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Parent – Waflay Post
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Should parents take part of the blame?

In the past few days, there has been a public outcry as to what most children might be doing behind their parents backs. So today in a radio show parents were asked if they can be partly blamed for poor parenting was up to the children to just behave. The first caller was a man who said that as a parent, he has done his role of bringing up his child but once he becomes an adult and joins may be the university, he already knows what is right or wrong. He further added that knows which path to take and why.

Then another parent said that taking your child to the university alone really drains them financially. This means as parents they cannot always be able to follow their children to see what they are doing and so it’s up to them to do what is right. She also added that a child going to the university is no longer under the watchful eye of the patent since they are already released to the public to encounter the new chapter of life full of challenges.

Then another one said as long he or she is still your child living under you roof, then he or she is entitled to your rules and regulations. This means that he or should not be left to do as they wish since they ought to know that someone is watching them.

Out of this forum, it was obvious that most parents felt that the children in the university who opt to join in-house parties is their personal interest because one can stand firm with his or her principles. They ought to know something done today has its consequences tomorrow. Then let the children know that it’s not only being cool before your friends yet they still have a future ahead of them.

Growing Up With Strict Parents

Just a few days, I came across this hashtag (#Growingupwithstrictparents) and it attracted participation with most people recalling how they were brought up with parents with very strict guidelines.

I have heard a number of times comment from a number of people that this generation has no ears to listen to what the seniors have to say.

On the same note, somebody else had this argument that you cannot tell the difference between parents and their children on the other hand in their way of dressing since in the name of fashion, anything is acceptable.

I remember as I was growing up, I was molded to beware of dressing decently. But I get for nowadays, everything has really changed because everyone wants to pace up with what is in the market.

I don’t know if parents have become lax or are too busy for their parenting role. Imagine a situation where a parent is punishing his or her son who is not even sorry for what he or she has done but keeps shout at the parent to leave him or her alone. But we are seeing these things happening where kids think that they are of an age of not being told what to do or too big to be punished.

I recently watched a video that was shared in FB of a boy maybe about eight years hurling insults at his mother yet he was still under her roof but with no respect. This attracted numerous comments with many participants thinking that a no nonsense punishment be accorded to this boy while others said that they would kill a child of their own for such rudeness.

Bu I was there thinking that this bad behavior in this boy did not just start abruptly, he was only doing what his mother has been okay with all through until somebody else thought this was really wrong.

Relationship, Parents With Their Children

When we talk of a relationship that exists between parents and their children, some will say it fully depends on individuals and others will prefer not even talking about it.

Let’s look at it this way; giving birth is like a vocation which calls for a lot of commitment from both parents. So as a parent, it’s your role to take your full time job of parenting seriously if your children are to grow up into responsible adults.

But then there are some incidents happening around us which make us wonder why all the mess with most children being a thorn of flesh to their parents. I or we ask who is to blame for all this.

Is it the current generation that seems to gradually transform as years advance by or is it the parents who have failed flatly in their parenting roles? What happened to the qualities of a good child who most of all respected his or her parents? I sometimes feel like asking whether most children are becoming the crazier or the more mad or even both crazy and mad.

Just a few days ago, it was in the news of a young man who openly scolded his mother for failing to take him through college. So he first burned her entire house down but the villagers came to her rescue, did a fundraising for her so that she could build another house. After she had withdrawn the cash so that she could buy materials for her new house, the son attacked her hitting her with a blunt object and she instantly died.

This is such a sad incident that just shows the extent of a lot to be desired relationships that may so far exist between some parents and their children. Children ought to know that for their parents giving birth to them is enough reason to be appreciated without even expecting other favors.

Public Schools Performing Poorly Because…

As the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education was released early yesterday, it was evident that children from the public schools had performed poorer that their private school counterparts. According to the Education Cabinet Secretary (C.S), Professor Fred Matiangi, teachers were to largely blame for the decline in mean grade since they had abandoned the children as far as their learning needs are concerned. The C.S also said that it was sad that some counties registered 70% absenteeism and so this could only reflect what students in such schools were losing in terms of learning.

But then there were other reports that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) being the teacher’s employer was also to blame for the bad results reflected in public schools. The reason given here was that the TSC had demotivated the teachers for failing to grant pay increase bearing in mind that their current salary is not enough.

In other reports another speaker, an official in the Ministry of Education said that head teachers were also to blame since they are responsible for quality assurance and so it was clear that they were not doing their work. She went ahead and said the head teachers should not be popular with the teachers under them anymore but should rather look for performance from the teaching staff.

But then it’s the hope of every parent that the government will embark on a serious mission to establish why public schools are lagging behind in the national examinations. The poor performance is something of concern since it becomes the best option for those who cannot be able to access quality education in private schools. Let’s see more in terms of resources distribution because empty talk will not bring real improvement not unless something is done to rectify the current situation. Once corrective measures are put in place, and then we can expect to get better results in future.

When children rebel discipline

A few months back, it was shocking for school children to get involved in the act of arson which led to the death of two students. What was more shocking is that this incident happened in a school that was admired by many for having well behaved children. The owner of the school being a counselor was able to talk to children and ensure that they were disciplined.

But for students to just set ablaze their school, something was amiss. It was such a sad incident and I remember someone faulted the owner of the school for believing that any child can change no wonder that they just let her down. But looking from a different perspective, why do some children rebel a simple trait of being the disciplined child?

I tend to think that at times the parents are to blame. Like for this scenario, a certain child who was found on the wrong was punished by being asked to clean the toilet but the parent took sides with his son and said that there is no way that his son could do that. The reason being that if his son do not clean toilets at home then why do it at school. Such a parent is wrong because whoever that he’s raising up will in the future bring more problems.

So as parents, let the teachers do their work with no interference and avoid treating children like small brats. By this I mean cease referring to your children as ‘Kababa/ ’Kamum because you still make them think they are just but grown up kids who have the watchful eyes of their parents.

Then let the society play a part and open up eyes where the children are involved. By this I mean let any child that is found on the wrong ought to be corrected.