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Safety – Waflay Post
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Don’t Be Carried Away by The December Season and New-Year Festivities, Ensure You Are Safe

This is a period where there is partying and merrymaking at its fullest climax. It is during this period when majority of people prefer to join their families in the rural areas since it comes once in am year. However, it is an obvious thing that criminals tend to take advantage of the situation to carry out their theft acts. Security has always been a challenge during the festive season so those in the security system in my country had a word of advice to people to ensure that they stay safe during this period. People were told to keep the spirit of the ‘Nyumba-Kumi’ initiative to know whether your neighbor is in or has travelled to have fun elsewhere. This is like being your brother’s keeper by knowing his whereabouts at this particular period. But then for those who will opt to go partying on town, it’s good for them not to stay out very late for it might after all be security risk.

There are others who might be in church thanking God for the far that he has taken them throughout the entire year and so it’s an individual’s choice of the kind of celebrations to engage in. I remember during last year’s New-Year celebrations, something unexpected happened whereby when people flocked the streets at midnight amid cheers of joy welcoming the year with a cheerful style, groups of thugs took control and robbed unsuspecting jubilant citizens. This led to scores of people losing their phones and other valuables. So I think this is worth noting since there might a repeat of the same with culprits waiting to pounce on their victims again.

So it’s good to be alert you never know what might happen that can jeopardize your safety. But anyway the message is the same ‘I wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy new year’.

When Schools Close, Our Role As Parents to Our Children

When our children are in school, as parents we delegate the children responsibility to the teachers. But when the schools are closed during the holiday, it becomes our full time job to be with our children.

So as a parent do this:

  1. See and supervise to make sure that your child does all the holiday assignments that were given at school. You should also demand to see the end-of-term report book to know the performance of your child.
  2. You should seek to know what your child has done for the day; whether he/she spent the day watching T.V or walking in the estate with friends. If your kid claims to have done some studying, look at the books that, he/she read and remember some children tend to take advantage of their parents who may not comprehend the several subjects that they cover at school.
  3. Then treat all kids equally and do not make comparison depending on a child’s ability since this greatly affects a child’s self-esteem. By this I mean it’s wrong to openly appreciate a child that you see as being bright and scolding the one who you see as poor academically.
  4. There is the issue of identity crisis especially to teenagers. This means that there are some questions that your child can feel comfortable when they are being answered by his/her age-mates. These are such questions as who am I or anything concerning a certain girl’s beauty or even a young man’s strength. You may also ask yourself why your child’s friends don’t come visiting, prefer talking over the fence or even communicating through SMS.
  5. Enlighten your child concerning internet safety. This is due to photos being in circulation on the social media. So it’s good to warn your child well in advance about friends that he/she may find on social media thus sharing telephone numbers and a lot more of his/her personal info which may be used to destroy one’s life later if the friendship ever turns sour.
  6. Be a teacher and a coach to your child. This means life coaching which involves telling your child about life issues so that if he/she is told the same by their school counselors, he/she will be able to trust you more on something that may be pressing him/her and is thus able to share with you more freely.
  7. Talk to your child about his /her growth and this involves touching more on adolescence stage of growth.

When Human Rights Are Violated By The Police, Who Is To Blame?

Human rights are there in our society— some maybe constitutional and some religious laws that everyone in the society must adhere to make the world a better place. However, when someone goes contrary to what they dictate, who is to blame?

Not long time ago, the police forces in several countries has been on the hot seat for taking the law in their own hands, executing suspects.

In the United States, the viral video showed some police officers who were arguing with huge male suspect before one of them used a strangle hold that killed the victim.

What angered that public the most is the fact that the grand jury ruled in favor of the police officers and let him walk scot-free. Later, country experienced demonstrations after the ruling but the damage was already done.

One wonders why the New York police office chose to use a banned arrest tactic. Nevertheless, the guy was big and maybe the officer thought it was not easy to arrest him without applying an extra force to bring him down.

Okay, that was just an example of human rights violation where an officer was set free.

In Kenya, the police force has been accused of running a Killer Squad that is linked to killings in the coastal city, Mombasa and its environs.

According to an Al-jazeera Investigative documentary, the killer squad is blamed of the killings of controversial Muslim clerics and other prominent persons in Kenya.

Several Muslim leaders have died in mysterious shootings in Mombasa but the investigative reports have never concluded or named people who carried out the killings and for what reason.

Even though those who were shot dead were linked to terror cells in Kenya, the police failed to establish a direct link that could have resulted to jail sentence.

Now, should we blame the police officers for killing suspects?

In the hostile word out there, men and women in the uniform always walk risking their lives for our own safety. To live in a peaceful society, we have to abide by the law and do our duty as expected by the law. Anything else, we will continue crying of police brutality and more human rights violations.

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Signs showing that a relationship isn’t worth the time

When one is in a relationship where one expects to eventually lead to marriage,there are obvious signs that make one know that a certain commitment will lead nowhere.These can be any of the following:

-This is where your spouse wants intimacy in the relationship but leaves everything  to you.He may tell you that if you get unwanted pregnancy,it will be your lone problem.It is good for you discuss some issues together due to the end result that may arise.For the case of pregnancy,you need to discuss on the best contraception method to use as partners.

-Your spouse may refuse to take you to go meet his family arguing that you will get married to him and not his family members.Getting to know them is important for they will be future in-laws.

-It may turn out that one dating a married man who insists that he is with the other woman because of the child and the responsibility that is required of him.This is a lie since he is already committed in marriage and can also do to you like he is doing to the other woman.

-If you unexpectedly meet his/her family member and evades the introduction part as to who you are to him/her.Your partner may even give a lame excuse and leave immediately.This show no commitment at all.

-In case of any conflict,you cannot sit together and solve your problem at hand.It’s good for partners to be able to discuss issues affecting their relationship negatively.

-Where there is physical abuse,such a relationship may not end well.This is because there are so many options of reaching an agreement and so any fights in a relationship leaves a lot to be desired.

-If your partner is not honest in his/her workplace depending on things that one has done to his/her colleagues at work.He may also do some nasty things to you and so this should raise a red flag.




Physical Abuse in Marriage

gender-based violence

gender-based violence

Marriage is the most fulfilling relationship and  the most hurting relationship.When two lover birds move in together as a couple in marriage,it is their wish to live happily ever after.Happy life is every couples dream after being in a marriage in accordance to plans.

But there an upcoming challenge that is wrecking marriages and this is the issue of physical abuse in marriage.May be the reason behind this can be a bad choice of a partner or not getting to know each other well before getting into marriage or due to hidden agenda by the partner.But then women are the most common ones to be abused physically.

Abuse in marriage can be classified into the following cycles:

1. Tension building-In this cycle tension between the partners in marriage increases and the closeness that they had been having stops.There is also the breakdown of communication where the couple cannot even sit down together to try and sort out their differences.

2. Incidence stage-In this cycle,verbal and emotional abuse are exercised here.You may find that the husband can tell the wife that she can leave and walk out of the marriage if she wants to.It is at this point that there is a lot intimidation and one can even get slapped.

-At this stage,stay calm and walk away to safety.Even when there is verbal abuse,don’t react and this means don’t give him what he wants that is taking part in the arguing.

3. Reconciliation stage-This is where the abuser calms down and even declare that he didn’t mean to hurt his partner.He apologies and even gives excuses such as that his partner forced him to react.He may even blame the victim and deny that the abuse really occurred or just say that it was not a fight after all.

4. Honey-moon stage/calm stage-This is the final stage of the cycle of abuse which may come after a few months.In this case,the abuser is in a lot of pretense and this makes the victim think that there is hope of maintaining what the had once with the partner.The problem is that the abuse can still reoccur since there is nothing that the partners have solved.

The only way an abuse can be avoided is during the tension building stage and this is through communication as this is the only way for partners can be able to solve problems.One can also ask for support as a problem shared is a problem solved.