cheat should stop doing this or else, do not blame it on anyone when public looters fight to see who emerge with the biggest loot.

Should Corporal Punishment Be Reintroduced in Schools?

StateLibQld 1 113036 Cartoon of students recei...

StateLibQld 1 113036 Cartoon of students receiving the cane, 1888 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been quite some time now since the government banned corporal punishments on students at school by their teachers. It has even been hard for any form of punishment to be given to the students who with the help of their parents opt to blatantly refuse to do the form of punishment given. So with no caning it is now expected for students to be disciplined by word of mouth, how this is supposed to work only time would tell.

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According to sources the government was forced to arrive to this decision due to the fact that there were increased cases of teachers caning their students to the extent of causing physical harm. And yes! Some teachers were convicted for such actions.

But since this ban was enforced nationwide,  there have been increased cases of students’ involvement in criminal activities. Like for this term (second term) there have been incidents of students setting their dormitories ablaze and some schools organizing strikes and at the same time destroying school property.

Some incidents have at times resulted to the death of some students. The same students have gone ahead to give lame excuses for their ill vices like they had to disrupt everything to make sure that they would not do the mock exams which are generally feared by most as hard thus discouraging.

Now the question has comes up whether punishment should be reintroduced once more to try and bring sanity among the students at school. I have heard most parents complaining the issue of no punishment in schools has made the children to behave like hard core criminals. They are quick to point out that punishment makes the children to avoid being in the wrong as they are well aware of the consequences.

May be this is a question that the government ought to do some revision and consider what exactly should be done to stop hooliganism in schools.

When Schools Close, Our Role As Parents to Our Children

When our children are in school, as parents we delegate the children responsibility to the teachers. But when the schools are closed during the holiday, it becomes our full time job to be with our children.

So as a parent do this:

  1. See and supervise to make sure that your child does all the holiday assignments that were given at school. You should also demand to see the end-of-term report book to know the performance of your child.
  2. You should seek to know what your child has done for the day; whether he/she spent the day watching T.V or walking in the estate with friends. If your kid claims to have done some studying, look at the books that, he/she read and remember some children tend to take advantage of their parents who may not comprehend the several subjects that they cover at school.
  3. Then treat all kids equally and do not make comparison depending on a child’s ability since this greatly affects a child’s self-esteem. By this I mean it’s wrong to openly appreciate a child that you see as being bright and scolding the one who you see as poor academically.
  4. There is the issue of identity crisis especially to teenagers. This means that there are some questions that your child can feel comfortable when they are being answered by his/her age-mates. These are such questions as who am I or anything concerning a certain girl’s beauty or even a young man’s strength. You may also ask yourself why your child’s friends don’t come visiting, prefer talking over the fence or even communicating through SMS.
  5. Enlighten your child concerning internet safety. This is due to photos being in circulation on the social media. So it’s good to warn your child well in advance about friends that he/she may find on social media thus sharing telephone numbers and a lot more of his/her personal info which may be used to destroy one’s life later if the friendship ever turns sour.
  6. Be a teacher and a coach to your child. This means life coaching which involves telling your child about life issues so that if he/she is told the same by their school counselors, he/she will be able to trust you more on something that may be pressing him/her and is thus able to share with you more freely.
  7. Talk to your child about his /her growth and this involves touching more on adolescence stage of growth.

Young People in a Relationship and What They Need to Know.

As young people are still in an age-growing-bracket, we find that they may have an urge to sexual activity due to peer pressure, teenage complications and other forces that might make one be involved.

So engaging in sex can make a young person have the following backlash:

-One may feel like she has really gotten pregnant.

-Getting depressed and this means being in low moods.

-One may feel life is worthless since you are used.

-Some girls want to engage because they have small boobs compared to the average boob sizes.

But then for one to be involved in a situation that can lead to engaging in sex, one should ask himself/herself the following questions:

-What is your priority right now? May be you are in school, the priority would be to pursue your education.

-Why do you want to meet your partner in his room? It is obvious that when the two of you are together alone, temptations are high to engage in sex.

-Why has your parents refused to permit you to visit your pals? It is good to know that your parents have a good reason of not allowing you to go out.

-If you get any sickness due to your sexual activity, can you be able to pay for your hospital bills?

-In case, you get pregnant: will you be able buy diapers for your child?

-Can you breastfeed for six months?

-Are you sure you can leave your child to your mother as you go back to school? And if you get back to school, will you be thinking about your child and thus be able to put into consideration of the child’s future.

-In case of any future relationships, will you be able to tell your partner that you already have a baby?

-Are you with the right person? This is because you may find situations where the young people are dating their cousins, which is wrong.

Do you have your principles and personal values? This means that your partner should not be the one to determine what your stand should be.

Have your say!

Teacher’s Responsibilities to Students

School is part of our children’s life and a way to see them through growth and development for the purpose of education to gain knowledge. Therefore, every parent vests their trust to the teacher who is always with their children when they are learning. It is obvious that when the lids are not at home, they are at school with the teachers.

Children as young as three years are taken to school to start with the baby class. All credit goes to our teachers who make our small children learn to read and write a task, which is, challenges but with the teacher’s know how, the child is set to gain the knowledge.

So as a parent, it’s good to make sure that your child attends school and the learning is left to the teacher. First, a teacher is responsible for planning the subjects that children are supposed to cover in a term as set out by the Ministry of Education.

The teacher also makes a plan for teaching classes giving more priority to subjects, which require a bit of attention.

Then after each learning day, the teacher has to make sure to give students assignments that are meant to make them to understand the topic better. Then follow up to establish if it has been well understood.

Such assignments make the teacher to be able to get the weak points that students may be having and encouraging them to work hard in order to be successful.

The teacher can also set monthly revision questions in order to establish if the students have mastered the subject well.

The teachers also have the task of offering counseling sessions to the students’ in order for them to know what it is to behave as it’s expected of them and also respecting everybody else.