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personal discipline – Waflay Post
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That Special Someone Will Just Come Along

What really determines the choice of spouses— girlfriend boy friend or that special someone in your life? Life baffles me every moment I take my lungful of gases and exhale some. I just cannot help wondering how God created a web and completed it, making sure that we all fall under someone in our lives.

I always believe that, there is not just one special someone in someone’s life but it also depends on the surrounding and personal discipline for one to be that special.

Like in my life story, I loved someone very much while I was still a young person. Unfortunately, I had to leave that place because we had to shift as whole family which gave me no choice but to let her go…. Just like that.

Oops! It only took me some days before I met with another special person. She meant a lot to me that I saw life as a lucky flower that always blooms in my feet. However, because of schooling, we never had that chance to explore each other’s life to the maximum. Okay, it ended parting ways because of lack of commitment to one another.

This story does not end there. It goes on and on until with special people popping up in different interval in my life. Something that makes me wonder if the surrounding plays an important role in meeting with someone you will love forever!

Sometimes I guess if I stayed far from my present location, I could be having another lover apart from my current one. One fact remains, my heart will always fall for someone else but my mind will dictate if I want to push on with the new one or stay with just one person in my life. I choose to love only one person and the rest are like the waters in the stream.

Have a lovely time

Does Religion Change People Positively?

This guy just attacked me for no reason at all. He told me that next time I should not attend their prayer time because, according to him, I was a disgrace in God’s eyes.

Who is to judge for those fit to pray to God and those that should not even attempt one or even be in the presence of those praying? I live to wonder why he chose me as his perfect victim. I guessed it was due to that closeness I had to his family or whatever the reason that led to that verbal attack; I have no idea.

Now my today’s question goes to believers out there, does religion change people’s hearts? As in, does reading the will of God cleanse dark hearts into snow-white unselfish hearts?

I have not been a religious people in most of my life. I know the Bible, but I do not follow it closely because of my own reasons. However, I have seen religious people doing much worse things that I know the Bible teaches believers not to.

Okay, let me highlight a point here. The person who attacked me and accused me of something I did not do is very religious person. He grew up with the Bible and he still live his life preaching the word of God to the world that needs one.

I support his mission for the sake of God, but I doubt if it was his will or personal dedication that drove him to Biblical course, I guess something else is behind his lifestyle.

I believe that the Bible and other religious books are there to shine the light in the dark side of human life. In addition, good religious people should live as good examples so that other people can follow. But if it verbal communication, their action and their ways of life tells us otherwise, then people like I are there to doubt the whole setting.

Still waiting for answers!

Separation From Marriage by Personal Preferred Choice

If a marriage does not work for any given couple, this situation leads to a divorce. But there has been a rising trend whereby some women in marriage just opt to move out of their marriage and yet there was no fight or any sort of disagreement with their husbands. Such women felt that their marriage was chocking so separating from their husbands was a good way of rejuvenating them afresh.

Some would opt to leave for a period of one or two years depending on what time span, an individual felt was good for her. Even after the separation, such women would continue communicating with their husbands and still do things together as a family. They are quick to point out that their husbands are good men but it comes a time when you feel you just want to be away from the married life.
Like for this scenario, the woman was away for one and a half years and was now ready to go back to her husband, as she felt full again. There was no fight between her and the husband but she just felt that she needed to have a break and be on her own.
In another case another woman had about eight months since she left her husband but was not sure when she would be going back to her husband. She felt that she was enjoying her every moment alone. There was no disagreement between her and the husband but was just yawning for some time alone.
It’s funny how life would sometime turn out to be but I’ve always thought that marriage is a lifetime commitment, but with such kind willingness separation, then marriage can still have some new meaning. Maybe they have a viable reason but one wonders now their husbands receive such recommendations.

Anyone who has had experience in this? Okay, feel free to share some with us…


What Parents Need to Know When Dealing with Teenagers

Who to deal with a teenager

how to deal with a teenager

When a child is in the teenage bracket of life,a parent should be very careful with him/her because it is at this point that a child needs a lot of support. Teenagers need rules as their tool of guidance and at most such riles should be firm and not be changed at all. These rules are to be understood by both parents and the teenagers. Even when it’s important to have rules,it’s good to have rules which make sense.

But then there can be flexible rules that are open for discussion and they should not in any way affect family values.It’s obvious for teenagers to protest when they think that they should do things their own way but I think one should be firm when dealing with them.

Challenges associated with teenagers:

-Drinking alcohol,smoking cigarettes and use of drugs.

-Being involved in violence or fights.

-Unintentional accidents and this especially to those who are riding bicycles.

To be able to curb such challenges,a parent should and be involved on what the child is doing.A parent should also know where a child will be and when that is the specific time.

Ways to make sure that you are there for your child:

-Be home when the children come home from school as they are happy when they find at least one parent at home.

-Make sure that you eat together as a family since this makes them to have a sense of belonging.

-You should know who your child hang out with.

-You can also learn some things that your kids are doing in your absence and this may be listening to some of your neighbor’s comments.

-In case your children had gone out with their friends,you should know where they are and when they will be back.This is made possible by the fact that they should first get permission from you before going out since you get now get an opportunity to tell them when you expect them to be back.

-During the holidays,you should know if your child has any holiday assignments and if not,assist therm to make a timetable and then follow up to ascertain that they study.

Anymore opinions about teenagers? Let me know…



From childhood to adulthood

This is a rite of passage that is very important as it helps with the transition from a child to an adult.It is an aspect of personal development.

During the olden days,young girls were supposed to spend time with their grandmothers while for the young boys with the grandfathers.In both cases,that is where they got  their advice from concerning what is expected of them as they grow older and older.It was a culture that went on well and was of help.

But for today things have really changed children do not even go to their grandmothers to catch bed time stories.

But for these last few weeks,I’ve heard of something that different NGOs have come up with that is to helping the childhood to adulthood transition.

Such institutions are doing this for a fee whereby it starts with a seminar for both the parents and their children that is both boys and girls.What I like about this is that such institutions are enshrined under the church and so spiritual enrichment  This is a session that enlightens the children about what is expected of them as they move to the adulthood and for parents to know on how to go about being there for their children.

The parents then leave and the boys are taken for their circumcision,are given time to heal before they can embark on their program.The girls at this time are enlightened on how to be responsible adults and what is expected of them.

For the boys it’s the high time that they learn how to become responsible men of tomorrow and this is the time to start acting responsibly.They need to know about the dangers of abusing alcohol and use of drugs which have adverse effects on their lives.

Just to mention a view there is wide varieties of topics that are covered and this will in fact help these young girls and boys.This is because it’s obvious that parents usually avoid talking to their children about important issues affecting them.