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parenting – Waflay Post
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Should parents take part of the blame?

In the past few days, there has been a public outcry as to what most children might be doing behind their parents backs. So today in a radio show parents were asked if they can be partly blamed for poor parenting was up to the children to just behave. The first caller was a man who said that as a parent, he has done his role of bringing up his child but once he becomes an adult and joins may be the university, he already knows what is right or wrong. He further added that knows which path to take and why.

Then another parent said that taking your child to the university alone really drains them financially. This means as parents they cannot always be able to follow their children to see what they are doing and so it’s up to them to do what is right. She also added that a child going to the university is no longer under the watchful eye of the patent since they are already released to the public to encounter the new chapter of life full of challenges.

Then another one said as long he or she is still your child living under you roof, then he or she is entitled to your rules and regulations. This means that he or should not be left to do as they wish since they ought to know that someone is watching them.

Out of this forum, it was obvious that most parents felt that the children in the university who opt to join in-house parties is their personal interest because one can stand firm with his or her principles. They ought to know something done today has its consequences tomorrow. Then let the children know that it’s not only being cool before your friends yet they still have a future ahead of them.

Growing Up With Strict Parents

Just a few days, I came across this hashtag (#Growingupwithstrictparents) and it attracted participation with most people recalling how they were brought up with parents with very strict guidelines.

I have heard a number of times comment from a number of people that this generation has no ears to listen to what the seniors have to say.

On the same note, somebody else had this argument that you cannot tell the difference between parents and their children on the other hand in their way of dressing since in the name of fashion, anything is acceptable.

I remember as I was growing up, I was molded to beware of dressing decently. But I get for nowadays, everything has really changed because everyone wants to pace up with what is in the market.

I don’t know if parents have become lax or are too busy for their parenting role. Imagine a situation where a parent is punishing his or her son who is not even sorry for what he or she has done but keeps shout at the parent to leave him or her alone. But we are seeing these things happening where kids think that they are of an age of not being told what to do or too big to be punished.

I recently watched a video that was shared in FB of a boy maybe about eight years hurling insults at his mother yet he was still under her roof but with no respect. This attracted numerous comments with many participants thinking that a no nonsense punishment be accorded to this boy while others said that they would kill a child of their own for such rudeness.

Bu I was there thinking that this bad behavior in this boy did not just start abruptly, he was only doing what his mother has been okay with all through until somebody else thought this was really wrong.

A Play; Featuring a Father And His Daughter Who Is Seeking Help

ZIPFY - in action - father and daughter

ZIPFY – in action – father and daughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the daughter entered in the house and asked to talk to her father about an important issue. Out of curiosity, the father starts by guessing that maybe she has finally found a suitor, being the reason why she needed to discuss things with her father.

Then the father jokingly tells his daughter that maybe she was heavy with a child and he reassures her that he is there for her parental support including anything that she would feel that she needs.

But then his daughter tells him that he may be good at guessing and she would prefer to have them seated at which he obliges. Then she clears her throat as just about to say something but suddenly becomes hesitant and her father encourages her to speak up as he is all ears open.

So she starts by telling her father that she has finally decided to vie for a parliamentary seat come the next general election.

With opening remarks, the father tells her that being in the political arena calls for a lot of personal sacrifice and asks her if she is really ready to face hectic challenges that come.

The daughter on the other hand tells her father that she knows that she has what it takes to serve as a political leader. So she continues and tells her father that she is giving him the task of selling her political agenda to his old peers and she trusts that they will listen to him.

Her father gladly agrees to be her mouthpiece and then she tells him that she was meeting the county’s Women Representative to discuss something with her and would thus be on her way.

On reaching outside, she points to men standing a few meters away and informs her father that they were part of her security detail at which the father surprisingly tells her that he can already see that she is well prepared for the task ahead. He then bids her goodbye and wishes her well.

This play reflects our present actions towards our children and on whether we are ready to listen to them.

Situations That Arise When Children of Single Women Ask About Their Father

In a healthy family setting, a father figure is a very important entity where the children are concerned. But there are some situations where you will find children being raised by single mothers. So in an early morning radio, listeners were asked to give their take on children of single mothers out there and their father.

The first caller, a man said that he has four daughters with different women, two of which came looking for him when they were above twenty-five years of age. The other two who are sisters are thirteen and eight years and it had not been easy for them to see him. He said that they at times call him on phone but are always beaten up by their mother when she realizes that they had talked to him. He added that single women deny the children the right to a father.

Then for this case, this lady gave birth to a baby girl but the father abandoned them after a few months and has never bothered to cater for their upkeep. The lady says that her baby of thirteen months is being looked after by the grandfather (the lady’s father).She further added that if her daughter will at any time want to meet her father after she is old enough, she will oblige to that so that the two can start there.

I think children have the right to meet their father and that’s why you find even in the event of a divorce, the father is given visitation rights so that he can get to meet his children. Even if the relationship of their mother with their father went sour, this has nothing to do with the children. Let the children taste the feeling of a father figure, something that is important for their growth.

Drunk Mum Behaving Badly! See How..

I have always viewed parenting as a full time job and so anyone who has just decided to give birth, should ready to put up with the new responsibility and in fact undertake everything that comes with motherhood with a lot of passion.

It was during mid-day on the Jamhuri Day cerebration and I saw something that left me thinking that there are mothers out there and with children but may be motherhood ought not to be a vocation for them.

There were these two women shouting at the top of their voice that this day was of a lot of significance to Kenyans and so to the joy of all citizens, everyone should enjoy the fruits of independence by having a work free day. But the sight of these two women was shocking as they both staggered drenched in liquor. And point of concern, one woman had a baby of about one year of age and another one held by his hand.

I wondered what kind of foundation the mother was molding for these kids! In my guess she was from quenching her thirst of the liquor before even taking time to properly fend for her children.

May be we should not blame her though one can wonder how she can still take care of the children now that drunkenness is part of her. And the way she looked, this was not the first time… she looked just like those single mothers who drink themselves into the ditch.

Both kids were small and the walking boy really struggling to keep up with the pace of his mother who once in a while would turn back to check at him, and at times shouting at him not to dare being left behind.

She also mentioned that being drunk is what drives her life to relaxation. According to what she said, alcohol brings her inner self to reality and that without it, life is nothing but a horrifying experience that she can’t put on with.