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Politics – Waflay Post
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They are our leaders but should we follow what they do or say always?

A leader and his men Stones / Pixabay

We cannot all be in the leadership lot, and so its our duty to elect leaders to represent us in the national government.It is the norm to go for individuals with qualities that make them suitable for the job though sometimes money seems to overshadow our choices.But then something else even as we elect our leaders and put so much trust in them,we need to be careful to do things that our leaders  may tell us to yet its wrong.

I remember an incident where youths raided some private property and destroyed property worth millions all this a mobilization by an area leader.This leader protested that the property stood on a public land thus claiming that the owner was illegally there by grabbing this piece of land.But whether the issue of grabbed Land is genuine or not,this leader ought to know that there are procedures that can be adopted in a court of law in following up this matter.So I think it was irresponsible of him to direct youths to forcefully interfere with this property.

They are our leaders but they should not make us do wrong things for them to others.By this I mean a leader should not make you steal ,then ypou still do it and you know it’s wrong but you are blindly following your so called leader.So let the leaders  be responsible for our governing issues but we ought to show them that we can also make sane decisions.

So a leader  with no qualities or traits to make him or her to  lead and have followers do not deserve our votes.I like the fact that most leaders urge us to shun divisive leaders but I don’t think we are keen on that.If we see one another as one big tribe,then there is no way our leaders can be able to influence into thinking otherwise and especially if we make them know that we cannot put up with their wrong decisions.

Kenyans Waiting For Savior At The Wrong Time

I pity Kenyans and Kenya as whole. The fact that the lineup we have has nothing to do with good leadership, but a bunch of big ego-guys who just want to make history, makes me sad and unwilling to go vote in someone else—means of salvaging Kenya from the beast. But the problem is, if I do not take part in elections it is the same way as backing up the government that is already doing more harm than its promised greatness.

Looking at the Kenya’s main opposition, I just wonder what has changed for them to claim to be better than what we already have. The leaders of Coalition of Reform and Democracy (CORD) are not new in Kenya’s leadership. These people have been in previous governments. But if we by history, they have least to show as a determinant factor to better Kenya. If history is to judge, then we are just heading straight to hell— from the frying pan to fire itself.

Even though the opposition has made it clear that they would not tolerate public looting and other seriously criminal stuff gong on in the current government, this statement means so little because almost all leaders of CORD have been mentioned in serious corruption scandals.

In 2017, Kenyan will be forced to choose between, the devil they already know and devils that claims they have changed and ready to lead Kenya into the new version of leadership. I just wonder if this is true. I don’t know what to believe either…. I only hope that one day, Kenya will get a well deserving leader.

As for Kenyans, we have led down this country for a very long time just because of our ignorance and stupidity. Now I believe that Kenyans do not really understand what they really want.  W are like rain, only following where the wind is blowing to… and if it means doing outrageous things just to move by the crowd, we are so damned ready!

Kenya will only move into its destined economic position if Kenyans work together for the common goal. We can’t make wrong moves every time we are given the dice,  we have to learn to accept one another and work as brothers and sisters.

Why Kenya’s Economy Is Drying Up

Almost all government systems are not here to make Kenya great again.

–The judiciary, works for its lords, the parliament is here to make special individuals rich and make the law that only works in favor for the selected Kenyans, and the executive is there as a safe-house for the looted Kenyan resources and to make quick avenues for new corruption scandals.

Since jubilee government took over the office from the coalition government led by President Mwai Kibaki and prime minister Raila Odinga, there is nothing to celebrate about. The country is going through lots for problems and corrupt individuals are making sure that they cause maximum damage to the economy of Kenya.

In fact, we are experiencing a game where by people from TNA and URP are as if competing to see who are the notorious thieves when it comes to looting Kenya’s national resources.

You wonder why there are so make cases of corruption in Kenya. Here are reasons…

The EACC which should work against the looters has made it very simple for corrupt individuals to walk free. This commission works closely with the executive and does almost everything upon consulting with the man on the hill.

Look at it this way,

The EACC which was created by the constitution of the republic of Kenya has no powers to confirm the charges and sentence someone.  This is a loophole that some smart individuals have taken to remain free.

The Judiciary is here to make things so difficult for moneyless community, but when it comes to those with lots of cash there seems to be a quick exit.

The corrupt judiciary has made it very easy for a few individuals to go scot-free even when the evidence against them is sufficient enough for someone to face the walls of the prison facility.

I just wonder when the saviors will come for our rescue…

Wrangles in The Presidents Home Region

Just a few weeks ago, the president was on one of his tours in Mt.Kenya region, something that he has done to other regions like the Coastal region. But he was categorical that he was concerned of the various wrangles being experienced among most leaders in his home area. He went on and said that this is the main reason why he has always taken a back seat when it comes to visiting this area even if they are loyal to him when it comes to voting. I even heard as he talked to the mass of people to talk to their leaders to stop dragging their personal differences even when they are really needed to focus on matters of development.

Look at it this way; in a family if the father being the head of the family overlooks the unhealthy relationship that is there in the family and maybe only takes care of his financial responsibility not bothering to talk things out, for sure the children will suffer. So in this case, the voters are the ones who bear the blunt of constant wrangles of their leaders .This is so because they elected the leaders to represent then in the national government to take care of the counties especially on matters of development.

Now that the president has faulted the problems of the leaders in this region, the ball is now rolling on their end and it’s the hope of everyone that they change to make good their work. There are some leaders here who cannot sit down in the same room and talk because they feel that their political ideologies are different. But all in all their difference will always determine if they are gonna take a positive milestone as far as their counties are concerned. Even if politics will always be an issue that our leaders cannot assume, it’s good for any leader to stop using politics with a hidden agenda.

Why DP Ruto Has A GOOD Chance But He Can’t See It Yet

While he is a darling for Mt.Kenya region for now, William Ruto remains jobless till futther notice. As the political analysts have suggested, the current deputy president has only one big chance of emerging with his dream come true only if he switches the side to the opposition. According to those who understands Kenyan politics much better, Mr. Ruto is being fooled by the numbers of votes Jubilee Alliance got in the past general elections but the reality is that he has very slim chances of ascending in the presidency come 2022.

For those who know better, Mt. Kenya region will ditch him for a better one of their own, and the promises made and the pact he made with the current President will be void.

Why he has a good chance in CORD Coalition,

Those in opposition knows that the leader of CORD, Raila Odinga only wants to make history as a one term president because of his age. But when we look further in his corner, we do not see anyone influential enough to carry his mantle and rise into the darling of the people. The weak opposition after Raila only means they need someone to stand up and be the lion in the jungle. This is where Mr. Ruto should come in.

With small chance of making it from the government side, the chance become huge if he crosses the bridge and work to unite his people with those already in the opposition. This will lead to a weak government and his position will grow huge in time and by the time Raila downs his tool for new blood in office, Ruto will be the man to beat.

As it is now, the government is not influential enough to the people. The opposition is building up high expectations for the people of Kenya, and this is something that Ruto must watch and trade in carefully. If by the worst chance people lose more faith in the Uhuru government as they are now, then obviously Ruto has no chance in future. People will only see him as someone who made their lives much harder.

Now he knows!