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Goodies That Come With Christmas

There are many occasions that you will need a gift for.Christmas is one of the occasion where you need to gift someone special and unique.  There are times that you need to find a unique gift for one reason or another. Maybe the person you are buying for has everything or they are really hard to please with ordinary gifts.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is for needing a unique gift. In order to get that gift you will need to find a unique gift shop.Well Your search is over by visiting to gift shop singapore,Where can you find a gift shop that is unique and will have the right gift for all the  occassion.

This is a time that is significant in Christians calendar and it’s a period that is treated in a very special manner.

Preparations are in top gear in churches and some go to an extent of making a manger representing the birth of Jesus Christ. And then Christians know this is the time that Christ is really born in their hearts.

More so, this is the time that you will find that most families plan to meet and cerebrate in get- together by hiring  and book a taxi in perth. And even for those who live in towns, this becomes the only time that they look forward to travel in up country to meet their other relatives. If can also look for 10 Best Drip Coffee Makers For Your Money.

Even most businesses are not left behind by coming up with offers to sale of their wares. It is obvious to get businesses offering 50% discounts on their products for those customers that get to buy their products like Corporate Coffee Systems during this festive season. Remember this is just a way of attracting more customers in the shortest period ever. What’s more some businesses even adopt the issue of giving free samples.

The Christmas spirit is also being experienced in radio stations whereby the listeners get a share of being rewarded for being loyal listeners. By this, they get prizes by answering some questions as per the presenter’s requirement. One can for example be asked which presenter handles a certain program and if one gives the right answer, and then one will surely get something in return. Even bigger companies distribute some corporate gifts to their employees during Xmas season as well to motivate them.

Then it is during this festive season that you will hear traders saying in a layman’s language that their coffee has really ripened meaning that their sales have been on the rise. So it’s obvious a lot comes during this festive season often characterized with a lot of partying.

But anyway nobody wants to miss the feeling of being unique in one way or the other during festive season.

Kenyans to Celebrate Looted Tax Payers Money on Mashujaa Day

Today is a public holiday to commemorate Kenyan heroes, Mashujaa Day, formerly Kenyatta day. But is there something positive to celebrate, which could make Kenyan heroes so proud of what they did for Kenya? Hardly any since independence!

There has been a trend where leaders only focus on what they would gain more while in power. The so called leaders have turned the country into an easy money minting machine. Corruption in public offices is the order of the day, something that that could make our heroes very angry. Isn’t it?

Kenyan leaders represent a true meaning of hypocrisy. Mashujaa Day to them is just like any other business day. As El Niño rains are expected in the country, the MPs, Governors and MCAs are now focused on how they would gain big from money set aside for emergency situations.

Of course someone has already allocated Kshs37.5 million for 1000 bar soaps. This is like one bar is going for Kshs37,500 way far from market value for the same bar soap which is rated at kshs120 in supermarket shelves.

Who officiates these ridiculous deals? Unless someone is such a bad mathematician, no such exaggerated deals could go through. But here in Kenya, everything to do with money is possible.

Recently, the government refused to honor a court order to give a pay rise to public school teachers. The reason was that the treasury was too squeezed to continue increasing the wage bill which is already too much for a lower middle class country. This confirmed that Kenya government is broke.

As we celebrate Mashujaa Day, we have nothing to make us proudly Kenyans. We only remember 10 wheelbarrows that cost us Ksh109,000 each, a hospital gate that went for Kshs2 million, a foot bridge that cost us ksh1.5 million, window curtains at Kshs2.3 million among other questionable expenditures.

Well, this is the first Mashujaa Day when the Government can’t account for Kshs500 Billions— oops! This is Kshs 500,000,000,000 in full length.

Cool, have your say!

Holders of public office should behave responsibly

When we vote for our political leaders to represent us in the national government,it shows that we trust them to deliver services on our behalf since we know that they can perform as per our expectations.The same applies to the those others who under the president’s mandate are appointed to head the public institutions that we have in the country.

So them being up there,they should be our good ambassadors and carry out their obligations in a responsible manner.This means that they should not use their positions as a way of intimidation to get things done in their favor.They should respect everyone else including their juniors and should be ready to face consequences for any wrong doing.

But this is not always the case,like in this incident where a senior person in the judiciary harassed a junior staff in the shopping mall.The person in question felt that there was no need of undergoing a security check because of being in a senior position in the judiciary.There ensued confrontation with the judicial official threatening the unarmed security officer with a gun.

This caused a public outrage and a suspension tribunal was formed to look into the erratic behavior and the official was dismissed on grounds of misconduct since such actions went against the ethics of the judicial profession.The official eventually lost the job after investigations revealed the turn of events of the ugly incident and so the final verdict was that the official had to resign.

So had the official behaved responsibly and allow the routine security check,this would not have attracted such an ugly scenario that led to the loss of a job.Being humble is a trait that is worth possessing to avoid one finding himself/herself on the receiving end due to misconduct.Such public officers should know that they ought to be a good example in their way of conduct.

GSU Officers Cause Havoc In Mathare-Nairobi

Why would GSU police officers descend to a quiet village late at night and start beating up people for no good reason? Yesterday night at around 10 pm, the uniformed tall men went on rampage in Mathare no.10 village— the suburbs of Nairobi—causing havoc and denying people the right to walk peacefully to their homes.

Apparently, the General Service Unit personnel were forced to cut short their patrol in Bondeni- Mathare Valley when they were attacked by rowdy youths who were demonstrating the arrests of three youths in the area. I retaliation to this, the venerated police force went about beating up innocent people in the neighboring area, seeking for the identity of those who hurled stones at them earlier that day.

I wonder who teaches these people that civilians should be treated like trash in Kenya. Okay, they are out to clean up the mess in the society, but why use force exceedingly to other areas where peace is the order of the day?

It is not about maintaining law and order; I guess they were up for enjoyment in pains inflicted to other people. They care about no one and the law that they are supposed to uphold is the one they use to cause havoc and go scot-free.

Only in recent days did the GSU started patrolling on our streets. This came because of the new security law that was signed into law by the president. Even though the court suspended some controversial clauses, the people on ground are still feeling the pinch of the law that was passed in the chaotic parliament (national assembly) a few months ago.

The GSU service men bombed the area with tear gases and even forced themselves into people’s houses and not even the demand for a search or arrest warrant could have stopped them. In fact, they were like wounded beasts targeting a peaceful Mathare area instead of facing the real culprits.

Security Law Shuts Down Civil Society Activists

The land was becoming so encouraging with so many people embracing an idea of having a say in all current affairs and other related stories.

I like it when the land was free and the inhabitants enjoying the freedom of expression and voicing their opinions without fear of intimidation and law suits.

But now, it is either going anonymous or accepting fate as it come a time when we have to be careful not to land on the wrong side of our say; because someone just do not support freedom anymore.

Last time I checked active activism in Kenya was something everyone was willing to do, but in the latest incident eight civil society activists were arrested and till today, they are not yet out.

According to the Hughes & Coleman lawyer, their charges are bailable but the government just don’t wanna let them free. In fact, they are trying to fix them onto things they never did—- they were simply voicing their opinion on the controversial security Bill that is now a law.

In what I understand about any developing country like Kenya and other nations world wide, people should have freedom to have a say whenever the country is seen going astray or being led in wrongful direction.  But due to the spirit that runs deep in our veins, we just can’ allow someone to mock our efforts, our ignorance, our dirty trails, our weaknesses, our lacking wisdom and out outright failure.

As far national security is concerned, a peaceful demonstration is not a threat to other people and the government. It is just one way of showing respect to the law– peaceful, but agitating for something not in agreement with.

Some people believe in going on the streets if their grievances are met by a deaf ear. Others like I likes to have a say quietly by using the power of technology and a handful of ideas. We are all activists and should be respected by what we said out loud.

Arresting and detaining innocent people because of their opinion is something that even the law itself can’t back up. I understand the measures Kenya government is doing to solve insecurity, and threats to human life in Kenya. However, activists are not terrorists— real threats are out there in our midst and just awaiting to strike when the coast is clear.

We just can’t win the war against crimes but detaining innocent people!

Have Your Say

Photo courtesy of Daily Nation