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Relationship – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Just Don’t Settle For Someone’s Sweat

The fact that you’re alive makes you independent and ready to make decisions on your own. You may have good people around you who would be willing to help you stand on your own. Now, who long should you stay leaning on that particular someone?

It happens that, when you’re being fed on someone’s sweat you may not realize how  tough life is. This laziness can make you want to stay like that forever. You want freedom to do anything you want but you do not want to work for it.

I have known quite a number of people who are naturally lazy and would do anything possible to stay away from personal responsibilities. Amazing male species are the most affected.

In one family, I know a person who is like a house boy. He has a working brother who provides everything for him. This made the man to be so reluctant to go out there and do some job for pocket-money.

At one time, his brother secured a job for him, but he worked there only once and he quitted saying that it was a strenuous work.

According to him, sleeping is his favorite hobby and he is not willing to let go easily.

In another example, there is this woman— a mother of two–   in my neighborhood who does everything for the family since her husband is a don’t care type of guy.

She has to pay rent, pay bills, cater for school fees for her two daughters and all household responsibilities.

Her husband is there, always present but he is kind of lost hope in life. At one time, he was a career person but whatever happened to make him quit his job remains only in rumors. But now it is almost three years as a house-husband… waiting for a miracle to that might turn him into a responsible person for his family.

Human mind is easily manipulated into contentment with little on the table. It takes an agile mind to forge forward for the sake of the future.

Caring Too Much, Why It Hurts A lot!

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo modified by author using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The heart of a good lover rejoices to every small things done for its sake. A person in love is always happy if the loved party is there for and appreciative for the time they share together. And love is always complete when the love birds are true to each other.

However, not everyone in a love relationship will feel contented with what he or she receives from the 0 loved person.

In most cases, you may find a true lover doing almost everything for the second party to note, but whatever he or she does is only counted as ‘normal occurrence’ in a love relationship. That is how sad love can be… and this can easily lead to an unwanted separation or a lifetime struggle to impress the rocky heart that feels nothing.

They say that, one might be in love but it does not always mean that he or she is loved back the way love should be. As we know, the beauty in any love elations hip is not about being there for someone, but it is how that someone appreciates how close you are in his heart. Just like my grandma said, ‘Love is not only a thought in mind but a feeling in heart too…”

In worthless heart, love is dead or it maybe there but belongs to someone else. You can care for such a heart but it will not even realize your struggles. It only sees normal things and not the inner feelings that should be reciprocated as a counter measure for better good of a love relationship.

When people are in love, it means the relationship is already mature and ready to take a dive into the future. Nonetheless, one should not commit so much time in a relationship that slated for bad ending.

Communication is important in a family

English: HONOLULU (Feb. 11, 2010) Air Force 1s...

communication is very important for any family to survive for long (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a family, communication amongst the family members is important for everything to run smoothly in this institution of marriage. But then in most families we will find that may be a wife will just refuse to talk to her husband for reasons maybe known to herself. Silence may mean that something is wrong or it may also show an expression of a mood that is not so good. Ask any family man or woman how many times that they have observed moments of silence and then you will be shocked. Some families ought to freely communicate with one another through the phones maybe by texting but this is not a reliable means.

Most families use silence as a tool of showing prolonged anger after maybe arguments or after one family member fails to honor some promises. Silence may ruin something important like for this family; both the husband and the wife were not talking to one another for quite some time after an argument. So this man was scheduled to attend an important business forum early the following morning and so he wrote a short note, placed it on the table asking his wife to wake him up early the following morning at about 5 A.M.

So his wife woke up at this time, wrote a note back informing him that it’s time to wake up and then went back to bed. Then the man woke up later when it was too late and asked his wife why she had not woke him up but she told him that she did with a note next to the one that he had written for her.

The couple thought silence was the best thing to do after all but it did not solve anything. So let us learn to consult one another for it is the best thing to do.

What teenagers think of being in love?

For any parent to raise up a child up to his or her teen age is such an accomplishment which at the same time come with new challenges. This is the age which you will all agree with me that for parents who are not careful, you are sure to experience constant conflicts with your son or daughter.

But then depending on the exposure that the teenagers of today are getting from the society, they are really into expressing love for one another. Do they know what it is to be in love or is it infatuation? Or better still some will start engaging in sex while still in high school and its obvious to hear them talking of being old enough to share the forbidden fruit.

Then in schools, it’s obvious for the school to set aside a session for guidance and counseling. So what do the teachers tell them as far as love is concerned? I remember a teenager in high school who said that their counseling teacher once told them that it’s very hard for anyone to marry his first love and went ahead telling them if they ever date and eventually marry their first love then he would give a present to anyone who was that lucky. So the teenager thus concluded that the evidence was all there that life dictates love like a game meaning you can date several girls before getting the one who really wins your heart.

Then another teenager said that their counseling teacher once told them that it was hard to tell them to abstain due to the prevailing circumstances that they knew only too well. For this reason, he urged them to consider using protection and this teenager thus said he now knew with protection everything is very okay.

Teenagers need to be equipped with the right information to avoid situations where they go wrong just because they are not aware.

Want Happiness? Here, Take it…

For you to understand your man much better, pretend that you have nothing to worry about him. If it means showing extreme love, just do it for the sake of that much-needed trust. If by miracle, he falls into your trap then everything about him will be at your finger tips. Learn him well… try your best to know a good percentage of his routine. What he does when happy, what he likes doing when he is sad, what he can do when he is mad and such like stuff.

After that, any slight change in his behaviors will tell you that something is not right about him. But before you start investigating for reasons behind this, first make sure you are not the cause. This might end badly if you know you stepped on the wrong foot and pretend that it was nothing at all. Men are sensitive in nature and would react differently from what you expect— unpredictable in nature.

Love heals almost all challenges in life. However it should come as the last resort when dealing with a problem between the two of you. Talk about and solve issues that might become ugly in future. If you do not want to talk about something, then forever keep your peace!

Reminders of past mistakes only lead to other problems that should be considered solved and forgotten. He would be very angry with you if you maintain your stance with such remarks.  Of course he would hide his true feeling if he truly loves you… but you could tell by his look that your words are really hurting.

Celebrate, go around telling your friends about your final hit back, have that feeling of victory… unfortunately you will be very wrong since from then you will become the second person in his life—equality goes missing and what remains is maybe you or someone else in his live, maybe his mother.

Losing his trust is a situation you do not want to face… trust me! You do not want to go there if you have a soft spot for him in your heart.