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Relationships – Waflay Post
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the people we never understand

It’s Never Okay

The moment she start misbehaving, just know that you let it happen so long ago and that she has no turning back.

the people we never understand

889464 / Pixabay

In most cases, you pushed her against the wall, she did not complain, you dragged her on rough grounds, she did no protest, you made her see no future, but she kept quiet on it, you made her feel the shame of this world, but because of love, she held onto what she believed would work someday. However, she just made it obvious that you are not worth her struggle and that she has her life to live.

When you make those simple loud mistakes, most women would not face you and talk to you about it, they would just sit quiet and force that ugly happening into the limbo. From there, they would seek for means to address it in favorable time. But if their ways of approach proves to be tiresome and tricky, they would live with it waiting for another chance—- they just don’t forget.

In this world, we have two types of women, the calculating one and the realistic one. In these two, if you happen to have the calculating woman, then you must be careful on how to treat her. These are the kind of women who would show no signs of hurting. Their main answer to any mistake is always ‘It is okay.’ Mm! With women it is never ‘Okay’, you better know this.

Well, the realistic ones would give you all time you need to make changes that you want. They would push you, remind you and some would threaten you just to bring you back into your senses. They are good people to have around, but some confuse this personality to ‘nagging.’

Okay, these two types forms larger women society. If a woman who was good makes a negative move, then know it has been brewing for a long while. She never showed her inner self until the perfect moment. Blame it on you, not anyone else.



Is it only about the money?

English: An Agapanthus flower arrangement befo...

English: An Agapanthus flower arrangement before blooming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was in a morning radio how when a lady called and said that they have what it takes to throw married men off balance as the other woman in a ‘Mpango wa Kando’(an arrangement of a side lady dating a married man).

She went ahead and said that she gets all the money that she needs in a unique form of a  bank cheque leave alone the obvious cash means. She further said that she also gets to drive a car of the latest model in town boasting that even the man’s wife cannot have the privilege of owning such a car.

Then she quickly pointed out that she is all attractive to make the man to forget his wife for the time they are spending together and only remembering their wives in the evening when they are going back to their homes.

But then this other lady called and said that those who opt to go ahead dating married men are only out to look for temporary solutions to their problems. So she said that they ought to look for some permanency when it comes to mend the real mess in their life. Then she pointed out that if such women think that they get the best, then why do they just spend a little time of someone’s husband only for them to go back to their wives.

Then this other lady called and said that she did not care if the man’s wife that she was dating knew her existence or not. She said that so long as she was getting all the money that she needed, then all was okay for her. Asked if she was sure that she was in a stable relationship as the other woman only to reply that she has been in the arrangement for close to five years and so she knew it was not to end in any way.

When To Call For An Action…

There man who said will love you, adore you and be there for you for better and for worse, just stopped being true to you and to his words… You look into how time has change both of you and you realize that something actually started acting weird from the first day on.

In love you ignored those slight indicators of doom and now you have no choice but to face it all, once and for all. The questions pops up in your already confused mind, how would you approach the topic? What if you’re wrong about him? What if your fear becomes the reality, will you be ready to live with it?

Oops! In such a scenario, it is better to clear all doubts before facing the beast in your mind. It is your responsibility to make sound judgment and act upon things that might infringe your life and remain permanently there. Living with a family member is always easier because blood relationship sometimes plays its magic, whereas staying with a stranger that you came into your life because of inner feelings or love is sometimes very difficult. Be strong enough and face the reality before things gets out of hand.

Fear sometimes is in itself a problem that human beings should face. It is a fearful heart that sees a burning fire and ignores it until it reaches a point of no return. You may not want to be in such a situation. A fool in your own wisdom! A novice in this game called love. Remember, in this game there is only one option… you are either truly loved or you are his trophy partner for some hidden reasons.

Why wait for the wind to tell its story, when you can be the story? In this case, do not let the world tell you that this and that is happening behind your back. Be there and watch it unfold in your own easy. A person who loves you will face his ways of life and if possible, apologize… but a wayward don’t care person will do just the opposite.

Anyway, it is your choice to either know the truth or play naivety for the sake of your relationship.

Love Life, When To Call It ‘Quits’

The love of my life

The love of my life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wait….the long search and lastly falling in love with someone you barely know. Things going right in the first months of marriage! Happiness and sorrow being shared equally as you and your prince or queen I love feeling that compatibility. Then all of a sudden, he or she changes and the color of love dims into an abyss of reality. Commanding language hits the wave, beatings; calling of names and fights becomes the daily bread. Fear of unknown settles in your family; surrounds your heart and as usual, a thought of an alien in the midst come calling. What will be your next step?

These occurrences haunt people who did not court for long before settling down as man and wife. However, we have those in such relationships, not really married but are experiencing these kinds of hurdles. In such scenario, first seek for your true love within. Give it a try— try to limit chances that will result into a bad ending. Remind yourself why you chose that person and build your foundation for better tomorrow from there.

In some cases, an exit route is not the better option! But you want to solve the issues while your lover is not ready to sit down, talk and is possible change his or her behaviors. It is in such moments; don’t allow yourself to get stressed up over him or her. Be brave, keep pushing and if hopes for reconciliation fail, better make a point straight and leave before things get out of hand.

Love life world is that, if you make the first move it will always leave a negative effect on the other party. Feel the pain, yes! That is good because it will leave you stronger than before. Let your vulnerable heart grief and never let your mind go running for the one you left— lost and unwanted or unneeded lover. Try to forget. Engage yourself in activities that usually arrest your mind. And in time you will be free like a new bird in paradise.

How Do They Propose For Marriage?

In an early morning radio show, the presenter said that he thought that for one to get into the institution of marriage it had to begin with some sort of significance. He said that a man should kneel down on one knee and then propose to his woman. So he had this question, do Kenyan men propose?

Oops! He set the ball rolling towards those who have been there!

The first caller, a man filled with laughter asked the presenter if he now wanted the men to kneel down when asking for a hand in marriage to their women. He said that he had been married for quite some time now such that he cannot remember how he proposed to his woman. He also said being in a healthy family setting is not determined by how one proposes.

Then another lady said that for her case, she was taken to a fancy restaurant for an evening out. She added that it was after they had dinner that her husband proposed to her. She then said that there was a ring accompanying this joyous moment. She also said a proposal marks an entry into a new bracket into one’s life and so if you value your relationship then treat it in the best way possible.

But for this other man, he said how one proposes do not matter; what is important is ones commitment to being in a marriage. He further added that he has now been married for 8 years to a lady that he met for the first time as he was going about his daily errands. He said that he asked her on their first meeting to be the mother of his children n future.

What’s more he did that before even knowing her name or her home area. He quickly pointed out that it was love at first sight.

What a crazy earth?