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Money With The Stronger Influence In Our Day to Day Lives

When we talk of anyone having a lot of money, a lot of things cross through our minds. We think this definitely means having a good life full of comforts. But the truth is money does not real contentment because you can have lots of it and not know the feeling of happiness or even being loved. We all know that money is not everything but to be frank many people will do anything to have lots of it.

Then something else, most marriages tend to have healthy family relationships due to money. I remember a speaker who once said that a rich family’s child will be soothed even to take a glass of milk but a poor family’s child will be the wrath of all insults where money is concerned may be due to the wretched life that they are leading.

Then somebody else once said that some women will openly say that they can no longer stay with a man who does not know how to look for money. It’s true that we all work hard to get money which in fact never gets enough but maybe we are obsesses with getting a lot of it. Money is indeed important in a family but it should not be the root cause of problems. Then the society tends to uniquely identify those people with lots of money who in turn earns respect this way. Also people to look upon these people as key influences before decisions are made because it is a tradition that them having their say is crucial to the society.

Then the media is not left out in this money thing and you will find it featuring a topic that exclusively discusses of the owners of the economy. This definitely tells us who has lots of cash in the country.

Is it only about the money?

English: An Agapanthus flower arrangement befo...

English: An Agapanthus flower arrangement before blooming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was in a morning radio how when a lady called and said that they have what it takes to throw married men off balance as the other woman in a ‘Mpango wa Kando’(an arrangement of a side lady dating a married man).

She went ahead and said that she gets all the money that she needs in a unique form of a  bank cheque leave alone the obvious cash means. She further said that she also gets to drive a car of the latest model in town boasting that even the man’s wife cannot have the privilege of owning such a car.

Then she quickly pointed out that she is all attractive to make the man to forget his wife for the time they are spending together and only remembering their wives in the evening when they are going back to their homes.

But then this other lady called and said that those who opt to go ahead dating married men are only out to look for temporary solutions to their problems. So she said that they ought to look for some permanency when it comes to mend the real mess in their life. Then she pointed out that if such women think that they get the best, then why do they just spend a little time of someone’s husband only for them to go back to their wives.

Then this other lady called and said that she did not care if the man’s wife that she was dating knew her existence or not. She said that so long as she was getting all the money that she needed, then all was okay for her. Asked if she was sure that she was in a stable relationship as the other woman only to reply that she has been in the arrangement for close to five years and so she knew it was not to end in any way.

How Money Is A Silent Dictator

Suburban slum in Cairo

Suburban slum in Cairo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Money is branded a silent dictator bearing in mind that it determines what kind of life one is able to sustain. This means that you can only rent a house for which you can afford to pay for and that’s why we have posh suburbs for the rich and slums for the low earners.

It’s nobody’s wish to live in the slums but with no lots of money, one is left with no other option.

Then something else, money still dictates what kind of a car one drives and for those who can’t afford a car of their own, they are forced to use the public transport. Anybody would wish to keep up with pace of buying cars as per the one in the market, but with no money one will just opt to have the same old car year in year out.

Then there are those who cannot afford to commute to their work places on a daily basis and so for their case, walking becomes their easy way out.

Money is the same reason why some people will go for low cost eating places while some will go to five-star restaurants. So money dictates where or what to eat and maybe others cannot even afford to provide three meals per day for their family.

Also anyone would wish to be in the real estate investment, a new venture which is only possible if one has lots of cash. So as far as money is concerned, it only remains to be a dream to what most people would wish to own or do. The truth is people will always wish to have more and more money.

But anyway being rich or poor is still part of life and what matters is positive living with no regrets at all. Remember money is not everything.

For Sure, Love Can’t Survive Without Money

English: Love Question

 Love Question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the world of business, everything has a price what matters is how much. However, in what I have heard about love they say money can buy anything but not love. If this is true, then why are women some beautiful women take money and sell their love to someone they do not what?

Someone said that the heart of a woman can be manipulated by money and it is easily to fall for someone with cash than that broke prince charming.

One question that women asks men who are interested to them is, are you financially stable? If yes then the person wins. But if no then the second question will be, who do you expect us to stay together… do you expect us to eat love?

Well, it hurts to face this last question. But it also teaches us that love life can be somehow complicated than how it should be. That love nowadays is nothing but a four letter word in English language. But rarely do you find true love— the tale of Cinderella kind of stories.

While broke hearts are searching for that someone who would love them unconditionally, the wealthy guy somewhere has bought one and everything is as smooth as other businesses.

The lady in such relationships may feel like she got married to a wrong guy, but the reminder in her mind tells her to shut up because she is the one who fell for his money and other riches.

As the song by the boys band, Sauti Sol, goes… ‘Do you love me baby, do you love my money?’… then there is this final touch that say, ‘Benz is not love.’ Oops! Something that our ladies should think about well before committing their hearts to someone!

In the world of money, true love does not exist but in the world of love money should exist. What a terrible situation for those like me?

Life is not that simple! We have to work hard to achieve something in life. Yes! If you want a good life with someone you love then work hard, win her heart and let true love settle for that little thing and forever it will not pass.

Women who Share Their Husbands For The Sake of Getting Money

I was listening to an early morning radio show when a question was posed on women asking whether they would advocate their husband having affair with other women so long as they get cash. The first caller was a woman who said that if her husband would get a fair deal from a lady, then she would encourage her husband to grasp this opportunity. To her a fair deal meant lots of cash saying she would be okay with it since this will bring money to the family. She said nowadays men were sleeping around with other women but not getting anything so getting one who is offering to give cash is a positive thing.

The next lady caller said that in the economy of today, there is a lot of financial stress, getting someone offering cash is an opportunity that should not be left to slip away. She said  that her husband would still remain with her and not go anywhere and so money is the most important outcome. But I think it’s crazy how some people view issues relating to infidelity.

People ought to know that money is not everything to make you live happily but the problem is that most people tend to think that money buys happiness. I think those who condone this vice are prostitution partners and are only together for convenience and such couples should not in anyway view themselves as husband and wife .

It’s absurd how people forget we are in the era of HIV/AIDS and follow their greed for money. If anyone’s marriage partner would encourage the other to sleep around with another only for getting money, then there is no respect in this marriage. I think money earned through genuine ways however small it is makes one proud as its one’s sweat.