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Regrets – Waflay Post
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Enjoy Your Youthful Life, But Beware There are Consequences

Being a youthful person is in that age bracket where one thinks that this is the time to enjoy life at its fullest and with no limits. However, what many don’t think is the consequences that follow after whatever one engages in.

Look like for this case, a youth may result to drinking which first starts like fun and then one becomes addicted thus heavy drinking. There are those who cannot do without drinking alcohol in their day to day lives. The addiction is so much that some feel sick if they try to abruptly stop drinking.

At times to save the situation there are those who are taken to rehabilitation centers for them to rekindle their normal life. Even if  alcohol addicts get the assistance that they require to reform, this still takes some time for them to get well completely. So through this, they will lose a lot of their precious life and remember; time lost is never recovered.

On the other hand, you may find youths who think that enjoying life is well cemented by having many girlfriends and engaging in sexual activity. This may result into a young person having children that he will have to cater for later in life since they also have a right to education and getting other necessities.

This is something that can be avoided by keeping your mind sober you as a young person, and having something more worthy in life.

So I think as a youth, it’s important to sit down and consider whether a certain path has positive or negative effects. Listen to your elders for they have more experience in life and so it’s obvious that there is more to learn from them.

Remember, how you behave as a young person is a determinant of your future success and don’t wait to ever follow the path of ‘I WISH I KNEW’

Leaving An Abusive Marriage But Maintaining a Strong Love Bond

Abuse in a marriage, which can be verbal or physical, has become prevalent in most marriages and this has seen most of them go down into the drain. And since marriage is the union of two lover birds, it’s obvious to find the victim who has been abused trying to still cling to love of the oppressor and not being able to let it go even if they are separated. Some women will even claim that despite their ex-husbands being abusive, they are wonderful men and they hope they may get themselves another partner to live with. But they are quick to point out that they cannot go back to their ex-husbands.

Like for this scenario, this lady was beaten up and always verbally abused by her ex-husband. However, she blamed her mother-in- law for all her marriage woos whom she said that she had a say in whatever her son did to her. She at first persevered being in the abusive marriage for some years but she one felt that she had enough of this and walked out of the marriage. But even after being away for an year, she was still madly in love with her ex-husband, she still thought of him and also missed him and his company. Funny enough even if she felt that she was missing something in her life, she was adamant of never going back to him.

This other lady was also physically abused for quite sometime until she opted to leave the marriage. She felt that being married at an early age had derived her part of life. So she could now enjoy that life that was taken away from her by being married a young lady and true to her words, she was okay being single. But all in all she still missed and loved her ex-husband even though she never contemplated of ever going back to him.

I think love is a special feeling towards your partner and that is why it’s a thing that you find that most people break-up but are unable to let go off the love that they once had for their partner.

Are You In an Unhealthy Relationship?

Young people always find themselves in a relationship that may be unworthy to be in due to problems here and there.So it is important for those in a relationship to identify if the relationship is healthy or not.

Signs that your partner is not ready for marriage

1. If you find yourself working into his/her busy agenda. This raises a red flag if one of the partner is ever busy to even commit sometime to be with the lover.

2. He/she avoids anything when it comes to meeting the future in-laws.

3. If most of ones friends are single or very young than ones age.This is because companionship shapes ones way of life.

4. If he has no big picture plans for example how his family will be like so this shows that he is not ready for a wife.

So don’t commit to anyone who you see that you have no future together.

You should not also give in to your partner’s sexual demands.

Pressure to have sex can come from hormones,peer pressure especially from your friends,advertising in the media and continued nagging by ones partner.

Remaining abstinence is possible if you follow these steps to be on the safe side:

-Refusal shills-Say NO in a strong,firm voice.

-Protect yourself from peer pressure that is avoiding such friends who are out to influence your real self negatively.

-Be pressure proof-Say NO repeatedly to stress your point.This is okay since your partner will have no opportunity to make you say otherwise.

-Use strong body language that say NO and really show you mean it.

-Make you decisions known and stand by it meaning your partner should not make you to change for selfish benefits.

-Avoiding tempting situations such as avoid a topic concerning the sex subject.You can also move from the point where you are talking especially if it’s in an enclosure.


Do You Care?

Friendships and caring

Friendships and caring

We were good friends, and in most of the ways of our lives revolved around us. We spent time together doing whatever that was there in our hands. However, one day I made a blunder: I walked away from her because I was mad about something she said… I forgot one thing, women are always right!

The time I went to apologize to her, she was already past apology and she wanted something real from my heart to show that I meant what I wanted to say. That was okay for me because I knew her likes, something she treasured the most in her life.

The following day, I gave her a small wrapped up present, which she took and continued with what she was doing without a word. I said my apologies and went away thinking that my words had made a positive impact in her mind, least did I expected a three word question, “Do You Care?”

Good! That was a reminder that I was wrong in everything from the beginning to that time. In my mind, I thought I cared about her, but nope! I came to realize that I cared much about myself and the reason I had to apologize was the fact that I was missing her a lot; I wanted her back in my life to seal that emptiness in my heart.

For one reason, I had to figure out what caring is and why a human being should make someone (loved one) feel secure physically and emotionally. I do not necessarily mean being there for them all the time, but being careful not to cause the feeling of emotional instability in their mind.

No one wants to get hurt by people who are close to them! I have to say that, everything good you have done in years can be erased in one-second by one negative action from you.

Okay, learn from me and do not get yourself in my hot shoes.

Lions Not For Sale!

Sometimes I wonder why the government do business of selling our wild life. It was business for the past two presidents and now the fourth president is at it again.

Recently, the Rwanda complained that Kenya has backed off from exporting lions to restock Akagera National Park because of complains from non governmental organizations in concerns of losing wild life through poaching and selling them out.

Once, there was an outcry when the government of then president exported wild life to zoos in western countries. According to environmentalist and animal lovers, this move slowed down tourism industry since animals were easily available in their local zoos.

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It emerged that the money received through that transactions never reached the public or was never used to improve wildlife environments— Credible reports indicates that the returns from that business landed in pockets of a few individuals.

About two weeks ago, ten Rhinos were found dead by an alleged poachers poisonous arrows. So far no one has been arrested in connections with the killings.

Poaching is one thing that is out control, and we need to curb this vise before letting some of our animals exported to other countries.

Nowadays, being an elephant or a rhino in Kenya is like letting a child play with a loaded gun. Kenya is losing over 300 annually due to rampant poaching cartels controlled by a few wealthy individuals.

Some days back, Interpol issued an warrant of arrest to a coastal Kenya business person who is believed to be the mastermind in smuggling animal trophies to the black market is Asian countries.

With these worries, we can not allow selling of wild life even when the deal seems so good.

I think we should learn to protect what we have, show that we value their presence in our green Kenya and be ready to deal with whoever that thinks ill about our wild life.

Selling of wild life and animal trophies is not a solution for our problems.