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Member of Parliament – Waflay Post
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Pawns In Kenyan Politics

jarmoluk / Pixabay

When a bird is left free, direct from the cage, it starts looking for means to feed itself.  The same happens when someone is left stranded on an island with no one to run to.

In Kenyan politics, the nest of goodies is ripe, with a few individuals ready to jump in and make the difference in their own lives.  Here, there is nothing like being a man or woman of the people, just a big, fattened lie will make one sail through.

In CORD camp, we have those who have been bought and will be used as pawns by their godfathers in politics. Each election year, comes with surprises and pawns are made ready to roll in when big fishes are in for a big fight. The problem with these politicians is that they are only used by the less likely party, and then dumped like rotten tomatoes when the deal is done.

A few years back, we saw Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka bought by the less likely winners— Mwai Kibaki, to stop the most favorite Raila Odinga from becoming the next Kenyan president.  Seven years later, another person, Musalia Mudavadi was bought by the least supported Uhuru Kenyatta to take some votes from Raila Odinga’s basket— and yes! The pawn worked perfectly well.

Now, in 2017 we expect another guy to come out as a pawn for the ruling alliance because things are not that smart come the next general election.

The deal has already been draw… the favorite pawn is already in place and ready to jump into action. The CORD coalition is in internal political wrangles between someone has been cashed out. One, Moses Wetangula has been fished out and the remaining two are not that close allies even in political terms.

The call for Stephen Kalonzo to run for the presidential election come 2017 is a clear thing to note that he is also hanging in balance. These are two free birds that have just been released from the cages and are out to explore their surrounding much better.

The only chance for Raila Odinga by now is to do whatever it takes to bring in Musalia Mudavadi. That way, he will have a slim chance of rising above normal. His dreams might come true.

IEBC In Spotlight Over Election Malpractices in Kericho

Just a week after the completed by-elections in Kericho and Malindi, there have been complains that the main electoral commission was involved in poll rigging in Kericho.

According to the secretary general of Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) political party, their candidate lost because a mathematical formula was used to award a Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) candidate direct choice into the senate.

It has been confirmed that the results as were announced by several TV stations in Kenya were very different from what was announced as the final outcome by IEBC. They alleged that one vote and a half was added to a JAP candidate to every genuine vote garnered by the KANU candidate.

KANU said that as far as election is concerned, there are two senators for Kericho— one elected by the people and the other chosen by the corrupt IEBC officials.

Now Kenyans on social media have come out with mixed reactions concerning this issue. The majority wants IEBC to be disbanded because it is very clear that the officials of Kenya’s electoral commission have failed again to show voters that they can produce credible results.

With general elections drawing near as time goes, people have started to worry that another post election violence (PEV) is eminent come 2017 if something is not done secure the electoral body from the evil hands.

Majority of people think that a third party is controlling IEBC and that the electoral body has lost its independence status to powerful forces of evil to deny Kenyans a chance to elect a well deserving leader.

This is not good for an electoral commission set to conduct a general election in a year and a half time. IEBC failed to convince people that 2013 election was free and fair, but people were forced to accept and move on because Kenya needed peace than before.

Wake Up Kenya! These People Have Nothing To Offer…


There is no direct means of getting the right person for the job other than to give them equally potions of work and see who does it perfectly well and faster than the other.  Well we come in politics; we have no choice but to do the same for the sake of getting the man or woman for the top job.

Party politics ruins our way of handling national issues. The only way for people to make political progress is by doing away with a word ‘we’ — which collectively includes all the good and the ugly side of a movement— but instead, we seek for ‘me, myself and I’ — the individual being— for the sake of good governance.

If we go by the political party, we fail to see who we are electing as our representative until the time we start seeing the mess that we realize where we went wrong.

As an individual, the person will be held responsible for things that happen under his watch. The person will feel the pinch and do what is right for his or her people. Nevertheless, if someone was elected into office through party politics, then he or she will drag along the whole party into the mess. Here, people automatically become losers.

In current politics, the two front running political figures are good but not good enough. This is why,

Both of them have not done anything possible to stay away from corrupt individuals— For those for support CORD, they would argue that Raila Odinga is the perfect leader that Kenya needs because he has been instrumental in exposing corruption scandal in the country. But the question remains, what has he done now that his close allies have been got in the mix? Nothing….

Both leaders talk much and do nothing for the better good of the country—Well, the jubilee and CORD leaders have tendency of saying they would do something but given time and an opportunity, they will never deliver. Raila Odinga was headed his former constituency for over 20 years but never did he seek fro means to improve the living standard of people in his constituency. I wonder why…

If my guess is right, these two should not be national leaders in Kenya… That is why we need a person who is ready to work for ‘betterness’ of Kenya, not just the show off of personal ego. We have these people, we only need to think smart and elect them in…

Wake up Kenya!

Ruto’s Ambition Is Already Dead, Can’t He Just See?

Weak William S. Ruto , the deputy president of the republic of Kenya, in the Rift Valley politics is a pure indication something is cooking in the Jubilee administration kitchen.

The rising politicians in the great rift region have warned that come 2017 Jubilee political party will seek for other means to retain its power.

According to those allied to the rising King of rift valley politics, Governor Isaac Rutto, president Uhuru Kenyatta should do something to incorporate all allied political parties in Jubilee Alliance or be the firt one term president of Kenya.

Rumors has it that, the great rift is now divided between those allied to URP of W. S Ruto and other smaller wings that are threatening to fly out in search for greener pasture.

Recently, during the campaigns for Kericho by-election someone hinted that Raila Odinga’s hand was involved in the choice people made in electing their new leader. In which, URP is slated to lose terribly to a new party.

As things are now, shakily Jubilee administration is seeking for another influential person to take up William Ruto’s position. This is why the mulembe community (Luhya people of western Kenya) is divided as to where to pledge allegiance.

Those in Jubilee knows that if they manage to convince western Kenya people to back up the government, then they will have a high chance of retaining the presidential seat. However, the question is, how could they do they do it successfully and win the heart of Luhya community voters?

There is no easy go! Raila Odinga of opposition has high chances of being the King of western Kenya and other regions. This is just so bad for the deputy president who has an ambition of becoming the next president of Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure in office ends in 2022.

Well, it is not a wonder why people are saying that Uhuru Kenyatta will come back anew in 2012—- owing to the fact that he has a very slim chance of winning the 2017 presidential election. For this, we only wait to see it happen.

Embakasi Voters Targeting Mathare Constituency, But Why?

Voter registration exercise is on going countrywide as Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) seeks for means to update its register and the cool sail through in 2017.

The main political parties are busy wooing supporters to come out in large numbers to register and be  voters come next year, August.

Preliminary reports have it that most people going to IEBC voter registration centers are not new people but those who wish to transfer from their previous poling center to another.

It has been confirmed, the majority of people in Nairobi county are shifting to Lang’ata and Mathare constituencies.

In one report, majority of people who voted in 2013 while in Embakasi have registered as voters in Mathare constituency. This could be because they shifted from their previous residential place to Mathare or someone is paying them off in expectation for use the voting power to win a Mathare parliamentary seat.

Currently, Mathare parliamentary seat is occupied by a former CORD candidate who recently, pledged allegiance to TNA. Hon. Stephen Kariuki is a tourist in his own constituency and residents of Mathare are looking for his replacement come 2017.

Stephen Kariuki won his seat after the disputed election that saw George  Wanjohi of TNA loosing his seat.

Now that it has been confirmed of voters’ shifting goals, it will be a tricky go for ODM, considering the fact that Mathare constituency is one of Raila Odinga’s strongholds in Nairobi.

By now, it is not clear as to why there is an influx of voters targeting these two constituencies  but one thing is for sure, there is a reason for that and it will only come out just after general elections in 2017.

Remembering history, the former member of parliament in then Starehe Constituency imported voters who then voted overwhelmingly for her to emerge the winner. Now, it can only drive us into conclusion that her son, who is now a sitting Mathare MP is using the same tactics to drive the masses on his back.

Damn! Politics is a dirty game in Kenya.