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Murder – Waflay Post
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What has befallen our society?

geralt / Pixabay

As Christians ‘Do not kill ‘ is one of the Ten commandments.But it has always been all over news  like a girlfriend has murdered her boyfriend  and vice versa or a man has killed his wife and vice versa or even a brother turning against his real blood brother.But then I sometimes wonder why all the killings?Is it that as we advance in technology by enjoying a more comfortable life, the more it seems like people are loosing their minds the more thus failing to see anyone’s life as precious anymore.

And in these murder incidents ,it has become something involving both the young and the old.Like in the last one month,there has been incidents involving university killing one another in love triangle scenarios,others in come we stay marriages even with children present.So the question here is ,are we as parents too busy chasing our money dreams projects to even remember we have children who need our advice in relationships.What’s more do we take the university students as grown-ups who can make decisions on their own?

I remember a speaker from one of the university students who was talking out of concern of the increased love related killings who pointed out that students needs sessions on relationships but they have to pay for that.So I think this is where parents come in ,they ought to arrange with the university’s management to at least give the students some tips on this part of life and make them understand accepting to walk out of an unhealthy relationship is the way to go.

Then there has been a number of cases in our courts where hit-men have been hired by a man’s wife to kill the husband or vice-versa. And they are just given some cash which cannot last their lifetime yet see it enough to take someone’s life.So one wonders if such hit-men are ready to kill for others,are their hires also ready to kill for them.

It’s sad that people no longer value the life of others that they can end it like the wink of an eye.

Love triangle killings

For quite some time now, there have been increased incidents of university students killing one another due to love related reasons. The most related incident is a first-year student killing a fourth-year student after an argument ensued concerning the latter’s girlfriend.

It was a sad incident that left the country wondering what life has become, why kill your love rival instead of thinking much better about the whole relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is having another relationship out there, then it means he or she is not someone worth to be your future husband or wife.

For students, life is much better if wise judgment is given the first hand in almost everything. There is nothing bad about being rejected or being treated as a third person. One only has to understand that not all that glitters are golden, and those who pretend to be special sometimes ends up being like your foot-mat in future.

The future is bright for bright minds out there. Every wrong mistake, wrong decisions, and wrong moves draws you close to failure. You don’t want that to happen, right? Cool! Then you have to start thinking much better than normal lifestyle. Students in higher learning institutions should live by their status. Learning is part of life too. Books only show us the way, but how we implement what we have learnt in real life is what that matters.

Why kill someone just because of love? Anger does more damage than good. The damage caused by anger can destroy the rest of your life. Students have a future to gamble with, but what they do not understand is how a simple mistake might land them in worst mess than what they have ever thought of.

People make mistakes! Love triangles thrive where true love is a thing that cannot be put into practice, but rather a waste of time. People should be careful about who to love and when to love.

Is it really killing for love?

Just a few days ago, there were this shocking news of a boyfriend who stabbed his girlfriend to death in her parents home after they had an argument and then went home and killed himself by taking a poison. He left a suicidal note taking responsibility for the death of the girl who was found in the pool of blood at home by her father.  Looking at this incident one wonders whether they really knew what it is to be in love. Even if two people are in love, they need to know challenges are there and so being in a position to be able to deal what comes their way the better.

We all know that a relationship is open to be healthy or unhealthy and the two partners should accept whatever course their relationship takes. No one should force any romance on the other but I guess most young people seem determined to make things work to their favor even when no hopes linger along.

What happened to a healthy or unhealthy relationship scenario? In this case one should be able to gauge if you are in a healthy relationship or not. If you are not able to cope up with your partner, then let go everything because no amount of pressure from anyone might change this. Then be able to move and just know  that one failed or broken relationship does not mean you cannot land to another good one and what’s more better a broken relationship than a broken marriage.

Looking at this incident, it seemed like this young man had no left options to even let go this girl into another life with someone else. So he just thought ending this relationship meant no life for both of them. What if they both were not meant to be? Too bad that he could not stomach that even though in this life he ought to know that anything is possible.

Couple Jailed For Killing Child

There is time for humans to joke around with life and time to be serious about it all. Why would you kill a child just because you suspect he it was born out of wedlock? This is animosity that should be condemned, and the people involved in cruel act face the law.

A couple in Nyando, Kenya was sentenced to life imprisoned following revelation that they strangled their two-month-old child after the husband doubted the fatherhood of the child.

Apparently, the man in the house refused to accept the kid because he suspected that his wife cheated on him and got pregnant by the unknown man. They two, husband and wife, decided to kill the child and secretly dispose off the body.

It took the neighbors involvement to unravel the mystery and the couple arrested and charged with murder.

The two did not even confirm that the kid was actually the fruit of another man. DNA test was not carried out to determine the paternity of the deceased. This only confirms that the couple was not ready for parental responsibilities.

We know that life is not that simple because of financial reasons. However, this should not be a reason fit to kill an innocent child just to avoid parental responsibilities.

Personally, I know of a person who became so violent after he suspected that his wife cheated on him. It got so nasty that the elders from his side and those from his wife to discuss the way forward. Eventually, the two separated but good that the child was not harmed.

Why not just give away the child for adoption if you think the child is not part of your family? It is not worth the chance but for sure, the child will someday have a bright future.

I hate evil!

Wrong Accusation For Causing Death

This man had been in pain and distress for close to ten years due to a misunderstanding in the family that led him and his brother not talking to one another for such a long period. He had a painful testimony that was evident at how he hesitated between his conversations. This is his testimony;

His brother’s son (nephew) came to him asking for help to start a butchery business and so he gladly accepted to give him the capital as he viewed him like his own blood child.

Since the butchery was not far from his home, the nephew one day brought some meat and requested his aunt(this man’s wife) to prepare some food that he would join them for dinner after the close of business. This man said he was not home at the time but came later in the evening and got to know about the planned dinner visit. So his nephew and a friend joined them about 7 P.M in the evening and since everything was set in the dining room, they sat down for the meal.

His nephew did all the serving and they really had a great evening, he and the friend bade them goodbye and went home. But the following day when he was at work and in a meeting, he got a call from his cousin that his nephew had been admitted to hospital and is in a serious condition. So he immediately dismissed the meeting and took a cab to the hospital where he found his brother and his wife. He got to know that his nephew was in the ICU in a bad shape and the reason for his condition was due to food poisoning. His then comment that he was with his nephew the previous night and enjoyed a meal and so he wondered where he could have eaten poisoned food.

His woos started right there since his brother’s wife pushed her husband aside, they mumbled something and walked away and from then they refused to talk to him again. So he had no option but to go home because he felt that he was unwanted. What’s more word went round that he had poisoned his nephew and so the villagers also rejected him and the worst of it all, the nephew passed on after two days and so he was immediately branded a murderer.

To date he still maintained that he was not responsible for the death of his brother’s son and he gave accounts that show his nephew still went out to unknown areas the day they had dinner together. According to the guard at the gate where he was living, he at first came, took a coat and then left. Then he came later in the night and since he was living in his aunt’s compound, his cousin revealed that he had heard him mixing something in a glass in his room. What’s more his brother’s son, he had approached his aunt and told her that they ought to forgive him for he had taken some poison.

With all these instances that show the young man may have been responsible for his death, it did not change anything in the way his brother’s family felt. Trying to talk to his brother bore no fruits for he said it still remained that he poisoned his son for being jealous of him for having many children, this man in this case has only one child, a son. It’s true that his brother’s saw the glass that the deceased may have used to take poison but they said it looked like he had mixed in it an egg maybe after feeling uncomfortable from the poison he may have been given and so the glass was thrown away in the pit latrine.

So this man took this opportunity to tell everyone including those in his village what may have happened and prove his innocence. He regrets that had that glass been taken for further analysis, may be this would have shed more light on this difficult incident. He was wanted to relieve pain that has been eating him for such a long time. This is a sad incident that only represents situations where innocent people may carry a cross that may not be theirs.