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mother – Waflay Post
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What is The Difference Between Me and You?

There was this  boy was in a primary school and having being raised by his single mother as his father had long passed on when he was a small child, his mother was being assisted by close relatives to educate her son.

So one day, he was given a short note requiring him to give it to his mother as it was a monthly reminder that her son had a balance to offset for his smooth earning.

Then in the evening the boy’s uncle came visiting the family to check on their progress. Before leaving, he asked the boy’s mother if the boy had any balance in terms of school fees to be paid.

She told him that the school fees had already been paid in full due to the fact that she had earlier used some cash meant for school fees but would not own up to tell the boy’s uncle. But the boy being keen on the reply after sometime asked his mother if there is any difference between the two of them.

He went on and told her that she had lied to his uncle concerning having any fees balance and so this made them a match as liars. He quickly pointed out that she has always been insisting that he should always speak the truth but after this incident, it left him with more to wonder.

The above incident is a challenge to parents today with this question; am I a good example to my children? Let the answer be a ‘YES’ to avoid situations where a child will be an embarrassment to either the father or the mother. For example, you cannot tell your children to avoid using abusive language yet you are always abusing them.

Be a good parent and mind your style of parenting lest you raise your children in a lot to be desired manner.

Drunk Mum Behaving Badly! See How..

I have always viewed parenting as a full time job and so anyone who has just decided to give birth, should ready to put up with the new responsibility and in fact undertake everything that comes with motherhood with a lot of passion.

It was during mid-day on the Jamhuri Day cerebration and I saw something that left me thinking that there are mothers out there and with children but may be motherhood ought not to be a vocation for them.

There were these two women shouting at the top of their voice that this day was of a lot of significance to Kenyans and so to the joy of all citizens, everyone should enjoy the fruits of independence by having a work free day. But the sight of these two women was shocking as they both staggered drenched in liquor. And point of concern, one woman had a baby of about one year of age and another one held by his hand.

I wondered what kind of foundation the mother was molding for these kids! In my guess she was from quenching her thirst of the liquor before even taking time to properly fend for her children.

May be we should not blame her though one can wonder how she can still take care of the children now that drunkenness is part of her. And the way she looked, this was not the first time… she looked just like those single mothers who drink themselves into the ditch.

Both kids were small and the walking boy really struggling to keep up with the pace of his mother who once in a while would turn back to check at him, and at times shouting at him not to dare being left behind.

She also mentioned that being drunk is what drives her life to relaxation. According to what she said, alcohol brings her inner self to reality and that without it, life is nothing but a horrifying experience that she can’t put on with.

Threatened Free Maternal Healthcare In Kenya

Chances are that free maternity services in county government hospital will come an abrupt end. This report has been issued by the council of governor in Kenya.

It has been reported that the money allocated to cater for those services has not been received by the county governments. And the allocated amount of 2.4 billion is not enough. Governors said that they were expecting Kshs 4.2 billion but the central government only dispersed a half of the amount, now they have no option stop offering these much-needed maternal health services.

Due to devolution of resources, healthcare facilities are controlled by county governments. However, the local governments are not independent! a reason why they need funding from the central government in order to offer needed services to the people.

With the government having so many paper work before releasing the money, e every delay means endangering the life a mother and her unborn child. It is dad that such long waits results into unnecessary deaths to those persons who cannot afford maternal healthcare in private medical facilities.

In has also happened that so far a lot of county government medical facilities have ceased to offer nutritional supplements to infants. Nowadays, the pediatric doctors only recommend but it is up to the parent to buy them somewhere else.

When Jubileee alliance party leaders were campaigning for presidential position, they promised to offer free health service to the people. But as things are now, the dreams of having free healthcare is becoming so slim.

It the county governments choose to end this services, then the first corner-stone of free medical services in public hospitals will be hit by a blow and never will it become a reality.

Many people have benefited from free maternity services. Expectant mothers all over Kenya had something to smile about and they had hope that they would be in good hands when that time comes. But now, it is not good. They either have to part with something big or let fate take its final choice.

Kenyan government can do better… lets not dim the light for expectant mothers and their unborn babies.

The pain of losing attachment with ones child

This woman was out to pour the bitterness of her heart something that has been a pain for the last nine years. According to her, she was taking care of her first-born daughter as it is the norm and pride of every mother. She took her through primary school education and proceeded taking her to a secondary school.

But after the completion of the second term in secondary school things took a new turn after the daughter’s aunt (the sister to her husband) came into the picture. This is due to the fact that the aunt without asking the parents took custody of the child and started taking care of the child’s needs even paying for her school fees.

Things went on well for the family even though their daughter moved on to live with her aunt. She then completed her secondary school education and proceeded on to the college level. Then after completion of the college, she got herself an attachment for the sake of the on job experience. All this while her daughter was okay with the arrangement and her family didn’t take notice any problem for the long that she was residing with the aunt.

Then her daughter approached her parents and told them that she was in the dating zone and as it was a healthy relationship, she was thinking of taking it to the next level and get married to her lover. But as it is the culture as per the community that the family belonged to ,her husband had to pay dowry to their daughter’s mother before they can allow the daughter to proceed on with the plans .This was not taken well by the girl’s aunt and an elder uncle who said that even though they are the girl’s parents, they have no business in her life since they have not been involved in her educating. Now what seemed to be a goodwill gesture on the side if the aunt now turned to be something with other motives.

Now this woman said that they are already pushing on with the wedding scheduled to take place on this coming Saturday yet she feels that she has been sidelined as the biological mother. What’s more hurting her husband’s family has been making comments that her daughter has other parents no wonder she was not invited for dowry negotiations and so she does not know anything about the family where her daughter is getting married.

So she said that she has no problem with the wedding pushing through but hoped that things ought to be done with some light on the issue. What’s more nobody ever approached them as her rightful parents and so they have been treated of people with no say for being poor. Let her husband’s family own up their mistake, and make sure that there are consultations because she is supposed to be happy for her daughter but not sad.

Mother’s Day, Why She Deserves Love

Sunday 10th May, was a big day for all mothers out there bearing in mind that they are responsible for carrying children in their womb and this alone makes mothers special. Once the child is born, a mother becomes his/her first teacher, a lover and a caregiver.

Mothers Day was initiated by Julia Ward in 1870 to appreciate her mother for close to 10 years and this day has been in recognition till then.

This day is celebrated worldwide and it’s surely given the attention that it deserves. Like here in my country, radio stations were not left behind with the presenters giving their listeners a chance to wish mothers that had effected their lives one way or the other a happy mothers day. So what the listeners did was to send SMSs or emails and the presenter read them at a random. The radio presenter also made phone calls to a few women in the media fraternity just to represent the others.

It’s also in the Bible where the mother of Moses placed her son in a cot set it sailing in the river, just to save him from the wrath of Pharaoh of Egypt. As a mother she was determined to do anything to save her son and so she had her faithfulness in God since she left everything in His hands. That’s why a mother who does anything ho harm her child makes everyone wonder what kind of a mother she is. Mothers are known to stand with their children no matter the circumstances.

Then I saw something on a Face book update, this guy had posed a photo with his mother licking her nipples. It was a way of celebrating his mother’s special personality but anyway people have their own choices of conveying a message to someone special. Whatever the case, no one can deny the fact that he or she is on earth because of her endurance— nine months of hard-work. We have every reason to celebrate these special people.