Why Kenyan Youths Should Grow Up Politically

I saw him today. He was busy telling the willing souls how he has been planning, organizing, and buying weapons in readiness for 2017. To him, nothing should stand in the way for the former prime minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, to sail into the mantle of power as the president of Kenya.

According to him, the 2007 post-election violence was just a tip of an ugly iceberg but come 2017 it will total civil war and that he and other like-minded fellows have already taken an oath to take action if democracy fails to grant Kenyans what they wish for.

Obviously, those who were around were nodding their heads in confirmation that whatever he was talking about was right.

I failed t understand how lowly those people were. How could they play their minds in someone whose radical say was only meant to harm people other than to talk constructive politics?

When people on the ground fight, which class of people suffer a lot during that trying moment? Obviously, the rich class society would use tough talks to fuel the wrath of the public but at the end, the lower-class people would engage one another in physical fights which only results in pain and loses to both—lives and property.

By now, Kenyans should not encourage stupid radical political point of views to make change worth the hustle; rather, they should use their power of democracy to change the system of governance.

In most cases, youths do not like taking part in election exercise… they only wait for an opportunity to cause chaos and lawlessness.

Even though Kenya needs major reforms in the electoral system, the judiciary and the law enforcement bodies, people should always think of Kenya first before making a move that could only confirm their stupidity and lack of will for better Kenya.

Kenyans beware that politicians are there to make ends meet, but they are never ready to take part in a situation that could compromise their safety.

What To Expect In CORD’s State Of The Nation Speech

English: Raila Odinga - Prime Minister of Keny...

Raila Odinga – Former Prime Minister of Kenya speaking at visit to Peace Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While we wait for another state of the nation speech, not from the president, but from the leader of the opposition and CORD leader Raila Odinga, we only wonder what is new.

The last time he addressed the public, many people supported him because he said the truth about how the government had left the doors open for looters who seemed to enjoy the stay in government taking anything they wanted.

Raila Odinga talked much about how the senior government officials were being shielded from the public eye while silently taking what Kenyans have done great to achieve. He reiterated that he could have done better if he was elected in office in 2013. However, he challenged Kenyans to be smarter next time to make sure they elect well deserving leaders for better leadership and progress.

Currently, Kenyans wants to hear something new. As an alternative government, the opposition should be focused in crafting new solutions for issues that are known in the country. If CORD leaders deviate from this, then it will be a waste of time.

If the talk about corruption will lead the course in CORD’s state of the nation speech, then Kenyans will only see it as a repetition that has lost its true meaning.

If they approach the issues with an attack on the presidency, this will be another failure since the president already welcomed criticism. And this will be a like a sign that they have nothing good to offer other than to play in the hands of the president.

The best approach could be the talk about the scores of Jubilee administration and to stress a point where they think the ruling government has failed. However, they should also give an alternative way of handling things in a unique but effective way.

Raila Odinga is tasked to have a constructive say to the people willing to have their way. If the opposition keeps stumbling, then Kenyans will only think of other means of correcting the problem in Kenya’s leadership and governance. The call for a third powerful horse in already underway and Kenyans might ditch the already known political parties for a third-way alliance.

IEBC Causing Political Crisis In Kenya

Kenya is facing a political crisis where by the government is well aware that the country needs new people to run IEBC but they just can’t accept it since they are the beneficiary in the malicious electoral mismanagement, while the opposition is there pushing for disbandment of IEBC.

The opposition paid a visit to the headquarters of the IEBC but the management was not around to address the issues presented by the Raila Odinga team, CORD Coalition, as needed by the majority of people in Kenya.

In recent years, pressure has been mounting round Kenya’s electoral commission, as people are pushing for reform and accountability as needed by the country torn into tribal inclinations. But in the most recent by-elections in Malindi and Kericho, it became obvious that IEBC is no longer independent electoral commission but just a body answerable o some powerful persons in the country.

To make matters even worse, the IEBC chairman was recorded talking about the leader of opposition saying that Raila is someone who always complains about everything. This was just a confirmation that the leadership of IEBC is taking sides instead of being neutral to political matters in the country.

The biggest challenge that Kenyans are facing is the fact that IEBC is the only legal body that conducts elections in the country. This is not good because it means free and fair elections in Kenya should be a thing that will never come to reality. Kenyans have nothing else to turn to other than to hope for the best that someday, someone would do something about it and bring sanity in Kenyan politics.

It is so sad that when some people are pushing for change, others are there to turn other people’s efforts to nil. Just wonder when all people will speak the same language and oppose evil that has been controlling Kenya for many years.

The Hiti (Hyena) Comes Real…

Spotted hyena in Kenya

Spotted hyena in Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The song was banned by the music society of Kenya and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission  because there were concerns that the singer had composed the song with a hidden message.

It was true that  the singer only wanted to warn his tribesmen against letting the hyena take control of the most precious things, because he can not  be trusted.

Oops! Because Kenya runs ander the ugly beast called tribalism, majority of people said that the singer was directing an insult to the man who heads the opposition in Kenya— Raila Odinga. Yes! Down the line he was not elected in as the president of Kenya in 2013. However, things have gone round and now they Hyena (hiti) has come out just like it was prophesized, only that it is already guarding the most precious things in the country.

The year of the Hyena (mwaka wa hiti) started when the Jubilee government took over the office from Kibaki-Raila administration and things have not been the same again for Kenya.

Each week, someone hits a warning button signifying looting of public funds by people in the government. Kenyans have been complaining painfully about corruption in public offices but they have nothing else they can do since they employed a Hyena (hiti) to guard the precious national resources.

The predicted hyena is so wayward that it can’t hide its face when called to explain where the loots are. Corruption whistle blowers are reporting of scandals after scandals, but still no one is ready to come out and say ‘it is enough.’ Actually, the singer said this will happen. And now, it is obvious that the hiti (hyena) is not fat and not ready to leave anytime soon.

The vicious Hyena, Jubilee government, cares less about people of Kenya. All it wants is to make history as the most corrupt government ever in Kenya.

Recently, the former president, President Daniel Toroitich Arab Moi, who ruled Kenya for 24 years said that corruption is getting out of hand in Kenya. And told Kenyans to do something to end this menace— for sure, he was warning Kenyans that they should not re elect the current leaders because they are actually encouraging thieves in looting.

The Hyena can’t be trusted and people should understand this song much better. Oops! The singer was right, only that it has happened the way he did not expect.

Wake Up Kenya! These People Have Nothing To Offer…


There is no direct means of getting the right person for the job other than to give them equally potions of work and see who does it perfectly well and faster than the other.  Well we come in politics; we have no choice but to do the same for the sake of getting the man or woman for the top job.

Party politics ruins our way of handling national issues. The only way for people to make political progress is by doing away with a word ‘we’ — which collectively includes all the good and the ugly side of a movement— but instead, we seek for ‘me, myself and I’ — the individual being— for the sake of good governance.

If we go by the political party, we fail to see who we are electing as our representative until the time we start seeing the mess that we realize where we went wrong.

As an individual, the person will be held responsible for things that happen under his watch. The person will feel the pinch and do what is right for his or her people. Nevertheless, if someone was elected into office through party politics, then he or she will drag along the whole party into the mess. Here, people automatically become losers.

In current politics, the two front running political figures are good but not good enough. This is why,

Both of them have not done anything possible to stay away from corrupt individuals— For those for support CORD, they would argue that Raila Odinga is the perfect leader that Kenya needs because he has been instrumental in exposing corruption scandal in the country. But the question remains, what has he done now that his close allies have been got in the mix? Nothing….

Both leaders talk much and do nothing for the better good of the country—Well, the jubilee and CORD leaders have tendency of saying they would do something but given time and an opportunity, they will never deliver. Raila Odinga was headed his former constituency for over 20 years but never did he seek fro means to improve the living standard of people in his constituency. I wonder why…

If my guess is right, these two should not be national leaders in Kenya… That is why we need a person who is ready to work for ‘betterness’ of Kenya, not just the show off of personal ego. We have these people, we only need to think smart and elect them in…

Wake up Kenya!

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