Children and what they may mean in a marriage



Just a few days ago, it we were treated to a piece of shocking news where a man supposedly poisoned his four children after a quarrel with his wife. Two of the children died and the other two were taken to a hospital where they were recuperating. So the question arising here; what did the children have to do with their personal differences? Even if this was a way of getting back to the wife, there was some other way of going about it. This is really insane bearing in mind that the children had nothing do to with their parents problems.

Now that two children are dead, would this man say that he is happy or would he say that he has really gotten back to his wife? The answer is hell no and who would even want to be associated with a murderer not even his family members. He belongs to being behind bars.

In the institution of marriage, children come in the process of your stay as one and the hope of living together as a family in a healthy relationship becomes anyone’s wish. So where  children are concerned, they need security from their both parents but from the look of things we are in a world of moving where trust even from one’s own parents is gradually diminishing.

When a child is born, the happiness that comes with this gift is non- measurable and this is surely treated with a lot of significance with friends and relatives visiting the little one with gifts. But then one wonders what would make anyone think the child is as good as dead due to mere reason of a quarrel with the mother. Isn’t it an accomplishment to raise a child for ten years or more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Even f you as parents fight or quarrel over anything, children ought not to know about this and its even insane to drag them into all this .Like for this incident, where was the father’s love because for this case there is lots of hatred renting the air.

They Don’t Know What They Want in a LOVE Relationship

For some individuals, love is a word that can only be used in courtship but has no significant meaning in bringing the loving hearts together. In most cases, love is only characterized by that closeness but inner being distantly allows the mind to continue pushing for something hard to be realized.

Teenagers are the perfect victim of this unfortunate usage of this simple term. The generation we live in is already clueless about what people really need in each other. With so many movies, songs and other novels out to derail the society, young people fall victims to these bad examples and ends up feeling love but do not understand it— how it should be, why love is strong , when it is the right time to love, and how it feels like to love someone.

With majority of them thinking they have all it takes to be with someone, they do make mistakes that ends up jeopardizing everything they did for the sake of what they thought was true love.

Love does exist to those people who are mature in heart— not the age. True love needs mature minds, mature intention, mature understanding, mature decisions, mature handling of love turns and curves, and mature ways of lifestyle.

The most common mistake that lovers make is involving a third-party in their love relationships. This person can be either a good person or an opportunist. In most cases, people who are entrusted with deep secrets end up being villains in love relationships. This is why it is advisable to seek for means of handling minor challenges together as lovers instead of involving someone else as a mediator.

The society is already shy to talk about love. This shyness has crippled people understanding and this is a whole reason why majority of couple do not outlive their tenth anniversary.  The most affected group in this love mismanagement category is the celebrity society.

We love them for what they are but what do they teach us about love life? A good percentage of them never have a good experience about it, and have nothing to show that might be emulated as the way love life should be.

Relationship, Parents With Their Children

When we talk of a relationship that exists between parents and their children, some will say it fully depends on individuals and others will prefer not even talking about it.

Let’s look at it this way; giving birth is like a vocation which calls for a lot of commitment from both parents. So as a parent, it’s your role to take your full time job of parenting seriously if your children are to grow up into responsible adults.

But then there are some incidents happening around us which make us wonder why all the mess with most children being a thorn of flesh to their parents. I or we ask who is to blame for all this.

Is it the current generation that seems to gradually transform as years advance by or is it the parents who have failed flatly in their parenting roles? What happened to the qualities of a good child who most of all respected his or her parents? I sometimes feel like asking whether most children are becoming the crazier or the more mad or even both crazy and mad.

Just a few days ago, it was in the news of a young man who openly scolded his mother for failing to take him through college. So he first burned her entire house down but the villagers came to her rescue, did a fundraising for her so that she could build another house. After she had withdrawn the cash so that she could buy materials for her new house, the son attacked her hitting her with a blunt object and she instantly died.

This is such a sad incident that just shows the extent of a lot to be desired relationships that may so far exist between some parents and their children. Children ought to know that for their parents giving birth to them is enough reason to be appreciated without even expecting other favors.

Love, Personality And The Reality

As a man, I do understand man-ism so much that my whole life revolves around there. I have to admit that we were born with some flaws that are hard to deal with, but can be done to those who choose to make the right move. In most cases, men who are in stable marriages have mastered the art of acquired knowledge– not that they were born with it, but they adapted it just for the sake of success.

Easiness to accept fate successful,

While the male society has its own stand that they pride over. Those who go against the wishes of the majority will standout to be a lesser man. However, the same person is capable of swimming between the male world and the other society that we only learn about when ‘love thing’ pushes us to accept fate—female world. It is sad that not all men have all it takes to accept this fate and embrace it successfully.

Shaping that male personality,

Well, I guess not all men would understand me if I say that they have to listen to her— wife or girl friend before making the most important decision. According to us, we have to go by what our mind tells us. Listening to other people’s opinion is considered to be a sign of weakness and should not be entertained.

Nevertheless, love relationships and marriages go contrary to what many of us understand as the way of life. It is not easy to balance between personality and real life. And this is why some of us make a mistake by involving matters of the heart into matters of mind, leaving fate to decide what course to take.

We have to be strong, not only physically, but mentally and psychologically too to make right decisions for the sake of those we care about. We are weak, we are easily moved by ego and we do make mistake in the process. However, it only needs a simple understanding of life to push our love life into an ever-rolling wheel of peace and success.

When Love Sets Fire On a Relationship

Have you ever been loved too much? People need love but they will be mad if they realize that someone loves them to much.

A good love relationship should be a free-fall… no strings strongly attached. Love life is all about understanding your partner that much and giving him or her a space to breath. Too much love, or jealous part of any relationship is a direct highway to sudden death.

We need love, but if it means terminating a relationship for the sake of freedom, then it is always a decision worth taking.

Love itself is simple, trust your loved one and be there for them, but if you infringe deep into his or her privacy then things will not work out right on your part.

If by chance you notice something fishy, it is up to you to either investigate further or just relax and see changes that might com along.

The stronger the love connection, the deeper the relationship!  However, if things are not working to your expectations, if you push for more love, the repercussions will always hit you back negatively. It is advisable to get ready before going for an objective or you will miss the most important mark through anger are regrets.

In love, a single mistake leaves a dirty mark that will no longer be expunged as long as the relationship keeps going.  Nonetheless, trust keeps building and keeps extending the longevity of an affected love relationship if one chooses to ditch the old habit and do the right thing.

In love, tit for tat is never a fair game. The game or hearts hurts more if you choose to retaliate but going against love’s will. It might end badly when you only needed to teach someone a lesson. Remember, you cannot do the wrong thing while hoping to make someone do the right thing. In other words, two wrongs cannot make a right. This is a fact!

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