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Police – Page 2 – Waflay Post
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The Need To Rehab Northern Kenya

The only way and the perfect way for Kenya to win the war against youth radicalization and terrorism in Muslim dominated regions in the country is by treating them as equal to other Kenyans.

For example, the North Eastern Province which covers most of the northern Kenya has been neglected for over 50 years. This is the only region that is almost the same since Kenya become independent from British rule.

The recent images uploaded online by the police officer justifying the brutality against youths in Garissa is a symbol that the country desperate for answers from locals who, in my opinion, rest between the government machinery— the police and Kenya Army—and the elements of hate al shabaab. This region should always be the first priority in terms of the government’s closeness to the people. But instead, the system opened the door for its enemies to plant a seed that will always be there to sprout and cause mayhem in the society.

Yes! There are means of extracting much-needed information from locals, but force is not one of them. These people have suffered enough from previous Kenya governments and they feel alienated from their own country.

The memories of Wagala massacre still haunts the majority living in North Eastern province and any form of violence from security forces leads them to think of other alternatives. So sad that this is why al shabaab terrorists and their sympathizers are still very active in recruiting desperate youths in this region. And the future of this region remains futile since educations facilities are not operations due to fear of terrorism activities.

Now unless Kenya sets new measures to curb the trend of radicalization, terrorism and illiteracy in Northern Kenya, then I guess peace will remain in an ‘unknown’ term forever and worse if the enemy turns this into the breeding ground of evil for the whole country. Nope! We do not wanna take this course.

Do Kenya Police Officers Know How to Handle a Violent Unarmed Person?

Two incidents have made me realize why Kenya police officers result to use extra force (shooting) when handling an individual who resists arrest.

At one time, I saw three officers trying to hand-cuff a guy but all in vain because they could not figure out how to pin him down. The guy was so slippery; his hands were on constant movement. At the long run, the guy ran off a free man.

To day this evening, four police officers tried their best to arrest a guy but as I already knew, the guy overpowered them and even dared them to shoot if they saw it fit. As usual, they got into the car and drove off leaving the guy hurling stones at the slowly moving car.

Something fishy in police training, I guess…

These two are not the only incidents that have forced the police officers to walk away. It also happened on Thika road where a truck driver went ahead and exchanged blows with an officer on duty.

Such incidents only draw attention as to why our men in uniform are vulnerable and weak when it comes to high-headed law breakers. Does it mean that our officers without firearms are helpless: no self-defense tactics whatsoever?

If this is so, then I guess we have a very big problem in the country. What do they study in police academies? I guess these guys do not waste most of their energy on matching and on use of the firearms, forgetting that sometimes an officer might get himself or herself in a situation where the gun is useless. Why should he/she do then? Wait for death? Run? Hide? Cry?

Okay, this does not necessarily mean that each police officer should study martial arts, but at least each and every police office should learn how to force someone into custody. Not to let criminals walk because an officer is unable to hold someone still.


The Society Goes Quiet On The Police Officer Who Killed an Unborn

The police officers in any country should be there to serve the interest of the country. They should observe the law and protect the people and their property from wrong hands— criminals and grabbers.

But recently a woman in the lake side county miscarried when a police officer assaulted her while she was waiting to board the police truck.

According to her, she was and other women were arrested and were in the process of being taken to the nearest police station when the victim was hit in the belly by the police officer who thought they were taking so long to get into the truck.

The victim suffered internal injuries and was rushed to the hospital only to confirm that her six month pregnancy was no more. She was operated on to remove the already dead unborn baby.

The woman said she reported the matters to relevant authority but so far nothing has been done to bring the culprit to book.

In Kenya, the police officers are rarely charged for crimes committed while on duty. It is not a wonder that the woman’s quest for justice will never materialize into something good for the bigger society.

What happened to our society? Maybe we lost the value of humanity and now we live only by fate. Or maybe we do not care about anyone anymore that is why we are ready to see kind of brutality against women as ‘normal happenings in the society.’

It is clear that we have some people who can do anything and walk away with it when it means going against the law of the country. And worse if those given authority to maintain law and order are the lot that break it as they wish.

If we want change in Kenya then we should start by shaping up our police force and aligning measures to curb police involvement in crimes against civilians.

—- The Star

County governors and their expenditure

It has been for sometime now when most counties are experiencing unrest due  to disagreements of the respective Governors and the MCAs.The said Governors in those counties have been accused of misappropriating funds and lack of accountability when it comes to carrying out of county operations.

But a recent report showed that the majority of counties have done a very small percentage of the development projects in their areas.I heard a Governor in one of the poor performing counties being interviewed and he largely blamed the payment of salaries to the various sectors as to why they ere not able to carry out development.As he said,the Central Government billions of shillings to the counties but did not set aside any other funds to cater for the said salaries.

He said that’s why there was poor delivery of essential services in the counties since salaries took the larger portion.But then something else came up during the signing ceremony of an equipment tender for decentralizing specialized healthy services and this is the Governors snubbing to attend the function.

I think this function was important to them since the equipment was meant for two hospitals per county.The Governors were formally invited but they refuted the claims saying that the conveying of the invitation was not communicated properly so they should not be blamed for any wrong doing.

I think it’s the high time that the Central Government and the county governments speak in one voice so that to achieve the true spirit of devolution.This is not the time to do politics but all efforts should be directed to delivery of services to their people in the counties.

There are some counties that are doing so well in the development projects of their areas,so I think the poor performers should look forward to doing better.

What Happened To Parental Love and Care?

It is two weeks now since two boys, 10 and 11 years old, wondered off and got lost. The parents of a ten year old boy have been doing everything possible to get back their only child.

The picture of the missing child has been revolving on social media with a message asking for help from the wider society. Unfortunately, nothing positive has popped us yet.

However, the family of the 11 year old missing boy is not even trying to find their son. As they put it, “The boys are old enough to take care of themselves…” Should parents be this uncaring?

Okay, let’s put it this way! You as a parent do not care about a small boy who is out there by himself, and you can afford sitting, relaxing and doing your stuff as normal…even as time to find your son continues dimming into emptiness? Where did parental love go?

With the police involved in the hunt for the two children, hopes are high that the will be found, but the worrying questions remains, why did they run off? Were they kidnapped? Where are they staying? Did something bad happen to them?

According to the ‘uncaring father’, his son has done this several times and that this is not the first time. In his previous runaway, he went missing for a month before returning home safely.

Obviously, the single father did not ask where he had been… that is one reason why he is sure that children are safe wherever they are.

I want to understand the single father’s situation on raising the boy on his own. But some strings just can’t be knotted. As a father of one, he should know his son much better than anyone else. He should have asked the boy the reasons behind his disappearances, at least to give more light and predictability of the future missing situations. Because of parental failure, someone else is suffering as the search continues.