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Regrets – Page 2 – Waflay Post
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Love and secrets, Living a Double Life

Love and secrets

Love and secrets

When two lover birds join together in a marriage,their hope is to live happily ever after. But there has been an emerging trend whereby either a man or the woman will have another secret life which the partner is not aware of. Those in the habit will give some reasons which may seem viable to them and these may be the following just to mention a few:

-For financial reasons

-To enjoy life.

Such habits are meant to remain secret in order for the marriage to survive and so the players are extra careful to achieve their secrecy. I have some scenarios where the player was not lucky enough and the partner found out;

This lady was married to a man for about five years and they had two children. She didn’t know the husband’s job and each time she asked him,all he said was that is not important since he was able to cater for her upkeep and that of the children.

Everything about her husband was sinister since he would sometimes wake up very late in the night and disappear without even telling her anything. At times, she could go home from work only to find him at home sleeping.

So she decided to do her investigation to find out what her husband was hiding only to get a rude shock that he was a gangster. She was more scared than ever since he has always been very strict and won’t even allow a visit to her own parents. She does not feel secure anymore since his bad habit can expose her and the children to great danger.

Another story,

It was so devastating to the man who found out that the wife was a sex commercial worker. They have been marriage for 15 years,with children and all he knew was that his wife was doing well business wise. He was a PSV driver and the wife had bought that matatu for her and were living in a residential plot that she had purchased.

One day, became curious to go through her belongings in the handbag. She had a journal where she had marked some meetings with men as having good results. He confronted her and she confessed that it has been her other side of life for those 15 years.

It comes as a surprise to unearth what your partner has been in secret life.. so, is it wise for one to know partner’s deep secrets?


The Act of Forgiveness in Marriage

When two lover birds are in a union in marriage,it’s hard to evade mistakes done by one partner to the other.

Depending on the individual some will opt to forgive the ‘wrong’ done ,forget and move on. But there are others who will not forgive,get off that marriage and at the same time swear to make the partner pay one day.

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But  those who forgive their partners, say that they do it for the love that  they have for their partners and also due to the fact of how they cherish their marriage.

I have some scenarios where marriage mistakes have been forgiven;

For this man,he had been married to his wife for six years and the wife conceived with another man.The fact that she confessed was enough to make him take her back and since they were legally married in church wedding and they still loved each other very much.

Another man also confessed that he forgave his fiancee while they were still in college after she conceived with another man.He felt that with a child involved,it would not be good to abandon her.  Then after 11 years in marriage ,her infidelity made her test  HIV positive while for him he tested negative. He finally decide to marry her legally in church hoping that she would eventually change.

But for those who could not forgive based their argument on how responsible the person will be, not to repeat the same mistake again.

In fact one had to support this; his wife cheated on him with his best friend and he forgave her. However, she did it again with his work mate and so he broke up with her since he could no longer trust her whatsoever.

It’s good to forgive in marriage but what matters more is if  it’s worth to continue living as a couple.

As we have read in the above examples of forgiveness, we find that some people are forgiven and later lead a straight life, however we have other who go on repeating the same mistake. My question is, how many times are you willing to forgive your unfaithful lover?



How To Avoid Regrets As You Ascend Into New Lifestyle

the way to new status

the way to new status

What should I do to get out of these? Why me? Why do I have to go through all these?

In life, you expect life to either go on being smooth or go into tipsy-turvy situation leaving you wondering why it had to happen that way.

Of course, you do not want anything bad to happen to you. All you want is smooth flow of your life from one point to the other while keeping track of your blessings. You are not the only one: we have lots of people who want that kind of lifestyle. However, they must adhere to the will of life.

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For every elevation into success, there must be a starting block or a foundation that leads one to higher levels in life. That is just the beginning…

(a) Planning

Planning so well about the stepping block will lead one to secure that important step and never fall back to the initial or zero level.

Asks yourself a simple question, what should I do to make myself immune to downfall?

(b) Work Upon It

Remember, as you keep ascending in your life status, the valley all around determines the how hard you might fall. A single mistake can lead you into life regrets.

Therefore, it is up to you to strengthen your status and make sure you remain standing no matter what that comes in your life.

Take Chances

So sad that some of us forget who we are, vulnerabilities in life being mistaken for our strength and later… we come to realize too late that we lost a golden chance some place down the line in our lives. The secret is to take the chances where necessary and to explore what others fear or where the crowd is falling to.

If you do not take the chances, who will? Stability in life comes with all major and minor risks that one must take. It is all about making hard decisions, working hard to seal all loopholes and cementing a pathway into who you want to be.

Personal Discipline

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It is very easy to forget where you have come from into your new status. The sad reality is, that forgotten lifestyle might come back to haunt you if you never differentiate between celebration time and personal discipline.

It is good to relax and celebrate your success story from humble beginning to who you are. However, everything should have a limit. You know what; ‘a fool and his money are soon parted…’ The moment you will ask yourself those silly questions:

(1) Why me? However, deep down in your heart you will have answers that you are facing difficulties because you did not plan so well with little you had.

(2) What should I do to get out of these? So sad that you had a chance to cement your foundation, but you failed to take a chance in time.

(3) Why do I have to go through all these? Oops! Regrettable fact remains, you never had personal discipline, and it was time to face square zero.

In summary, life is all about planning and using little you have for a better tomorrow. It also needs personal sacrifices and having a clear goal about your future. Finally yet importantly, avoid unnecessary luxuries that might derail your plans.