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Raila Odinga – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Two By-elections To Determine The Fate Of Jubilee Party

Monday will be the day to prove the legitimacy of jubilee government in Kenya. The two by lections that will be held in Kericho and in Malindi will be the determinant factor in the 2017 general election, in which the ruling Jubilee alliance (currently JAP) will come face to face with the opposition to determine the next head of state.

But before that, there are beehives of activities going on in both the opposition and the government, with main opposition coalition party CORD is slated to win the Malindi by election

The campaigns have been called in readiness for the day to determine who is who in these two regions. For the government side, the malindi election means a lot to them because during the last general election in 2013, majority of people voted in favor of the opposition. This means that the president is keenly moving masses to make sure that his candidate wins the race… as this will show that people have ditched Raila Odinga’s party to Jubilee.

As for Raila, he has to make it right. His political influence will be affected negatively if his candidate in Malindi by-election loses against his rival. No wonder he camped in the coastal Kenya region just to campaign for his main candidate.

Whoever wins the Malindi by election on Monday will mean a lot to both— the government and the opposition.

In Kericho by election, CORD coalition has nothing to offer since the Rift Valley region is a Jubilee voting bloc. Here the person who will gain a lot is the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, who is already weighing the possibilities of ditching his current Deputy, William Ruto, for another influential figure in the region.

According to the source, Uhuru Kenyatta has been campaigning for a KANU candidate who is going head to head with URP’s candidate in a match that will determine the future Hon. William Ruto.

Things are not right in jubilee government… the two principals are not close as they were before and a rumor has it that President Uhuru Kenyatta will choose a KANU leader come 2017…

For this we wait to see.


Ruto’s Ambition Is Already Dead, Can’t He Just See?

Weak William S. Ruto , the deputy president of the republic of Kenya, in the Rift Valley politics is a pure indication something is cooking in the Jubilee administration kitchen.

The rising politicians in the great rift region have warned that come 2017 Jubilee political party will seek for other means to retain its power.

According to those allied to the rising King of rift valley politics, Governor Isaac Rutto, president Uhuru Kenyatta should do something to incorporate all allied political parties in Jubilee Alliance or be the firt one term president of Kenya.

Rumors has it that, the great rift is now divided between those allied to URP of W. S Ruto and other smaller wings that are threatening to fly out in search for greener pasture.

Recently, during the campaigns for Kericho by-election someone hinted that Raila Odinga’s hand was involved in the choice people made in electing their new leader. In which, URP is slated to lose terribly to a new party.

As things are now, shakily Jubilee administration is seeking for another influential person to take up William Ruto’s position. This is why the mulembe community (Luhya people of western Kenya) is divided as to where to pledge allegiance.

Those in Jubilee knows that if they manage to convince western Kenya people to back up the government, then they will have a high chance of retaining the presidential seat. However, the question is, how could they do they do it successfully and win the heart of Luhya community voters?

There is no easy go! Raila Odinga of opposition has high chances of being the King of western Kenya and other regions. This is just so bad for the deputy president who has an ambition of becoming the next president of Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure in office ends in 2022.

Well, it is not a wonder why people are saying that Uhuru Kenyatta will come back anew in 2012—- owing to the fact that he has a very slim chance of winning the 2017 presidential election. For this, we only wait to see it happen.

Top Leaders Gun Blazing Over Graft in Kenya

As the wave graft hitting airwaves very often in the east African country, the president Of Kenya is busy shying away for the reality.

Recently, while addressing Kenyans and other business persons in Israel, the president said that Kenyans love politicking and looting public funds for selfish ends.

These words angered many Kenyans. As a result they attacked the president Uhuru Kenyatta for not focusing on matters that are affecting the country’s growth and political stability.

The president has been targeted several times for setting the country on auto pilot and doing almost nothing to fight corruption in his administration.

Last year, he talked tough about corruption and this led to suspension of a number of CSs in his cabinet. However, the president could not touch on people who were close to him.

Apparently, the commander in chief is not just fighting corruption but he also fear that if he pushes so hard he might lose his presidency come 2017.

It is a tough go for the president. The opposition has made it clear that it would do anything possible to clinch the presidential seat… and save Kenya from those who seek to destroy the fruits of Kenyans’ sweat.

Yesterday, the leader of the opposition said that Jubilee administration is using close allies to the president to loot tax payers’ money.

Speaking at a certain function in Nairobi, the Coalition of Reform and Democracy (CORD) leader, Raila Odinga, said that he has evidence that the big boys are using close friends to steal public funds that will be used in campaigns come 2017.

This statement has angered the president’s supporters saying that the leader of opposition in turning corruption into political wars.

Already, a few people allied to the president and his deputy, William Ruto, have been mentioned in graft scandals in Kenya.

Now it appears that Kenyans are losing faith in the country’s leadership but as it is now, they will have to wait until next year to make necessary changes in the country’s leadership.

Kenya Graft Scandals Keeps Revolving Around Jubilee Alliance and CORD

The ball on corruption scandals in Kenya keeps rolling between two main political parties, Jubilee Alliance and Coalition Of Reform and Democracy (CORD).

In the twist of events happening in Kenya, we can only see people from the two main political parties being in the spotlight over graft sagas in the country. Oops! And someone is ready to die for these corrupt leaders?

In Jubilee, we have Anne Waiguru who is allegedly in the center stage in NYS graft scandal that saw Kshs791 million looted under her watch. But to clear her name from the mess, she went ahead and blew an anti-corruption whistle.

Now, the former CS in devolution has come out clean claiming that her politics rivals and enemies are scheming for downfall.

Other people allied to Jubilee Alliance but have been mentioned in graft are, Deputy president William Ruto, the leader of the majority in the parliament and the member from Garissa Township, Aden Duale, among others.

When we come to CORD coalition, the Nairobi governor leads the park of those named in corruption scandals. Moses Wetangula has also been in the list of shame, Hon. Anyang’ Nyong‘o and the list goes on and on.

Well, Kenyans being so lenient to those involved in corruption cases are very much willing to continue supporting looters of public funds in the name of giving support to the political party they are affiliated to.

Come 2017, the money that was looted from taxpayers will play a vital role for dirty politicians to get in power and remain there guarding their ill-acquired wealth.Common Kenyans will always remain shading tears hopelessly as the hyenas enjoy fighting off those who snoop the most.

Kenyans should be concerned more of reasons why the main leaders are so quiet about their dirty wing-men. If they do love Kenya and ready to fight against corruption, they president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga should distance themselves from dirt or else  this only shows that they support looting too.


Raila is the darling of majority, but what has he done for them anyway?

English: Raila Odinga - Prime Minister of Keny...

English: Raila Odinga – Prime Minister of Kenya speaking at visit to Peace Corps (Premierzy Kenii) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leader of the opposition and the flag bearer of the main opposition party CORD coalition has worked closely with the previous governments for sometime. He was an MP for Langata for such a long time, but his constituency remains under developed to now.

Being the minister of roads in Kibaki government, he cleared up areas for roads and other infrastructure development and made many enemies in that course. However, he never lived to see his dreams come true because he defected into the opposition when he realized that the president was unwilling to honor the alleged memorandum of understanding the leaders made before clinching the power for Kanu.

From then, the man has been in forefront in the fight against corruption and other social evils. But as for now, his development history is not that good for a man who claims to understand democracy that well.

Well, for a national leader he is expected to show something to the people from other regions. Yes! People love him that very much, however, when you ask them why they think Raila Odinga is fit to head this country into greater heights, they will only give hopeful answers but their baseline just can’t hold.

When we come to leadership skill, he is not that good because if you want to know a good leader, then you have to see how his treats, commands and his crowd. If the crowd is rowdy, then it needs no confirmation that their leader is just the same. Nevertheless, if the crowd is jovial, loving and caring, then the leader too is the same.

Oops! In CORD rallies, the crowd is always jovial, rowdy and threatening— all in one package. Anything you say about Raila Odinga in that moment should be either the positive side or choose to say nothing at all if you wanna go home whole again.

The fact remains that Raila Odinga is one most influential person in Kenya, but people choose to avoid him because they fear what would happen if his people feel a sense of power. In most cases, people fear his supporter much more than how they love the leader of the opposition in Kenya.