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Love, Personality And The Reality

As a man, I do understand man-ism so much that my whole life revolves around there. I have to admit that we were born with some flaws that are hard to deal with, but can be done to those who choose to make the right move. In most cases, men who are in stable marriages have mastered the art of acquired knowledge– not that they were born with it, but they adapted it just for the sake of success.

Easiness to accept fate successful,

While the male society has its own stand that they pride over. Those who go against the wishes of the majority will standout to be a lesser man. However, the same person is capable of swimming between the male world and the other society that we only learn about when ‘love thing’ pushes us to accept fate—female world. It is sad that not all men have all it takes to accept this fate and embrace it successfully.

Shaping that male personality,

Well, I guess not all men would understand me if I say that they have to listen to her— wife or girl friend before making the most important decision. According to us, we have to go by what our mind tells us. Listening to other people’s opinion is considered to be a sign of weakness and should not be entertained.

Nevertheless, love relationships and marriages go contrary to what many of us understand as the way of life. It is not easy to balance between personality and real life. And this is why some of us make a mistake by involving matters of the heart into matters of mind, leaving fate to decide what course to take.

We have to be strong, not only physically, but mentally and psychologically too to make right decisions for the sake of those we care about. We are weak, we are easily moved by ego and we do make mistake in the process. However, it only needs a simple understanding of life to push our love life into an ever-rolling wheel of peace and success.

Fight Not, But Fight To Stay Alive in Marriage

Every marriage has its own demon or a big secret. It is not easy for someone to open up about his or her marriage, and most of the time everything about that secret life is kept at hush-hush.

Marriage demon,

Every couple has their own ways of handling their marriage demon. And this demon is never the same as that one found in someone else’s relationship, meaning that every marriage is unique even though we have lots and lots of people who are married.

The biggest secret of living a happy marriage life is by understanding your marriage demon and knowing how to handle it. In many occasions, those people who have no time with issues in marriage ends up being alone through separations and divorces. However, the willing lot who take all challenges for the sake of understanding and controlling the marriage demon lives happily and have every reason to say, a marriage is a bed of roses.

Third party,

Couples sometimes make a terrible mistake by involving someone else in handling their issues in marriage. It is sad that when a third-party is involved, it means the demon has to make major changes to accommodate another party. In most cases, a third branch leads to dooms end or unhappiness that will be there for a long time.

We have lots of friends and relatives who are never happy with marriage success stories. Some of them are only there to make sure that you have no peace, and some would do anything to destabilize the demon’s inner security and this will eventually shake the entire marriage.

Third eye,

In normal circumstances, only two eyes make all the difference and happiness in marriage. Nevertheless, if someone chooses to grow another eye, to see another person outside the marriage cocoon, then the beast will be offended and this will later cause problems.

Every couple has to choose how to live in happiness for the sake of each ‘other-ness’ and love. Let marriage secrets be personal problems. Seeking for ways to go around the issues makes the family to be happy.  Personal sacrifices are also very important and remain the backbone of every successful marriage.

Being Sorry For Being The Other Woman

Just some few days ago, I was listening to a mid-day radio show that relays conversation on marriage problems and in particularly hoping to look for solutions.

In this case there was this lady who was dating a married man and they have been together for quite some time until this man’s wife found out.

According to this lady, they got to know one another with this man as he served him in the mobile money transfer business that she was working in since he was a regular customer.

She further said a relationship developed between them two though she claimed that she was not aware that he was a married man.

This woman found a romantic text that this lady had sent to her husband and so she furiously followed up this issue by looking for audience live in the show. This man’s wife was angry and vowed never this lady for having taken her property this case, her husband.

This man’s wife maintained that this lady deserved no forgiveness for the problems that she has caused in her family.

She lamented that since her husband got into another relationship he only paid the house rent but no school fees for the children and other basic needs for the family including food, so this meant his wife was left to struggle alone to make ends meet.

He was also an absentee father where his children are concerned since preferred spending his free time with this lady

So this lady was asked to leave the family man alone to avoid causing more trouble in the upbringing of his two children.

Then she was also asked to vacate the room that this man was paying for its monthly rent. But this woman had one request that this lady should not leave before they talk things out in person.

Domestic violence to blame for rising cases of violence against children

Grandville : Cent Proverbes

child abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Domestic violence is a situation that arises due to constant fighting between a man and his wife. So in most cases a mother in such a situation may opt to leave their children under the care of their father. So incase this man marries again, possibilities of the stepmother mistreating the children are very high.

Alternatively, the same mother can decide to leave the marriage but this time taking the children with her and maybe getting married again and so the step father of the children may in this case mistreat the children or maybe even defiling them.

But even as the cases of violence have been reported to be on the increase, one thing is for sure not all incidents that find their way into the newsroom. This is according to an officer working in a Non-government organization that deals with cases involving violence against children.

She went further to say that so far they have handled more cases as compared to the same time last year So if the boy/girl child if not in a healthy family setting, you will find them very vulnerable to such risky situations.

But then a society as a whole has a role to play in order to ensure that children are safe and let us be more enlightened on what to do when we experience such situations. This means that we should all have our eyes and ears open to ensure that the children within us are safe.

People should thus act responsibly and report any incidents where children’s rights are being violated. I remember an incident of a girl who was living at their home’s doorstep for being considered as a bad luck to the family. Such a girl was saved from the wrath of her father and the grandmother after her plight was highlighted in the media.

When To Call For An Action…

There man who said will love you, adore you and be there for you for better and for worse, just stopped being true to you and to his words… You look into how time has change both of you and you realize that something actually started acting weird from the first day on.

In love you ignored those slight indicators of doom and now you have no choice but to face it all, once and for all. The questions pops up in your already confused mind, how would you approach the topic? What if you’re wrong about him? What if your fear becomes the reality, will you be ready to live with it?

Oops! In such a scenario, it is better to clear all doubts before facing the beast in your mind. It is your responsibility to make sound judgment and act upon things that might infringe your life and remain permanently there. Living with a family member is always easier because blood relationship sometimes plays its magic, whereas staying with a stranger that you came into your life because of inner feelings or love is sometimes very difficult. Be strong enough and face the reality before things gets out of hand.

Fear sometimes is in itself a problem that human beings should face. It is a fearful heart that sees a burning fire and ignores it until it reaches a point of no return. You may not want to be in such a situation. A fool in your own wisdom! A novice in this game called love. Remember, in this game there is only one option… you are either truly loved or you are his trophy partner for some hidden reasons.

Why wait for the wind to tell its story, when you can be the story? In this case, do not let the world tell you that this and that is happening behind your back. Be there and watch it unfold in your own easy. A person who loves you will face his ways of life and if possible, apologize… but a wayward don’t care person will do just the opposite.

Anyway, it is your choice to either know the truth or play naivety for the sake of your relationship.