We Have Corruption Problem In Kenya, Saints Say Otherwise…

Only the saints of Jubilee government cannot the reality here. A good percentage of people are not comfortable with the country’s economy. That is why we have majority of people lamenting about the auto pilot economy as the small group of saints appreciates everything the government is doing.

Yesterday, the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, said that Kenya’s economy is growing rapidly and that let those who like to talk keep talking because freedom of expression is for everyone in Kenya. This was an indirect answer to the leader of the opposition, Raila Odinga, who accused the president of making false statement about economic growth and doing nothing to shape the country’s economic status.

In what the president said, I find it so ironical because some months back, he said that the current economy cannot withstand another pay increment to civil servants. He added that the wage-bill is already too huge for Kenya and that teacher will have to wait.

While jubilee party was pushing for presidential position, it held onto the promise that it will make Kenya’s economic growth its first priority. Jubilee administration has suffered heavily to make this promise come true due to rampant corruption in senior public offices. This saw some cabinet ministers (CSs) lose their jobs in the first phase to get rid of corrupt officials. However, it seems like the untouchables are still holding the government hostage.

In desperate move to lighten up the heat from the public, the government hid the known corrupt untouchables under its wing and unleashed a fake list of shame to the public. Did it work?

One week after the move, another issue touching the master of corruption popped up! It was sad that the governments started engaging the public on social media in a hide and seek game. To them the employment of influential bloggers to tame Kenyans wrath was the only way to go. In one way or the other, it was like the naughty child giving out some sweets to the saintly kids in order to tame the angry mob.

It is tough go! From economic lapse to grand corruption, still we have those who can’t see any need for change. Typical Kenyans value nothing more than tribalism when drawing a line. They feel the pinch, the face all trouble in life, they witness the worst, they cry in pain, the see evil but in long run they would rather stay in needy situation than to say ‘enough is enough.’

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Walking Alone, But Till When?

During colonial era, there were so many things that happened but went unrecorded or the history plays a blind eye whenever such things are mentioned. As for us, the people of Kenya, we have left almost everything in the hands small lesser groups to agitate for rights and compensations thereafter.

The bitter truth is, some communities feel they are so superior because they stood against the British rule. They think they fought alone for Kenya’s independence and hence they deserve the first priority in leadership of Kenya and they think the compensation money given to them by the British government is meant for the families in their own tribe or ethnic group. Oops! Let’s learn some history. See where it all started and how we are getting a raw deal from the government.

The Truth about Mau Mau

According to history, Mau Mau movement was started with an intention of freeing Kenya from colonial administration. This was a Kenyans’ war and it was felt all over the country.

According to small part of history, Africans were against the colonial government from the time whites minorities started streaming in the country and this went on until Mau Mau war— the last bit into independence.

English: .

Man-eaters of Tsavo  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human and animals rights were violated by the invaders to all Kenyan communities. Remember killings of the Bukusus — people from Dini ya Musambwa—, the Nandi apprising under Koitalel arap Samoe among other tribes.  And yes! The killings of Man-eaters (Lions) of Tsavo by Col. Patterson during the construction of Kenya-Uganda Railway.

Lets Face It!  

Who should benefit from Mau Mau compensations? Oops! Kenyans believe that the cash is for Mt. Kenya communities. Okay, for example, a football team has eleven players. Everyone plays but when the striker scores, the win go to the team not to an individual. The same should apply here: Other communities fought for independence, but money as compensation for atrocities committed by the British rule has been claimed and benefited one community. Why? Maybe because history is just a lie or maybe they deserve it. Let’s see!

According to Bukusu history, there was a time when Mzee Jomo was detained together with the man who was the leader of Bukusu apprising.  The British colonialists tried to kill Jomo but failed because Elijah Wanameme could foresee the evil intentions and warn the man who later became the president of Kenya.

Failed Promise   

Whether this is true or not, the legend has it that there was a deal between the two leaders that the could work together for common good of Kenya, sad that the man who hand an upper hand forgot all about that and went on with life as usual. It is believed that Jomo played so many other leaders before and after independence.  His greed and selfishness created the thing (tribalism) that is eating into Kenyans till today.

Arise and Shine

A good leader, a good community and a country should work together with other people, other communities and other country for better tomorrow. There is nothing like cleverness in leadership. And no one should walk alone.

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Party To Unify Western Kenya

Western Kenya has never had a leader who could unite all the sub-tribes that forms the Luhya community. The region which is largely Bantu speaking people is now moving towards forming a political party that would stand alone come 2017. The leaders from this region want to end subdivisions that have made it possible for other national leaders to exploit for their own good.

It has emerged that the leaders from Luhyaland are convinced that only unity amongst the sub-tribes would see people from Western Kenya get respect they deserve. Ranking second most populated region in Kenya, Luhya leaders wants to use the numbers to control Kenya’s politics.

The Mulembe(peace) people’s political stability by having ‘one say’ has always been hampered by greedy politicians who comes in to divide voters, leading to an intended individual to ascend into power. In many years, this division has been so evident and has caused Kenyans the true rise of the people’s choice.

In a recent function in Kakamega town, some Western Kenya leaders were skeptical about that move saying that it is not yet time for a few individuals to come up with an idea that intends to derail a strong movement that majority of people have already taken. And that is the wave of CORD coalition!

CORD coalition which was formed from three major political parties in Kenya, namely: ODM led by Raila Odinga, FORD-Kenya led by Moses Wetangula and WIPER’s Kalonzo Musyoka, has a good chance of taking the State House come 2017. But this is only possible if Western region will be strongly be behind the party’s flag-bearer.

The mechanism of having a one unifying political party is an ambitious plan that will later sell the whole region to undeserving presidential candidate. In politics, money talks as patriots walks! That is one thing that leaders of Mulembe community have to think about before pushing forward with the plans.

CORD Leaders: Democracy Starts At Home!

English: Raila Odinga - Prime Minister of Keny...

Raila Odinga, CORD leader, – Former Prime Minister of Kenya speaking at visit to Peace Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The stand-off in CORD’s party nominations and elections is a clear indication that democracy is truly on trial! As the people on the fence, we expected to see the man who is in the fore front in fight for democracy lead the way, starting with his own party, even when it means putting his political neck in a noose.

The CORD leader is the man who is known for standing for what is right. I guess many of you would say otherwise, but in my say, he has shown the power of understanding and humility where none expected him to. He has stood for what he believed to be right and even supported his political rivals into power, compromising his own chances of reaching there. In other words, a true patriot in our time!

However, every time we have party elections something else has stood out that goes contrary to what he fights for. Lack of democracy and transparency are two things that raises questions, as to why he is not in control of his own party. At least to show other political parties how the game should be played. So sad that ODM party elections have, in most cases, been marred with violence and chaos. The men in black have always played a bigger in whenever the party officials feels not ready to go ahead for real change.

Okay that aside, now that ODM is no longer standing alone, the bigger and powerful CORD coalition has internal wrangles that should be sorted out before election time or else, fall out and lose against to the ruling alliance, JAP.

The dilemma facing the three CORD leaders is the fact they have not agreed on who should be the flag bearer of the coalition party in two years time. Raila Odinga and his counterparts, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula have been categorical that they all will appear on the ballot paper. Now, this puts CORD at the cross-road since they all need each other if they want to make it.

With three people understanding Kenya’s politics well, they should not let their ego take control, instead they have to do something that could lead to positive fruits. This is only possible if they let the party delegates to decide. A vote is the way to go.


The opposition puts pressure to have dialogue with the government

English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, K...

English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, Kenya. Dedan Kimathi Waciuri (truly, Kimathi wa Waciuri), Field Marshal, (October 31, 1920 – February 18, 1957) was a Kenyan rebel leader who fought against British colonization in Kenya in the 1950s. He was convicted and executed by the British colonial government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The role of the opposition is to monitor and ensure that the Government honors it’s governing policies.CORD is the main opposition party in my country and this being the beginning of the year of 2015,there has been a new wake-up call for the new year.This is calls by the opposition to have a structured dialogue with the Government and have thus asked the Government to form a team that will be engaged in place.

This is a different turn of events from the previous last year’s demands by the opposition top push for a national referendum.These demands attracted reactions both positive and negative ones from the politicians and other Kenyan citizens.But there were concerns if the referendum would have bore any fruits since it seemed like a politicking talk.Many Kenyans felt that such demands was bad timing since there were other important issues that needed a lot of attention.It was also causing divisions along tribal lines since it was who was who for or against the referendum doing rounds in the country.

But with the switching to calls for a dialogue.I think this is a positive move shown by our opposition counter parts.I just hope if the Government gives in to this,the outcome will be of great importance to the country as a whole.They after all are our leaders who are entitled to our well being.

The dialogue calls has not gone well with those allied to the Government alleging that the opposition is after the formation of a coalition government.I think it’s not good to judge this move since there is no force being used.The opposition on the other hand is claiming that there are issues in the country that need improvements and that’s where the opposition feels that it can led a hand.

I think such calls ought to be given an opportunity you never know,it may be of great help.


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