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Police – Waflay Post
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Do they even care?

Drunk Father

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. So on this day, this woman pored paraffin on her sleeping husband, set him ablaze and then left after locking the bedroom door. Neighbors who heard children screaming for help that their father was burning managed to gain entry into the house. The couple’s two children were in the sitting room unharmed but their father was already dead. This woman died two days in hospital with reports that she had taken a lethal poison. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

It is such an emotional torture to these kids who watched their father die and even more that they no longer have parents. Looking at this incident, one wonders what this woman thought to achieve by killing her husband and then taking her own life. I looked at the girl who is nine years of age with all the innocence may be even too young to comprehend anything.

Even if the woman is dead, I know most people who heard of this incident really branded her as the most evil woman with a very stony heart. May be her relationship with her husband was headed for the worst and she felt that saving the situation was impossible and she could not stomach failure was written all over for the two of them as a couple. Her actions are summarized of not even being a caring mother to her two children because did she even stop to think of them.

But then how many families does this sort of incident represent? There are others out there who do crazy things that make one wonder whether they really care about the welfare of the families. Let couples sort their differences in a sane manner

Negligence On Kenya Roads

Nairobi matatu

Nairobi matatu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we talk of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs), a lot comes in our minds and especially because of the hustle that comes with these vehicles on our roads. So today, I listened to this lady giving a testimony of that ill-fated day which really changed her life. The mother of two was going about her business of going to the market to buy some wares for her grocery .So as usual; she boarded a Nissan matatu oblivious of reaching to her destination safely. On reaching her destination, the conductor stopped the vehicle for her to alight but then before she could alight safely, the vehicle started moving.

The reason being that a traffic police had been spotted and so the conductor pushed this lady from the moving vehicle and she fell down but the vehicle was forced to halt it’s journey by other passengers. So as she was being helped to get onto her feet, that’s when she realized that both of her legs were broken and the conductor took off. But she was still taken to hospital where she has been to date; a period of almost two months, yet nothing has been done to follow up with her case to even try bringing to book the conductor who caused all this.

But then she is still stuck in hospital and cannot get specialized treatment on her legs due to lack of funds to cater for this. So she hoped well wishers could come forward and assist her so that she could walk yet again and continue fending for her two children. She also said that she hoped the relevant authorities would follow up the matter and help her once and for all since the vehicle that she was pushed from is still operational even after changing her life to a mystery that she wouldn’t have imagined.

‘Smile Very Often,’ Teacher Told..

When they approached him, they thought that he was carrying illegal contents in his bag. They even demanded that they search into that backpack to confirm that he was not lying. But why? Does it mean that anyone carrying a bag is hiding something from the authority?

Nope! Police officers were only interested in his behaviours before they alerted him for inspection. The scared look in his face was what sold him out to the law enforcement agents.

In the country where it is hard to trust anyone, even the genuine law abiding citizen have dirt in how they walk around while doing there stuff.

Like this known teacher in the community, he had nothing to hide but maybe the officers suspected that he was carrying some controlled substances, leading to that kind of attention.

Oops! Before they went away, they gave him an advice: “Sorry sir, we were only hoping to get something from you bag. Go and do your duty to the community… teach our children well. And try to smile very often.”

They left him somehow confused as to why they said so. However, in years that I have known him, he is a ‘no-nonsense’ kind of a person who prefers minding his own business. His smile is far fetched and he rarely has time to show some happiness.

What I want say is that, there are some professions that requires someone whose smile and laughter are not like a bank loan— paying bitterly—- but comes natural like a waterfall in rainy season. A teacher for instance should be a caring person who understands little minds that are out to get education in a friendly environment.

Now, the choice of any profession means you need to change how to behave, and if it means pretending in order to meet the requirements then do it and emerge the winner.

Why Police Officers May Be Ineffective While On Duty

What makes police officers to be ineffective while on or off duty? There is a saying among men and women in this force that, ‘once you are police officer you will always be a police officer.’ They have is an inner drive that makes them respond to anything that causes a threat in human life, even when it means putting their own lives in danger. However, sometimes, these great people just relax and let the rot take effect in the community. This is why?

Low and delayed salaries,

This usually happens in countries where accountability is a secondary vocabulary. In such cases, a person in financial field fails to use his or her position to do the work assigned to him by the law. At the end, delays in salaries increases stress level in these officers’ minds and the result is always reflected to work done.

Lack of morale at work,

In some police departments, there may be too much and tiring work. However, lack of something that boosts their morale may cause officers to do the work effective to make sure that all or majority of bad guys are behind bars. A simple morale booster may be just recognition for a job well done by members of the society or from the superiors.

Poor residential quotas,

In developing countries, police officers face this challenge. In most cases, they are housed in quotas not fit to be called a ‘house’, but since the law forbids them to go on strike, they have no one to turn to. This makes them vulnerable to other challenges like corruption while in the field, not having enough sleep at night, and worries related to housing. With these reasons, a police officer would to his world physically, but mentally he is somewhere else. As a result an out put is limited.

Being targeted by the superiors for no good reason,

Proud men in-charge may sometimes be a pain in people’s lives. Sometimes seniors behave badly forcing or ordering their junior officers to do almost everything for them. This kills morale and workmanship, leading to quitting or just being there only for money and other riches.

If the police officers are treated as normal humans, they would do their work with a motive of impressing the public and their officials. Sad that some countries have no good returns to facilitate the work of their police officers…

A Mother Of Two In Search For Her Kins

It was a weekend radio show where this lady sought assistance to be able to trace her immediate family members. She is now married and with two children. She grew up in a children’s home together with her elder brother from about the age of maybe four years to eighteen years. She said when they were very small children, their mother used to pay them a visit and her brother would always cry a lot on seeing her leave. She also said that she is stronger than her brother who is very emotional at the mention of a family that they both not know about.

She said that at one when still in a children’s home, the management had offered to help them find their family but it was such a bad experience since they went asking anyone they could find at a random if they recognized the two children. At the same time, after completing high school, she had also visited the children’s home with the hope of finding information concerning their family but she didn’t find the concerned officer who was away. She was asked to go back after about one month of which she never did.

She said that she has always felt the need to know where she came from and who her parents are as she can still remember her other brother and sisters but she has always been feeling like she’s not ready yet. She also said she’s content with her husband’s family who treats her like their own daughter and so wonders why her family never comes looking for her. What’s more she could remember all the other children by names and her brother claims that he could remember that he had a twin brother and at times he experiences moments of something happening to his twin brother.

Now she was here on national radio hoping to know where she really comes from and the presenter urged the listeners from the home are that this lady claimed to have come, to help out in identifying her family.