How To Stay Happy In Life

Human life is never complete if a strain of happiness is not in the mix. This is for sure the defining moment for most people on earth. Happiness is a state in mind where someone feels at peace, with nothing much to worry about other than to create more happiness in future.

Well, it is great to feel that warmth in heart but remember happiness and sadness are two opposite things that like walking almost hand in hand. Why?

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with them..” by Steve Maraboli

The fact that you are alive means that anything can cause sadness in your life. There are so many things that make one unhappy in life. Oops! Not the time to go in details how sadness is spread in someone’s life, I do know that you are already aware of some external forces that messes up with someone’s inner peace and creates a vacuum that sadness likes to occupy from there on.

While you are still pondering on factors that might result into unhappiness, let’s focus our mind in human life, especially on the positive side of life. What defines happiness in your life?

I happened to be in a certain function where the speaker asked this question. The first two people who gave their answers based their thoughts on money and riches. Well, they were accepted as the best answers that most people go for. However, he highlighted reasons why people are easily driven by these two, and finally said that for one to have total happiness, he or she must accept who they are and built the base from there.

Happiness itself is a process that needs constant positive approaches to problems that comes along and ways of handling them successfully. Just be honest with yourself and never postpone anything that comes your way. Life itself is complete as is, why postpone a problem till the future that you do not know?

Why You Should Know Your Friends Much Better

Last Friends

Last Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the saying goes that ‘idle minds are devils workshop’ the reality of this this is there in  life. Do you know that there are people out there who are happy when others are experiencing problems? Funny enough they have all through been pretending to be your friends.

It  happens that, anyone who encounters a problem will share out to his/her close friends because he/she expects them to willingly help. But nope! This is not the case because you might hear your present predicament is already known by two or three other people,yet they are not in your inner circle of friends.

What’s more you will hear this in a very negative manner like them commenting that your pretence is out in the open. So you first wonder if your close friends can really turn your problem into a sweet melody to spread to others.

Then there are friends who will run away from you in case of problems. May be you may be experiencing some illness in your family that may require a huge amount of funds. What happens these friends cannot even pick your calls because they think that you are borrowing money from them. It’s hurting to lose your friends because of illness yet you very much need their support.

In life not everyone will be happy with your prosperity. Many people would want you to just remain there and if possible not be a proud owner of any sort of wealth. That’s why they will brand you a devil worshiper and yet you have genuinely worked hard to acquire your wealth.

But any way having good/bad friends is part of life and what is left is for you to know who it is that you associate with. Remember everyone is part of God’s creation and that’s why we have to experience them and pray that we pass any test that they put across to us.

How To Deal With Teenage Kids

Dealing with teenies is a task that many parents wish they could not be part of it. But as the law of nature gives in, parents who fail to train their kids well during that prime time, ends up regretting everything they did. Now what for that defiant child? He is your child and you have parental responsibilities towards him. He does not listen to you or anyone around him. He has threatened to beat you up someday and you feel his will will come to happen. What would you do?

One parent had such like child. As a single mother, the teenager was beyond her. He could do things the way he wanted. He even indulged himself in drugs and quit schooling at his will. What the mother did was simple, she went to the police and had his son arrested together with his new found gang. The boy was worked on well and when he returned home he chose going back to school over anything. And from then, he became a better person in the society.

Some kids are so mischievous in nature and are such difficult to deal with. Remember such a child would not show any signs of defiance. They would feign they are submissive to your ways of life but what they do when everyone is not watching will leave you in guesses of a lifetime.

Being a parent is something you can’t leave aside. It is a full time job that means daily observation, hawk eyed on your child’s behaviors and if it means asking hard questions they do it for more information.

Nowadays, parents who assume things ends up crying without an inkling of where to start and who they should deal with the problem gone so deep. Just do not wait until things go beyond your control. Be there all the time and make your child understand why you keep calling into their affairs. Yes! Give them privacy but not too much! Something that could turn nasty and spill all you can’t control.

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