Love and Education Pact, A Mistake That People Make…

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I have heard real life or read about love stories, mostly of negative ending, of a once firm relationships. The issue of paying for lover’s schooling bills is not new in this era where love defines almost everything in the society.

But now, I have come to realize that not all people who seems genuine in loveeducation and future family are never that serious with that relationship pact. In many occasions,  someone has to pay for his/her stupidity.

In one story  that I heard, a man in my community catered for his lovers education expenses until she graduated with a university degree. But things changed between them after she got a nursing job and eventually got married to her co-worker, a doctor. She even said she was ready to pay back every penny that he spent on her. And to make matter worse, she said there was no love relationship between the two of them and that he was just helping a needy.

In another story, this lady narrated how she met her dream lover. Educated him and later found him with his new girlfriend. The fact that she was a little older than him was the main reason the boyfriend went for a side-chick. She lost just like that!

With many stories suffocating the airwaves, I wonder if there is a positive story about true love that starts with education and ends in a happy marriage relationship.

The opportunists, like taking almost everything for granted, not caring how people would feel when they unleash their true colors. These people only wait for an opportunity and eventually move on with their lives, forgetting everything they have left behind.

In conclusion, people should be very careful in rushing for a deal that has no good future.  It is good to know the person real good before offering to uplift his or hr life. But if love drives you beyond chances to learn a thing or two about your new catch, you might end up loosing your time, money and your lover for good.

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How a Simple Mistake Changed Valentine’s Day Plans

He was not really mad at her! But the idea of spending Ksh2.3 million a night in a luxury hotel was something that had been bothering him days before the Valentine’s Day.

In his mind, he had plans to buy a plot of land but his girlfriend wanted a night out with him in the prestigious Villa Rosa Kempenski . In her words ‘to have fresh air and a little break from norm.’

Since he was a rich but careful guy, he did not want to upset his girlfriend for refusing to honor her suggestion. He had the money and she knew exactly that. However, he believed in wise spending as the money spend should have some return in investment. Not just a luxury Valentine’s Day spending that could in one time come to haunt his decisions. After days of thinking carefully, he chose to invest his money somewhere in business.

The day before the D-day happened to be Friday 13— an evil day! As a man who is not that consumed in superstition, he was fine with it even when he knew it will not be easy to convince his girlfriend to accept his decisions and move on with love life as usual. One thing was right in his mind, ‘women never forget.’

By the petrol station, he was on a driver’s seat when the second car pulled to a halt near the next petrol pump. It did not matter a lot to him but something happened that left him agape! The girlfriend jumped out of his car and ran to the man who just arrived to fuel his car. She flung on him in a passionate embrace that lasted for like forever. She then released the stranger and walked back into her seat as if nothing happened. Oops! That was an opportunity that he wanted. He reversed his car and went back home without saying a word.

Of course she kept her peace not to invoke his moods. She did not know how to approach him, how to ask about the plans for Valentine’s Day or how to give explanations about her actions earlier.

On 14th Feb, the day went by like a normal day but later in the evening the day a night out in a pocket friendly hotel and yes! He was happy for everything that worked in favor for his plans.

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