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Primary school – Waflay Post
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Failed Parenting: Mom Accompany Son To Cause Havoc At School

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are living in a sorry parenting state! First, we train our kids to disrespect everyone in the society and then we love accompanying our notorious kids to the scene of their crime to add an insult to an open wound.

In a certain primary school in the beautiful country Kenya, the standard five (5) boy was asked by the teacher why he failed to do his homework. The teacher punished him for that and was forced to do the work before break time.

Unlike usual school stuff, the boy sneaked out of school and came back later accompanied by his two friends.

The teacher realized too late that he was the target. He tried to avoid the trio but it was too late. They boys ascended to him with stones. The teacher was left in agony as the boys were subdued by other pupils.

The mastermind of the crime was later given suspension and went home.

The following morning, the mother to the boy went to that school and caused chaos to the school administration. She accused the teachers for mistreating her son. She claimed that her son has been complaining on daily basis how the teachers victimize him.

The mother even said that his son did whatever he had to do to tell the whole village how he was tired with that school. She later said that she was going to sue the teachers who have had a rough time with her son.

The disrespectful mother insults touched on everyone in that school. She left afterwards.

It was such a sad incident that left the whole village wondering where they went wrong. The parent in question happens to be an important person in the community…. the untouchable person who has deep channels in the community administration.

The boy has already been transferred to another school. Meaning that the assault he carried out against his class teacher has been long forgotten.

Well, that is how we roll nowadays hu!

Let the Children Learn to Behave Responsibly

Even as we parents say that the children of today are difficult to deal with, we need to be cautious with our style of parenting. I have known this family for quite some time now since the daughter and my son are classmates. So on a certain day, the head teacher was moving around the school compound and on reaching my son’s class, the children were in chaos running all over. So the head teacher jokingly pinched all the children in the class but this particular girl told her father that she had been sad the entire day for being beaten by the teacher.

So the following day, her father accompanied her to school to question the teacher as to why she had beaten up his daughter. The head teacher calmly explained everything to the parent and it turned up that the girl had just overreacted since they were not really painfully pinched but it was only to scare them into being silent.

But one thing is for sure that parents should let children know that any wrong done has to always attract some consequences. Let the children know that there are school rules that no one has the mandate to break not even their parents. The question here is how will any parent their child to be respectful if they are not a good example at all?

Parents are their children’s first teacher and so most of the times; they will do what they have seen their guardians do. Let children be children as they are in the stage of growth and development because today they may seem innocent but nobody knows about tomorrow as they may grow to even question you as the parent. So if you show your child that their way is always the right things to do then you have to blame yourself if they ever disobey you in any way.

The pain of losing attachment with ones child

This woman was out to pour the bitterness of her heart something that has been a pain for the last nine years. According to her, she was taking care of her first-born daughter as it is the norm and pride of every mother. She took her through primary school education and proceeded taking her to a secondary school.

But after the completion of the second term in secondary school things took a new turn after the daughter’s aunt (the sister to her husband) came into the picture. This is due to the fact that the aunt without asking the parents took custody of the child and started taking care of the child’s needs even paying for her school fees.

Things went on well for the family even though their daughter moved on to live with her aunt. She then completed her secondary school education and proceeded on to the college level. Then after completion of the college, she got herself an attachment for the sake of the on job experience. All this while her daughter was okay with the arrangement and her family didn’t take notice any problem for the long that she was residing with the aunt.

Then her daughter approached her parents and told them that she was in the dating zone and as it was a healthy relationship, she was thinking of taking it to the next level and get married to her lover. But as it is the culture as per the community that the family belonged to ,her husband had to pay dowry to their daughter’s mother before they can allow the daughter to proceed on with the plans .This was not taken well by the girl’s aunt and an elder uncle who said that even though they are the girl’s parents, they have no business in her life since they have not been involved in her educating. Now what seemed to be a goodwill gesture on the side if the aunt now turned to be something with other motives.

Now this woman said that they are already pushing on with the wedding scheduled to take place on this coming Saturday yet she feels that she has been sidelined as the biological mother. What’s more hurting her husband’s family has been making comments that her daughter has other parents no wonder she was not invited for dowry negotiations and so she does not know anything about the family where her daughter is getting married.

So she said that she has no problem with the wedding pushing through but hoped that things ought to be done with some light on the issue. What’s more nobody ever approached them as her rightful parents and so they have been treated of people with no say for being poor. Let her husband’s family own up their mistake, and make sure that there are consultations because she is supposed to be happy for her daughter but not sad.

Is It More About The Money?

There has been several incidents of underage children (below 18 years) being found in possession of alcohol and drugs the most recent incident being in the capital city. Even with the slogan ‘Do not sell alcohol to persons under the age of 18’ being run in adverts in the national T.Vs and bill boards seem to bear no fruit.

When it became evident that our children are doing things way beyond their age, they were branded the ‘disturbing generation’ and with comments that children of nowadays are hard to deal with.

Then as usual with questions who has failed to own up to the responsibility of the children. The answers were like that the parents; the teachers and the society as a whole have a role to play when it comes to the children.

Then something else it was time to let the children speak out because may be they were not given an opportunity to speak out their mind. But by the look of things, there is more than meets the eye.

But then this alcohol and drugs are sold to the children by people who are okay so long as they get money in return. So even if NACADA clearly states that this action is a violation of children rights, who cares no supervision in place to bring to book such people.

I remember when I was in primary school having any money in school being a day scholar was against the school rules and it was punishable if one was found with any cash.

May be things have changed since lunch was the school’s responsibility not like nowadays where the parent is expected to cater for their children’s meals.

Parents on the other hand complement their presence with money by giving their children lots of pocket money with a comfortable heart that with money their children are good to go.

I think all parties involved may always put blame on one another but why not limit the amount that you give to your child.

Fear As High Expectations Backlash On Landgrabbing Saga

English: A protester holding a placard in Tahr...

English: A protester holding a placard in Tahrir Square referring to Facebook and Twitter, acknowledging the role played by social media during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In recent days, bloggers have been the main target for cyber crime police officers in Kenya. Some well known bloggers were arrested and some are already in prison because of materials posted on the internet.

Since cyber crime unit was formed, the government has been busy watching Kenyans on social media; using that link to nab the law breakers— mostly posting abusive, defamatory materials, incitement people to violence and other misuse of social media.

Initially, aggrieved people used to rush on social media to have their ‘bitter say’ and walk away with it. Nowadays, social media is not a safe heaven for text wars and insults. We have witnessed people facing the law suits because a mere short text on Twitter or Facebook. And some bloggers are in prison because of this.

With recent land grabbing saga that erupted on social media and expanded into mainstream media houses when school children were tear gassed in Kenya, people started making fun of the land grabbers and others started circulating a name they thought could be behind that incident.

However in a twist of an alleged discovery of a the big fish, the government through its lands secretary delivered its finding which broke people’s heart even beyond expectation. The big name was missing and still is! This has put majority of people on an awkward position because of the thought that the government will start targeting people who were misleading the public about Lang’ata Road Primary School land grabbing saga.

So far I have seen online news site which had previously linked the big fish in that mix producing an edited version and pulling down the original posts. This confirms the kind of fear how Kenyans and news agencies fear getting in the wrong hands of the law.

But the big question now is will the government prosecute about 80% of social media users who were sure that the big name was behind the recent land grabbing in Nairobi? I do not think so. But I guess cyber police will target social media bigwigs in this.

Let’s see!