Youths Given Another Chance In NYS program

Good news to youths who were once employed in the government’s Kazi kwa Vijana and NYS program. The government has started renewing the contract to those willing to take part in this practice once again.

Three months back, the government halted NYS program due to corruption allegation in the devolution ministry, which youth employment program fall under. About Kshs800 million got lost through this scam.

This issue was first brought to light by the former CS, Anne Waiguru, which later backfired leading and due to public pressure she resigned. A week later, her house was raided by an anti graft body in what the government said was a necessary move to make things straight.

Now that the new CS of devolution, Mwangi Kiunjuri, is in office, the government has started re-registration of youths for public cleaning jobs.

However, we have another issue that has come to light today. The working tools are missing. Where are they? Who went with them when the program was put on halt? Who will be responsible for missing tools?

It is certain that the officials on the ground are not taking things lightly. According to some youths, the officials are demanding for return of tools before someone could be registered in this third phase.

One complainant said that she has never been the holder of any government tool, but now she is being blamed for a missing wheelbarrow. She has been backed up by other youths with similar predicaments.

This job has helped my youths in slum areas in Nairobi. Many youths saw it as an opportunity presented to them by the willing government but now, some youths are going to miss out from this due to misplaced or lost tools.

By now, there is no information from the officials whether the government will cater for lost tools or not. But as things are, not many youths are going to get their slots back.

It will be very sad for youths to lose these jobs because someone did not do his job to the maximum. As for those who have this chance, congrats and be ready for weekly pay just like before.

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