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Kenyans Go Mad About Project ‘X’ Sex Party

A little known evil has been happening as the society looks on. People wonder why our youths are no longer dependable as far a tomorrows national building is concerned, but here it the main reason why we have lost this generation because we do not have time for them anyway!

There is a party that is bound to happen on 12 March in Kileleshwa, one of the Nairobi’s leafy suburbs, that has drawn mixed reaction from the public.

The party, dubbed, Project X is slated to happen this Saturday by no one knows where the venue is.  The mode of communication is ‘Tell a friend to tell a friend’. Those interested are supposed to pay Kh500 advance or pay Ksh1000 at the gate. As expected, ‘No one will go home a virgin.’

The police have already banned the so called ‘No Rules’ party saying they would not allow immoral people to cash in in our youths. And have launched an investigation against the people behind Project X and have promised to crackdown such parties in the country.

Today this morning, in one radio show, the presenter asked the public how they feel and think about Project X

Amazingly, the youths who are in college, universities and those in High schools in Nairobi do this almost everyday.

There are those who said that Project X is just a tip of the ugly society that youths are fond of. It is not a wonder why people, especially, employers have been complaining about lack of proper education in Kenyan Universities. And that Kenyan Universities are producing half-baked graduates.

Apparently, university students have all the time they need to go out in wild parties but they never step in class.

According to one student, these youths who engage in such lifestyles rarely attend classes and the only mode of doing exams is copying directly from the books.

Should we blame parents for all these?

Majority of people who participated in that radio show said that parents do not even know if nudity parties are part of life in higher learning institutions.

The society is to carry the cost of wayward youths who now pose a threat to smooth running of Kenya in future.

Why The Next Generation Will Not Be Happy With Us

The next generation will surely ask, what were we doing before corruption went beyond the red line? For sure, we would be in for a hard time explaining why we let it happen,why it happened and who benefitted in these corruption scandals crippling the economy of Kenya.

The looters of one nationals resources are doing this with bride that no one would touch them. They are almost above the law because the judiciary itself is smeared in corruption deals.

As we speak, one supreme court judge is facing a tribunal that will either exonerate him or judge him of corruption where he and other are being accused of accepting a bride to rule against a certain politician in Nairobi.

In the near future, children will be asking why we never did anything to end graft madness in the country. Why we allowed some public schools to operate without furniture as millions of money going in the wrong hands.

They will surely ask, why we let the highway cross through a Nairobi national park when we had all the money to build a flyover highway instead.

They will come asking how we let our police officers to work in a harsh environment without protective attires and ayes in the sky when we had money to lose in unclear circumstances.

By then, most of us will not have good answers to those hard questions. It will not be good for any parent, any guardian or any concerned citizen to face such tough questions. So it is up to us to face the beast, defeat the beast and return the looted money in the country to work on various development projects.

In the country that is so lenient to corrupt individuals, those who seek for elective posts should be first declare their wealth, go though the process that determines their capability to handle a public office before being accepted to vie for any post.

Corruption has already crippled the economy of Kenya, we can’t afford to face questions from the next generations why we enjoyed watching the beast as it consume the national cake.


Raila is the darling of majority, but what has he done for them anyway?

English: Raila Odinga - Prime Minister of Keny...

English: Raila Odinga – Prime Minister of Kenya speaking at visit to Peace Corps (Premierzy Kenii) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leader of the opposition and the flag bearer of the main opposition party CORD coalition has worked closely with the previous governments for sometime. He was an MP for Langata for such a long time, but his constituency remains under developed to now.

Being the minister of roads in Kibaki government, he cleared up areas for roads and other infrastructure development and made many enemies in that course. However, he never lived to see his dreams come true because he defected into the opposition when he realized that the president was unwilling to honor the alleged memorandum of understanding the leaders made before clinching the power for Kanu.

From then, the man has been in forefront in the fight against corruption and other social evils. But as for now, his development history is not that good for a man who claims to understand democracy that well.

Well, for a national leader he is expected to show something to the people from other regions. Yes! People love him that very much, however, when you ask them why they think Raila Odinga is fit to head this country into greater heights, they will only give hopeful answers but their baseline just can’t hold.

When we come to leadership skill, he is not that good because if you want to know a good leader, then you have to see how his treats, commands and his crowd. If the crowd is rowdy, then it needs no confirmation that their leader is just the same. Nevertheless, if the crowd is jovial, loving and caring, then the leader too is the same.

Oops! In CORD rallies, the crowd is always jovial, rowdy and threatening— all in one package. Anything you say about Raila Odinga in that moment should be either the positive side or choose to say nothing at all if you wanna go home whole again.

The fact remains that Raila Odinga is one most influential person in Kenya, but people choose to avoid him because they fear what would happen if his people feel a sense of power. In most cases, people fear his supporter much more than how they love the leader of the opposition in Kenya.