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Negligence – Waflay Post
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Marriage and Having Kids Was Not Meant For Everyone

There are reasons to believe that marriage and having kids was not meant for everyone. It is not bad to lead a celibate life, but we have those people who are already married or have kids of their own, however, they do not have all it takes to be parents— leave alone parenting values that might undermine their scores.

It is not that such people do not have resources necessary to bring up a healthy kid in a good parenting environment, but just because they feel that a child is a hindrance for something else. And they prefer taking other responsibilities as their first priority over their child or children.

In this era, where everything is bought by money, the search for money has taken over people’s way of life. In news today, there was a report that a two-year old boy is yet to start talking because his mother is ever out. Which is insane, considering the amount of resources available online to even teach kids how to write synonym.

According to the neighbors, the kid is always indoors and rarely see the sun because his mother is ever busy for him.

The concerned neighbors usually let him out when his mother is not around, feed him and allow him to play with other kids before sending him back to his den.

The mother who works both day and night is said to be a friend to the local police officers that this has shielded her from being arrested for negligence.

The last time that neighbors reported her to the police, the male police officer who was sent to deal with the matter ended up sleeping with her. This made the concerned people to mind their own business.

When a parent do not have means to bring up a child, the state should either force the parent to exercise his or her duties or take the child to children homes.

Why work the whole of your life while your child is suffering at the other end?  Parenting involves giving your children that much-needed love. Or if you know you can’t deal with parenting stuff, employ someone to take care of your child.

Negligence On Kenya Roads

Nairobi matatu

Nairobi matatu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we talk of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs), a lot comes in our minds and especially because of the hustle that comes with these vehicles on our roads. So today, I listened to this lady giving a testimony of that ill-fated day which really changed her life. The mother of two was going about her business of going to the market to buy some wares for her grocery .So as usual; she boarded a Nissan matatu oblivious of reaching to her destination safely. On reaching her destination, the conductor stopped the vehicle for her to alight but then before she could alight safely, the vehicle started moving.

The reason being that a traffic police had been spotted and so the conductor pushed this lady from the moving vehicle and she fell down but the vehicle was forced to halt it’s journey by other passengers. So as she was being helped to get onto her feet, that’s when she realized that both of her legs were broken and the conductor took off. But she was still taken to hospital where she has been to date; a period of almost two months, yet nothing has been done to follow up with her case to even try bringing to book the conductor who caused all this.

But then she is still stuck in hospital and cannot get specialized treatment on her legs due to lack of funds to cater for this. So she hoped well wishers could come forward and assist her so that she could walk yet again and continue fending for her two children. She also said that she hoped the relevant authorities would follow up the matter and help her once and for all since the vehicle that she was pushed from is still operational even after changing her life to a mystery that she wouldn’t have imagined.

Another Lose Of Life Due to Police Negligence

English: Victoria Police motorcycle policeman ...

Police motorcycle policeman on a BMW R1200RT motorbike (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Monday morning, police once again exercised their level of incompetence after they allegedly shot dead a passer-by. Earlier reports indicated that the police who were in a van were trying to calm down tomato sellers who were up in arms due to unspecified problem in the market.

So the one of the police officers shot in the air to scare the traders killing the man on the spot. But an eyewitness said that a woman trader who owed a fellow trader some cash had refused to pay back the money even after being asked adamantly to do so. So she went to the policemen with lies that her debtor is the one who owed her money and so the policemen responded by coming to arrest the other trader. That’s when the other traders protested at the move and blocked the policemen from arresting the innocent trader.

In the process, the policemen ran for their dear lives and once in their patrol van, one of them shot in the air leading to the live bullet landing on a construction worker who was just going about his errands.

After the incident, the policemen sped off and this angered the crowd who at first refused the body from being taken away from the scene until the policeman responsible is apprehended. The deceased’s family also demanded that they want justice since it was an innocent life lost by somebody’s negligence.

This incident comes after a previous one where a young lady died due to injuries after spending weeks in the hospital leaving behind hospital bills amounting to millions. In this case, the lady had boarded a motorbike and then they approached a police check spot where motorbikes were expected to part with a Shs.50 bribe. So when the policeman waved at the motorbike rider to stop but he refused and sped off, the policeman in turn hurled a gun in order to force the motorbike rider to stop but he hit the lady pedestrian who lost balance and fell off but the motorbike rider drove away.

So sad that the lady had to succumb to injuries and the policeman was transferred citing security reasons even after the family members sought justice for the action. But due to pressure mounting on the policeman to own up, he surrendered earlier this week and so will face murder charges.

I think the policemen should act more responsibly when they are in their line of duty and then tough measures ought to be put in place for those behave irresponsibly.