Kenya Police Fear The Unknown

There is fear among us that is taking Kenya for a ride. This fear emanates from the opposition and has taken over the government institutions that were meant to deal with threats to national security.

What I do not understand is the power that some people have that even the government can’t touch them. It started with Raila Odinga of CORD coalition when he refused to honor EACC’s summons. He even dared EACC officials that he is not afraid of going to prison because of his stand.

Of course, the EACC looked for other means of dealing with the man who controls massive support underground. They said that Mr. Odinga had delivered some important findings to the anti-corruption body and that the arrest warrant against him had been lifted.

Well, that was the first one against the fearful government.

Recently, the push and pull between the governor of Mombasa and the government of Kenya led to his gun-licence withdrawal. As if that was not all, the government further cut the number of his bodyguards from 15 to currently 5, making him so vulnerable for attacks.

To retaliate to this, Hassan Ali Joho  refused to hand over his three guns. Instead he delivered the licensed-gun belonging to his brother to the police and remained with his fire-arms.

The police force has been threatening to arrest him for defying the orders but still the man is free because of his political stand and support he receives from his people.

In what I see, the trend of powerful law breakers are walking free because the Kenya police is not well equipped to handle the wealthy and powerful individuals in the country.

If the police force had power to arrest these powerful politicians, we would be talking about other things but as it is now, it seems that the police force is working in few. Not sure what to do if a certain powerful person breaks the law.

It is a sad situations where the law is taken lightly, broken and the force that has powers to arrest law breakers does nothing because of fear of unknown.

Wake Up Kenya! These People Have Nothing To Offer…


There is no direct means of getting the right person for the job other than to give them equally potions of work and see who does it perfectly well and faster than the other.  Well we come in politics; we have no choice but to do the same for the sake of getting the man or woman for the top job.

Party politics ruins our way of handling national issues. The only way for people to make political progress is by doing away with a word ‘we’ — which collectively includes all the good and the ugly side of a movement— but instead, we seek for ‘me, myself and I’ — the individual being— for the sake of good governance.

If we go by the political party, we fail to see who we are electing as our representative until the time we start seeing the mess that we realize where we went wrong.

As an individual, the person will be held responsible for things that happen under his watch. The person will feel the pinch and do what is right for his or her people. Nevertheless, if someone was elected into office through party politics, then he or she will drag along the whole party into the mess. Here, people automatically become losers.

In current politics, the two front running political figures are good but not good enough. This is why,

Both of them have not done anything possible to stay away from corrupt individuals— For those for support CORD, they would argue that Raila Odinga is the perfect leader that Kenya needs because he has been instrumental in exposing corruption scandal in the country. But the question remains, what has he done now that his close allies have been got in the mix? Nothing….

Both leaders talk much and do nothing for the better good of the country—Well, the jubilee and CORD leaders have tendency of saying they would do something but given time and an opportunity, they will never deliver. Raila Odinga was headed his former constituency for over 20 years but never did he seek fro means to improve the living standard of people in his constituency. I wonder why…

If my guess is right, these two should not be national leaders in Kenya… That is why we need a person who is ready to work for ‘betterness’ of Kenya, not just the show off of personal ego. We have these people, we only need to think smart and elect them in…

Wake up Kenya!

War On Terror, Is KDF Fighting Wrong War?

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great ...

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great White to participate in the opening ceremony for exercise Natural Fire 2006 conducted at Nginyang Village, Kenya, Aug. 7, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nic Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About two years ago, the Somalia parliament voted unanimously against Kenya Defense Forces in their country. They argued that KDF personnel are no longer needed in the country because the Somalia Army is strong enough to deal with Islamists causing havoc in the horn of Africa.

This prompted the world to come together and urged Kenya not to withdraw its forces in the country. They said that fragile peace and economic stability in Somalia is being experienced because the Kenyan Army is still active under the AU peacekeepers umbrella. And that terrorist, al-shabaab—affiliated with al-Qaeda, are on the run because of Kenya’s presence in Somalia.

Kenya was adamant that it would stay in Somalia until terrorism is no longer a threat in east Africa, and up to now, this stand has not been shaken by terrorism in the country.

The attacks targeting both civilians and security personnel have been the trend in Kenya in recent years, with most recent one being the attack on Kenyan military camp in Somalia where unknown number of KDF personnel lost there lives.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in his vocation in Mombasa, coastal region of Kenya, said that Kenya would not withdraw KDF from the horn of Africa until African Mission in Somalia is over. He later said that Kenyan security forces would make sure that those people behind the heinous crimes against Kenyans pay for every Kenyan bloodshed. In addition, that they will be hunted in all terrains, regions in day and night until the threat is eliminated.

But now Kenyans have began questioning why Kenya Defense Forces are still in Somalia, about two years since that fall of Kismayu from al-shabaab control! Reports from Somalia says that, a day before the Kenyan military camp was attacked, civilians living near that camp vanished. This means that people in Somalia are either assisting terrorists or they knew something before it happened.

For once, Kenyan intelligence system was got off-guard; the short question is, why? This story is just another story within a story. Damn!

Kenya, Thin Line Between Politics and Reality

When something happens in Kenya, a few would guess it is a reality while the majority would think it is politics as usual. Why is it that we, as people of Kenya, can’t come together and support the government’s move to combat terror?

In Kenyans mentality, they always run for cover when a deed has been done. This might involve loss of lives due to any happening, as if anything bad has not natural point of action other than government’s involvement to cover up something or to direct people’s mind away from a big scandal.

In recent breaking news about heavy fighting between Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and suspected Islamic militants in Lamu County, there were heated exchange of words between supporters of the government and those who believe that the government of trying to cover up something.

According to some individuals, war on terror has been a subject that drives the majority to come together as one. And that the government of Kenya sometime plays dirty to drive people’s minds off from issues affecting the country through planned terror like scenes to get away from public scrutiny.

The sad reality is that, Kenya is facing a serious threat of terror. But since it has been noted that the government and people are running on parallel routes, this is not good because if people’s mentality goes against the government… then during an actually terrorism attack, this could easily result into unexpected divisions and public revolts.

It can’t always happen that the government is wrong. Yep! Sometimes things happen that are questionable but not all the time.

It all starts with politics but it can’t end there. We have to live our lives irrespective of where we come from and what our political affiliations command us to. Kenyans we are, and that should be our pride.

Why The Anger?

During yesterday’s Jamhuri Days cerebration, I got the opportunity to listen to the Deputy President’s (D.P) speech but something rang into my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking why he talked in a manner that showed some anger.

His speech was in itself touching so much on corruption and he had started well saying that the fight against corruption was a fight that should involve both sides that is the government and opposition.

But things took a new turn when he claimed that some individuals were out to spread false propaganda to hurt the government. He further added that those individuals were undermining the fight against corruption and were reckless liars and are outright enemies of the economy.

So I wondered on a day like this, a national leader is using abusive words being heard by all Kenyans. May be am wrong but going by his words, it may seem like he was out to settle an earlier grudge with someone.

This takes me back to when a primary school’s playground was being grabbed by an unknown private who has remained unknown to date. But then there were unconfirmed reports that the grabber was the owner of a certain prestigious hotel and the D.P was claimed to be the owner.

Of concern, his speech drew lots of reactions and Kenyans even created a hashtag in Twitter showing they were not happy with the D.P’S speech. Even if he was right about those spreading any propaganda, this was not the way to tackle this. He is part of the government and he has been accused of being corrupt and so I think that he can only come out clean with facts than just using words to attack the so-called enemies.

Look at it this way; if someone says that you have stolen then let him/her produce evidence and then you ass the accused should just prove your innocence. But if you decide to use abusive words, then this may show that you are really a thief.

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