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Rome statute – Waflay Post
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ICC Issue: Kenyans Should Worry About The Outcome

Slow death is where the country is heading! Somalia was once a business hub of Africa. Its growth rate was far beyond Kenya in many ways, but because of wrangles in leadership, the country is getting back on its feet after decades or war and lawlessness. This is what Kenya should learn and move on with peace other than to go Somalia wise.

Now as the president of Kenya is pushing for Africa to withdraw from Rome Statute that will make ICC irrelevant, he is clearly making ways for peace less Kenya. He knows it but maybe this is his major plan.

By now, Kenyan judiciary has dirt and needs to clean itself from corruption before leading Kenya to greatness.  If it happens that the next election goes to the Supreme Court again, then people will not accept the results from both ways. Sad that if it happens, then the country will be on fire— and this should be avoided by all necessary means.

ICC is what Kenyans fear the most. However, if by 2017 Kenya will no longer be a signatory to Rome Statute, then the world will be watching from a far.  Kenyans will be praying that no violence could erupt and the leaders will be pushing for something fishy to make the ends meet.

So far, only a section of Kenyans does find Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to be a credible institution. And this could change is the opposition carries the day.

Even IEBC confirmed that it needs to redeem itself from mistakes made in 2013 and give out clean sheet of election results. This is the third sad situation that we have.

Now, look at Kenya this was in 2017…

No ICC—- which sets the ball rolling for post election violence because people have no fear of being dragged to this Hague Court of law.

Dirt Judiciary— People are not convinced that the ruling can be free and fair in Kenyan courts. So far, some Supreme Court judges have been mentioned in multi-billion corruption scandals and this is not good for the country.

IEBC issues— in case of election malpractices, the loosing party will not accept defeat because of reluctance of taking the matters in the court of Law. Then what will happen?

I do not want to think about the possibilities of Kenya turning into Somalia like state because of one major mistake— pulling Kenya from ICC.

ICC Should BE Personal ISSUE, Not National or Continental

The International Criminal Court in The Hague ...

The International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC/CPI), Netherlands.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kenya itself is not pushing for withdrawal from ICC or Rome Statute but the president of Kenya is working day and night to see that this country is no longer a signatory to Rome Statute. The reason for this is vivid enough for every Kenyan who understands what is really happening.

As Kenyans, majority of us support ICC because we do not HAVE confidence in our judicial system. Our argument is simple, clean the mess in Judiciary then lead Africa out of Rome Statute. However, as we stand united against our leaders who already have personal issues with ICC, we have little to do to make sure the country is no led into the burning furnace as we watch. As it is for now, Kenya can only withdraw from Rome Statute if the country conduct a referendum and  vote against it.

Well, those who are pushing for withdrawal have forged another way to get out. This call for all African countries to match out of Rome Statute is just genius way in dealing with personal problems.

These leaders know very well that if a referendum is held to choose the way forward for Kenya, they have no chance because majority will vote against their will. But if Africa chooses to walk away, then Kenya will walk through the crowd and out leaving Kenyans wishing they had a say.

Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya once said the crimes against humanity case that was before him was personal issue, but now he is busy pushing this ‘persona issue’ to an ‘ Africans Issue’. The point he crossed over the borders of Kenya to spread anti-ICC agenda to other African countries, the personal issue became the continental issue. Not good for the continent that believes in violence as the only way of solving political issues.

We can’t say that animosity that was experienced in 2007/2008 post election violence in Kenya is now the thing of the past. Nothing has been done so far to make rivalry communities in this country to realize that  every Kenyan has a right to stay anywhere in the country and has a right to make political choices.

It is sad that Jubilee administration is slowly making an avenue of death and the culprits shielded from blame because soon the fear of ICC will be the thing of the past.

Now the question is, what are the plans for Kenya after withdrawal from Rome Statute? Your guess is right. Kenyans who believe in peace already know what ICC means to this country. In fact, this fear alone is all that we need for peaceful Kenya.


Kenya Likely To Another PEV If It Withdraws From ICC

English: International Criminal Court (ICC) logo

International Criminal Court (ICC) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if Kenya pulls out of Rome statute? As a Kenyan, you already know that this move is out to make Kenya vulnerable to another Post Election Violence, and the persons who will instigate this ugly fate to all Kenyans are just preparing the way to go clean again.

In 2007 the same happened but there was this fear that kept the big fish from showing its head. But without ICC, and with money being accumulated in their accounts through rampant crafty deals, Kenya has no chance of survival if history repeats itself.

I hate the fact that the same heads of the government who rose into power because they had something in common are now pushing for withdrawal from ICC.  Mmm! The writing is already on the wall and government is doing everything possible to win people back but because chances are so minimal, plan B is underway for forceful take over, even when it means another blood shed.

Kenya is politically fragile, why make it more vulnerable to post-election violence?

With recent opinion polls, 65% of people think that the government is heading in the wrong direction. And that people have lost confidence with the ruling jubilee government. This is something that Kenyans should worry about, especially now that the government is desperate for another term in office.

ICC issue affects only three people, why force the whole nation to go down on its knee because of greed for power? I guess Kenyans are watching. We can’t allow our beautiful country to be consumed by the ugly scenes of violence. Not anymore! We need to move forward as one nation, one people and one common goal.

Leaders come and go. It is sad that greed for power is making the whole nation to fall victims to a few individuals who do not value humanity.  As a Kenyan, you need to decide and stand for what you believe in. If you suffer down here, no one up there will hear your call for help. Only people in your class understands your pain much better.

You know what? We need this fear for ICC, though some people are trying to take it from us. Well, if you support the government’s move, then watch out how this decision will affect you in future. We can’t afford to lose Kenya, better lose your tribe or ethnic background but not Kenya for someone else’s greed.

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