African Leaders Should Arise And Do Better Than Cheap Talks

When I hear of Africa, I still remember that there was once the ‘Scramble for Africa’ due to features that made this continent outstanding with attraction.

But then African countries surely boast of attaining independence and with leaders each with a leadership vision for his or her country. Africa is still dragging its feet in development though the member countries come together in unions and agreements, with the hope of being a better achiever in the future.

Will calls of African leaders threatening to pull out of ICC one wonders if theirs is a reason of outside interference as they claim or is it the obvious greed in order to clinch to power forever. Burundi is burning but no African leader is taking note of what the citizens of that country are undergoing so long as the leader of this country remains to be in force. The ICC should thus remain to maintain sanity in most African countries.

The truth is that Africa as a whole continent may have leaders who think they can be independent but from the look of things, we still have a long way to go as Third world countries. The reason being most African countries economies are registering a slow or no growth.

Let Africa start from somewhere and move forward and this can only be achieved if the leaders are really there with visions for their country.

But then in most African countries we have seen mushrooming of rebellious groups and poor leadership is to blame for this. Then there is still the case of security threats due to terrorists and so as Africa countries, we still need intelligent information from development countries like the USA.

So before African leaders can claim to make their decisions alone, I think they need to pull up their socks only when the world will know that they really can.

As Kenya Mourns The Fallen KDF Soldiers, What Went Wrong?

A variation on the Kenyan flag.

A variation on the Kenyan flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who killed our Soldiers in Somalia? Was it an act of terror or someone set them up? Was it the illegal trade to blame for the killings in an AU Kenyan Forces camp in Somalia?

It is a sad day since yesterday, and still no answers have popped up in my mind why the Kenyan intelligence was got unawares in the recent attack on Kenyan camp in Somalia.

Yesterday’s news was so heart breaking. And the country is mourning the deaths of KDF soldiers who were overrun by al-shabaab Islamic militants in Somalia, a few miles from the Kenyan border.

Confirming the incident, the military spokes person said that the soldiers managed to repulse the attacked but the damage had already been done.

According to al-shabaab spokes person, the Islamists killed over 60 Kenyan soldiers who are working to restore the image on Somalia after decades of war and lawlessness. The Kenyan forces crossed into Somalia, about four years ago and are since working under AMISOM, African Union Mission in Somalia.

The militants gained entry into that facility after a suicide bomber drove car-laden explosives into the gate and blew up. It was then that the ground team took on the facility with heavy gunfire.

The militants later reported that they have taken over the facility and erected their flag there.

Now, questions still lingers in my people’s mind…, ‘was the intelligence system asleep when this incident took place?

To some people, they argue that the soldiers were sold out to the terrorists but an unknown individual.

Even though these might be baseless claims, no one really knows an ever alert AU troops were got unawares this time round.

In recent reports, Kenyan troops were accused of doing businesses with an enemy in Somalia. The UN report said that KDF soldiers were engaging in illegal business in area under their command. Of course, Kenya rubbished these claims. Moreover, yes! No one really confirmed these reports.

In later reports, it was claimed that the terrorists were very much interested in looting, mostly acquiring weapons and other important war hardware from the AU camp.

Now, did someone sell Kenyan troops to these terrorists?

To Know a Bad Leader, See How He Treats A Known Bad Leader

The Swahili saying, Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe (Let the energetic get through) might mean that we should be cautious when handling matters that are beyond us or when dealing with someone whose power is out of our reach. For example when trying to oppose the dictatorial government while you already know you do not have a chance at all.

But sometimes silence means death! Then what should you do to survive?

Everyone listens when someone cries for help. Oops! Not always because so far the people of Burundi have been crying for help but no one in Africa is ready to listen to them.

It seems that people in Africa, especially those living in EAC region do not value humanity anymore. Even though people suffering are our brothers and sisters, silence from EAC heads of states only confirms that the countries have lots of problems to deal with and they have no room for sympathy anymore.

While the heads of states in the EAC region were pushing for trade deals, nothing came into our mind that they were also colluding amongst themselves to give us a raw deal if political disagreements emerge in a member state.

Recently, the parliamentarians in Bujumburu voted for not peace keeping mission in Burundi. This is just one way of keeping out foreigners into Burundi’s brewing genocide. I do wonder why when people— innocent individuals (men, women, and children) suffer; other men and women who ride in big cars with security details all over would only relax and let the sufferers face the wrath of fate. This goes on until they are actually affected… a time the call for help from the international community.

Why kill your people because of greed for power? And why watch as your friend murder his own people in order to remain in power?

There is one Bukusu saying that when translated goes ‘A good dog can’t walk with a bad dog unless they are both bad dogs.’ Coming in the mix with political stalemate in Burundi, it means that the friends of Burundi president are just like he is… only that nothing has happened yet in their countries.

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