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Police officer – Waflay Post
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We ought to change general perception that what matters is the money that we get

English: Space filling model of the alcohol mo...

Space filling model of the alcohol molecule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been for quite sometime since the president issued a directive to county commissioners and other leaders to take up the fight of curbing the manufacture and consumption of second-generation alcohol.They are largely blamed for numerous deaths of the young people due to irresponsible use of the lethal ethanol which is not fit for human consumption.But this fight has not been without irregularities with even some police complaining that you close a  bar in this illegal business today but you still find it fully operational the next day with orders from above which cannot be questioned.

The sad side is the same leaders who are supposed to in the forefront in ensuring that this alcohol is completely eliminated from our midst have interests here where some even own bars selling the same illegal brews.So they prefer to continue pocketing the proceeds from this alcohol even when they are supposed to make sure this alcohol is off the market to at least save our young people.

The media on the other hand has really done a commendable job because this is where the listeners call to relay info where the poison is still being sold.The spirit of the presenters to save the situation is evident day in day out as they urge people to be on the look out for individuals who are out to do more harm than good as far as the lives of the young people are concerned.

But the question is for those who are still adamant on going on to sell theses illegal brews,for how long do you want the wives,the mothers and the children of the men who go down by drinking your bad alcohol to go on crying.I think this should be the time that you sanely own up your mistakes and make right the mess that you have made quite a number of people go through.Let this no longer be about the lump-sum money that you are making because you can still venture into other businesses and still prosper.

Marriage and Having Kids Was Not Meant For Everyone

There are reasons to believe that marriage and having kids was not meant for everyone. It is not bad to lead a celibate life, but we have those people who are already married or have kids of their own, however, they do not have all it takes to be parents— leave alone parenting values that might undermine their scores.

It is not that such people do not have resources necessary to bring up a healthy kid in a good parenting environment, but just because they feel that a child is a hindrance for something else. And they prefer taking other responsibilities as their first priority over their child or children.

In this era, where everything is bought by money, the search for money has taken over people’s way of life. In news today, there was a report that a two-year old boy is yet to start talking because his mother is ever out. Which is insane, considering the amount of resources available online to even teach kids how to write synonym.

According to the neighbors, the kid is always indoors and rarely see the sun because his mother is ever busy for him.

The concerned neighbors usually let him out when his mother is not around, feed him and allow him to play with other kids before sending him back to his den.

The mother who works both day and night is said to be a friend to the local police officers that this has shielded her from being arrested for negligence.

The last time that neighbors reported her to the police, the male police officer who was sent to deal with the matter ended up sleeping with her. This made the concerned people to mind their own business.

When a parent do not have means to bring up a child, the state should either force the parent to exercise his or her duties or take the child to children homes.

Why work the whole of your life while your child is suffering at the other end?  Parenting involves giving your children that much-needed love. Or if you know you can’t deal with parenting stuff, employ someone to take care of your child.

Youths Sidelined in Recent Government Job Positions

Major changes have been happening in Kenya with retiree taking up big jobs in the lucrative Jubilee administration.

For sometime now, we rarely see young people being appointed for top jobs in the government. The government that came into power by promising heavens to the youths is doing exactly the opposite of what they laid down as the deal between them and people of Kenya. If you are looking for a job, I recommend you ask staffing offices if they can help you look for an opening.

While the retired guys are happy for being well taken care of, youths are unhappy because they have the have papers, energy and availability to work for better Kenya after they pass the national police checks, but they have no chance because someone up there is busy playing politics with their mind.

The recent appointment of the Ocampo five in the government posts is just as a way of sending a political warning to all Kenyans that the government of Kenya is no go zone for those who have never fought for a certain cause.

It is clear that the deputy president and the president of Kenya are out to take back people who were once powerful in Kenya just because of reason only the daring could understand. Kenya is no longer a country of vision, but it is a state that is going by the blowing wind.

To make matters even worse, these appointments are only based on ethnic backgrounds. A good percentage of those who gets job positions are either from the Ruto’s side or from the president’s side.

The other day, William Ruto defended the government by saying that they are only employing people who would turn the wheel of economy in the right direction.

But the question remains, why those from two communities when we have 42 communities that form Kenya?  Does this entail that other people are not good enough, uneducated enough, and unfit to run sensitive government offices?

Kenya is slowly making negative progress— the results are very well-known.

Kenya Police, Learn More Not Just How To Shoot

There are sad incidents that have happened involving police officers on duty in Kenya. These incidents only leads to questions that someone should be ready to deal with. Why are the police officers in Kenya so weak? Why do they choose between economic classes when handling a violent person? Why are they not equipped do deal with assaults against them while on duty? And many more.

Once incident happened on Thika road where a truck driver was got on camera assaulting a traffic police officer. The helpless serviceman had nothing to do other than to call for back up from the Flying squid wing that later came for his rescue. In what I saw, the officer was not armed and could not even use martial arts tactics to end the stand-off. This only raised eye brows that our police force is not equipped well enough to handle a naughty civilian.

The Nyandarua incident where a white pilot was captured on camera assaulting a female police officer, can only be considered as an unfortunate scene where the police officers in Kenya would do nothing when got in the tussle between the law and the person from the upper society (rich people).

I wonder if it is their mentality to weigh the situation and choose to ignore or they were taught to behave that way when attacked by special class persons. I guess it would be a very different take when attacked by a common man.

In other videos on the web, we have seen how police officers wrestle with criminals.  This only leads us to understand that something is not right with police training in Kenya. I just wonder if they are ever taught how to defend themselves, negative a gun, and how to handle armed criminals except by shooting them down.

It is just sad that as we continue being more civilized,the more the challenges our police officers face. One thing for sure, someone should come up with special programs to train our police officer as required by their duty. Nothing is smooth out there! And sometimes, a gun is a useless tool, undependable to save life.


Kenya, Refugees Menace And Terrorism

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia...

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia in Dadaab, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nairobi— One thing is clear that Kenya wants her neighbors to enjoy peace and economic stability like she does. For many years, Kenya has been a stable economy in east Africa and this has enabled growth and development in this region.

While other east African states were fighting to control the regions marred by violence, Kenya was the only safe place where the refugees could run to and feel peace for the first time. With hospitality among the people of Kenya, no one questioned how the refugees could behave and the control measures put in place to deal with evil men and women coming into the country. At the end, it was just us Kenyans against people who are either good or those with bad intentions for humanity.

Being a country where humanity came first, it is not that difficult to locate some integrated refugees mingling freely with the general Kenyan population. This is good because some refugees have created employment to locals and others are working closely with the government of Kenya for better good of national building.

However in every river, you do not expect to see fish, but snakes also do survive in water. The result of this saying is that, Kenya has been experiencing violent crimes since Kenya’s incursion in Somalia started, about five years ago.

Some refugees are trigger-happy criminals who do not value lives of other people. I several occasions, Kenya has suffered both major and minor terror attacks for people suspected to be Somalia Islamic militants. In this case, these people crossing into Kenya from the horn of Africa are both genuine refugees and those who have evil agenda— ticking time bomb against peaceful Kenya.

The crackdown on illegal refugees in Nairobi and its environs was meant to drive away terrorists who were enjoying the stay in the country as they plan for next attacks. Even though the government’s, move drew criticism from all channels of humanity, but it came as a success since bombings in Nairobi ended.

In conclusion, Kenya welcomed people without screening them in and out to know what they were up to. However, after learning from past mistakes, she made up her mind to clean up the mess.